Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Well I'm back, slowly but surely for WOYWW!!!  I've been making some "Thank You" cards, as I need to send quite a few to different people for their thoughts and kindness whilst I've been back in hospital again.

I also managed to do some stamping ready for more Rudolph cards.  I've missed this one, but at least I'll be catching up I hope!

One final thing, a lovely lady sent me lots of stamped images for my charity cards, and this was amongst them, it's not finished yet, but I'd love to know which stamp it is if any of you have it!  They are so cute and it's easy to make a batch of ones like this ready for the charities. 

Sorry it's not much this time, but I'm taking it easy.  Stress isn't good for failing kidneys so I'm trying my best to reduce all stress, but it's not easy when the Hospitals keep changing my appointments around and confusing me LOL!!!

I can still laugh, which is the main thing, I've been in my wooden box a long time ago if I didn't have my warped sense of humour!!!

Have fun everyone and enjoy life!!!