Wednesday, 30 May 2012


It's that time again - WOYWW over at Julia's place.  Although strangely she doesn't have a photo of her workdesk today - she's sitting in the sun somewhere nice and warm with a glass of something in one hand and her ipad in the other!
So here is my workdesk today, well, my work tray really.  I had some offcuts of card that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away so I die cut them and put them around a pre-cut Nestie I was given.  It  is a way of using up the card without having to use whole pieces of die cuts.
You know me and making things go as far as possible for my charity cards!  You never know when you might just need that piece of white card which is only 2 inches square! LOL!!
Now, tell me, have you ever seen any wool balls like this?!?!?  I hadn't before my Aunt came back from the USA and gave them to me to use for the crocheted kitty blankets!  I put in a 10p coin in the photo so you can see the size of them.  They're huge and very neatly wound I have to say.
Anyway the kitties don't mind where it comes from or what colour it is, as long as it's nice and warm and comfortable when they lie on it!!!  I do love making the crocheted blankets, it's easy to do whilst zoning out in front of the TV!

Enjoy WOYWW everyone!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Very cute.....

Another perfect image for the Animal Charity cards.  This one was coloured with PM's as usual and I added some gold embossed heart cardstock along with the peel offs and some faux stitching.  The peel off wording of "Hugs" just suited this card....don't you think....!?!?!

I've also entered this one into the Snippets Workshop..  Apparently last time I forgot to include the link so I didn't get any of my cards mentioned - the first time I'd ever entered two as well.  Chemobrain has a lot to answer for and my lack of memory lets me down again.  Sometimes I think it's easier not to do these challenges as I usually forget to do something along the way......  :-(((((

Saturday, 26 May 2012

More kitty cards......

I know, my plan was not to make lots of kitty cards and go outside of my comfort zone.  However when the Animal Charity needed help, then I offered to give it!  Hence lots more kitty cards.  Oh boy, am I enjoying it....tee hee....!!!! LOL!!!!

The above image is my best ever favourite I think!  It's so gorgeous and I just love colouring it, of course the kities can be any colour to suit the recipient.  Or made in various colours for the Animal Charity!
These cards also use kitties and dogs aas the main focus point and are ideal for the Animal Charity.  They are from the Pampered Pets range, which was free with a magazine a while back and I've still got a few left!
I used the gorgeous hearts embossing folder on these and it just lifts the image a bit.


Friday, 25 May 2012

Rudolph Day

Another Rudolph Card (thanks for the reminder to add the link Di!).  I just love this stamp, and well done to those of you who spotted it looks like my own little Bertie on my blog!  Miss the little man every day.

I used some gorgeous music notes paper (again from Di) and my new die cuts I got for Christmas.  I seem to be going through Stickles so much - another one has bitten the dust!!!  I'd like to try this glamour dust everyone is on about, but I haven't seen any when I've been in a craft shop. I'll have to keep my peepers open online.

I was going to try to put some ribbon inside the white middle of the bauble, but I can't get it to go around the curve.  It looks OK in white. 

Hope your like it!  Enjoy!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thank You

This card says "Thank You" in more ways than one.  The lovely Sarn sent me some gorgeous embossed circles in white card and they suit these "Thank You" cards down to the ground don't you think!?

I've used them with two different backing papers (one cheap cardstock embossed) and one given to me by the lovely Gill (I think!).  Sorry chemobrain always reminds me it's not gone away!

I just added the circles with some sticky pads, and added some bling to the centre of the circle.  I've got more in the cutest little envelope (carefully made by Sarn too!) to use up on my charity cards too.

Thanks for those Sarn - they are great!!!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


It's another WOYWW again.  I've been a bit busy on the old crafting trays and here is one of the cards I've been working on.  I was sent a lovely set of stamps with 'guy' things on and although I've stamped them up I've not put them on a card yet.  Time to remedy the situation!!!

Most of us struggle with men cards, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I've made a few lately. 
Here's the finished card amongst all the other 'craft stuff' on my trays/bed workdesk (LOL!!!).  The oval came in a lovely parcel from Gill.  When she sends me some cards for the charities, she includes some die cuts or papers, or glitter, it's always a lovely surprise and I like to show people who help me out that I am using the items they gave me.  I've got a little envelope now which I can just delve into to find the perfect piece of card I'm looking for!

Have fun on this sunny WOYWW!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Here's the Wedding Card - all from Snippets!

Here's the rest of the card from myWOYWW the other week.  It is made from 100% snippets, no new card stock was hurt during the making of this card LOL!!!

It's an adorable stamp from LOTV as you all probably know.  I've added some basic promarker colouring and some bling of course.  I used my floral die cut and my flower ones and cut them out of cheap card form the Pound Store.  A little nestie was cut using a snippet in my snippet envelope and add some peel off's and it's all done.  Voila!

I love the "Congratulations" backing paper, sadly the store is no more, so this is the end pieces of it being used up. Oh I also used a snippet of cheap cardstock from the Pound Store and embossed it.  You have to be careful with the cheaper paper as it tends to rip sometimes in the Cuttlebug.


Friday, 18 May 2012

Really delicate....well I think so!

I've had this image in my 'stamped box' for quite a while, and this gorgeous paper just suited it down to the ground.  I used my MS punch (my first ever one - I now have two!) on it as a background behind the Nestie and the image.

One peel off line and one sentiment ticket later and it's all done.  Another one for the charity card box.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Here's my WOYWW worktray and as usual I'm joining in over at Julia's place.  Come and join us, it's kind of addictive and fun too.  More of the animal cards for the Summer Fayre. I've got a few things on the go on this tray, my mind just wanders off on it's own without me sometimes!  LOL!!
On Saturday I went to the Summer Fayre and saw my hand crocheted blankets being sold which was nice, and also the cards looked gorgeous in a cane basket.  I'm going to make more of the cards for their next event and also some blankets too.  It all helps them raise funds and I enjoy making them.  I just wish I could do more of it, but because of the pains in the legs it's just not possible.  Maybe one day when I win the lottery I'll have my own craft room like so many of you and will be card making in abundence at my own proper desk....well we can dream can't we....!!!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Monkeys and Cupcakes!

I just love this stamp - it's one of my many favourites - and also one of the first stamps I was given by Di.  I coloured him with my PM's and then added some glitter to the cupcake. 

The sentiment ticket is one of a few I have digitally, so thought I'd use them all up once I'd printed them.  Some are more easy to use than others!  I've now found a way of only printing ones I need rather than the whole set in one go.  So much easier.


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dream Big.....on the golf course!

I just love these little bears.  I managed to get this topper set in a sale.  It only cost me 50p and you can't get much for that these days (boy does that make me sound old!).

Anyway, I've used quite a few of them for the charity cards, and this one just came together really easily. 

Also please note I moved the peel off which is slightly skewy after the photo was taken!


Friday, 11 May 2012

Snippet Challenge and a question for you all....

OK, here's another animal charity card - big batch already delivered ready for the Summer Fayre - and I have a question for you all.

This is a portrait card with the peel off words down the side of the nestie.  Do you think it looks right or wrong?  I've asked three people so far and one said it is right and two say it isn't.  Which side of the fence do you fall?  All comments welcome!

Oh, and I've added this card into the "Snippets Challenge".  It's good to use up all of our snippets, and as most of my cards go to charity, it helps me eek out my pennies!!!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Not quite on my workdesk, but on my work tray!  Here's one of the cards I made from all the glittery sparkly silver stuff last week.  I kept it plain and simple - this is the "Thank you for the invite card" and the actual wedding card will be shown later.  I now have another wedding coming up soon so that's another card to make.
 Look what arrived in the post for me yesterday!  Aren't they so gorgeous!!!  It was a competition I'd entered and forgotten about - chemobrain again!
Here's part of my work bed - one clever lady Laura spotted the rainbow coloured image on my previous WOYWW so here are the ones I've completed ready for the animal charity Summer Fayre.  They are called "Scrapito" and I admit to having had them for a while, so I thought it was about time I made them all up.  They are confusing when you first read the instructions, but once you've done that, it all makes sense - believe me!  There was enough items in the card to make three complete cards, however with my crafty head on I realised I could make something with the negative images too so I made another three cards.  If there's a way, I'll find it!

Also a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to Gill, she sends me cards regularly for the cancer charities and has now made some fantastic cards for the animal shelter too, most of which are animal related!  I took a huge big box over to them the other day and they were delighted!  "Are they all for us?" the lady asked, "Yes, 100% of what you make is yours to keep, these are donated from me and my crafty friends!".  They also loved the hand crocheted blankets (slowed down now due to a lack of wool sadly) and are going to sell them at the Summer Fayre too which is nice to know.

Well, I'm off to the hospital again today - this time it's not for me though - so I can relax and go to the Coffee Shop!

Enjoy WOYWW!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Another WOYWW has crept up on us.  Don't these Wednesdays go by quickly - can you beleive we are in May already?!?!?!  Arggghhh!?!?!?!?!

Anyway enough of that - here's what I've been up to.  It's all silver and wedding-y as you can tell.  A friend of ours is getting married and here's one of the two cards we're sending.  The first one (this one!) was a quick card that all came together nicely once I'd got the idea in my head.  A CAS card, my kind of first, and I quite like them!  Sometimes the CAS cards take more thought, but once you have the idea, it's easy!

I'll show you the other card later on.  Got to go and sort out the hospitals now, why do all the appointments clash with each other?!?!!?

Enjoy WOYWW and I'll be around your desks soon!

Have fun!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pampered Pets - of course!

I got this set free from Creativity magazine many moons ago and thought it would be good for the animal shelter I'm making cards for.  I used some more snippets here along with some pink sticky stuff behind the image.  I got it on ebay along with a couple of other colours and have never seen it anywhere since.

I used one of my die cuts in my 'already done' box so it was quite easy to put this one together.  I need to get some more card - if anyone would like to share their 'best place to buy it' with me it would be appreciated!

I put inserts in all of my cards usually, and there is a small but growing pile waiting to have them inserted before bagging and ready to go to the animal shelter.

Oh, almost forgot - I've added this one in to Di's Snippet Playground - I missed it last week, but am back in the playground this week!