Monday, 28 February 2011

Two Little Poorly Bears

More Promarker images. These came from a freebie digi somewhere I collected. I'll try to keep the name of where I get it from now on if any of you want to know where to get them. Let me know if it will help you!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Little Rugby Man....!!!

Another Promarker attempt. I've not been doing so much crafting lately, no chance to put some cards together yet as other problems are rearing their ugly head here. I'll try my best to put some together for you soon, promise.

I've got a few Promarker images to upload to keep you all going. Please don't desert me - it's a little blip!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mollie Bloom Boy....again....!

As I said I just love this little set. On my wish list I'm going to check out more Mollie Bloom stamps. I'm really getting into my stamping now that I have the PM's to play with on them!

Again another simple card, Nesties used, on plain thin card with the Happy Birthday embossing folder, then I used my PM's to go around the edge with a faux stitch effect. I hadn't thought of using the PM's for this until I didn't have a nice dark green to match it and I thought why not...?!?!?

Another circle sentiment was used, the pack has almost gone, it's got some unusual ones in there and they will all come in hand with the charity cardmaking.


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mollie Bloom Boy....

I decided to use this little Mollie Bloom stamp where his legs had been cut off. I don't think it looks you....???? My brother said it looks strange!
I used a few Nesties here, red mirror card, with Happy Birthday embossing folder, and then a silver star embossing folder. I think this was a debossed rather than embossed though! I use both sides sometimes. Have a go, it makes a nice change!
I used an old music note backing paper I had in my stash. Looks very 'now'...I think.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Mollie Bloom Girl....

I kept this card deliberately simple. KISS should be a motto sometimes, they look lovely!

Another Mollie Bloom stamp for this card, along with some Nesties using pearlised paper type backing, CB'd with a butterfly embossing folder.

Again I used the little circle sentiments, they needed some extra glue on the back as they weren't that sticky anymore, and I put them inside a Prima flower to make them stand out. I thought it was a good idea...what do you think....?

I also used a clear heart with a gold edging to it. Just using up some old peel offs.

Thursday, 17 February 2011 kitties in sight....!

Well I did promise didn't I...!

This time it's one the Mollie Bloom stamps I got in a Cardmaking magazine as a freebie, it's a lovely set and one I've used many times already for the charity cardmaking.

Martha Stewart punch used here, along with some backing papers using the 'double scallop punch' (LOL!) and a lovely little circle sentiment I found in the craft shop bargain bin. Typical you always see them reduced after paying full price.

Mind you, I found some lovely Papermania goodies in the bargain bin, only to be told when paying oh they're three times that price, it was put in by mistake. That's OK isn't it, said the assistant.....NO IT ISN'T said I. Well if it's in the bargain bin, you don't expect to pay three times the price do you.

So they went back and they lost out as I only spent the bare minimum to get the free stamp set I needed!!! It's not the first time they've done that and I only go there to get the basics if I've run out.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the card!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I told you there'd be more....

Well I did say didn't I....!

Anyway, it's more Nesties, the footprints (or rather pawprints!) were also in the set so I've made some backing papers with those, some with pawprints, some with balls of wool, some fishes and some meeces! You'll be seeing those later no doubt.

Sorry if you don't like cats. I promise to put some others on the blog soon!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cute kitty....

Again, this is using the wonderful stamp set Di gave me. It came from Elzybells, which sadly is no longer in business. A real shame as I'd love to get more of these...and others like it!

The wording says it all for any cat lover "To a dog you're family, to a cat you're staff". It isn't wrong is it?!?!?!

I used my Nesties on some mirror card, I cut a few of these in different colours and thickness of card, to make it easier when cardmaking with my limited space. I've stamped some more of these kitties, so you'll be seeing a few in different cards coming up!


Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day...!

Well there had to be a valentines card didn't there, and of course it has to be a cat too! What else!!!
My lovely friend Di gave me this cat set a while back now, she's probably thinking I've not used it or didn't like it. How's gorgeous to print and colour. I've only got a few things out at the moment, so used what was to hand.
My PM's of course, I love them! I'm spending more time colouring than making the cards! I even had my arms lock up the other day when picking a pen up, it was so weird, I'm used to the hands doing it and the fingers, but not the arms too!
Also, I've now been using my cute little easel to put my cards on. I need to get a couple of bigger pieces of card though as A4 is just not big enough, even when using the camera on 'close up'.
As usual with me, there had to be some bling on there, so I used tiny little gems on her crown. It's just like our Domi, she loves pillows too!

Valentine Cards - for special people...

I thought I'd add in this couple of valentines I've made so far. Valentines can also be for special people who you love having in your life, they make it special - and you don't have to be married to them to say so!
Happy Valentines Day everyone, no matter who you are, you are all special to someone!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Promarkers - my first few efforts....

Well I've been having more practise with my new Promarkers - boy have I been having fun. It's a bit difficult with the wrist splint on, but I've persevered with it. I do love a challenge!!!

So what do you think of the first few efforts then? I've tried to do some shading and blending - I've not got a blender pen - I thought it came in the set but it didn't so it's all hand blending with the different shades.

Of course I had to make some of the kitties white, dear Bertie, still miss him every day.

I've tried a few different colours, and have spent some of my Christmas money on some grey Promarkers, that's one of the colours I haven't got and it will be so useful...not least for kitties! Of course, what else, with me!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Promarkers - my first efforts.....

Well here's my first few attempts at using my new Promarkers I got for Christmas. What do you think? I think practise makes perfect and I have more to do! I've been using different shading techniques and can't quite make up my mind which is best, althought I'm getting there with them.

This little boy with no feet was deliberately stamped like this. The stamp was a freebie in a magazine, they are by Mollie Bloom and they are gorgeous. Will have to check out more for my 'wish list'...! I added white lines to the balloon with a white gel pen. The nesties were a present from Di for my birthday and I cut quite a few on dull Sunday afternoon. Do any of you use the tan mat? Is it better with that?
Monkeys - well they are always in my cardmaking. This fantastic stamp was sent to me by Di, I also added some Stickles on there to 'bling it up' a bit! It doesn't show up too well in the photo but looks good IRL..!

More Mollie Bloom stamps, there was a little girl along with the boy, so I stamped up some of those too and am in the process of colouring them all in. I'm having problems with my wrist/fingers at the moment so it's taking me a lot longgggggeeerrrrr than I want!

Here's a close up of the little girl. I wasn't sure about the green socks but they look quite effective with the shading. No one matches colours with their clothes any more it seems, so I did the same with my stamps!
Anyway I'd be really interested to see what you think........

Dragons - don't you just love 'em...!

Well I do that's for sure - specially when they're as cute as these two. I thought I'd make a few cards when all my stash was boxed away for Christmas, so had only a few resources to hand.
I used my new punches as you can see - you'll be seeing a few of the different ways of me using them in the next few cards!