Monday, 5 July 2010

New Knees!

This is a card I made for my Mum when she was in hospital having a total knee replacement operation! It's my humour that comes out where hospitals are concerned! I already had the legs from a previous card I made for a Nurse and on the insert I used two plasters criss crossed and used MS Word to add the wording which read "Take your pick.....and choose your new knees!" - perfect! Even the other ladies in the ward liked it!

  • Background - this was made using MS Word and handrawn images of a little pair of socks and then cut and pasted into the document
  • Backing for sentiments - this was an image of a plaster and then used to mat and layer with the sentiment saying "These...?" on the top
  • The images I already had in my stash and then just used foam pads to lift them up on holographic silver cardstock
  • Then it was an 'assembly' job!
On the inside of the card I printed the words "Take your pick....and choose your new knees...!" and on the upper side of the insert I used two plasters and criss crossed them. All the ladies in the ward loved the card which was a sign that my humour is not as black as some people think it is!

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Jo said...

LOL! I like this card, it's full of humour! :)