Sunday, 27 November 2011

An old card I made pre-DVT!

 I thought I'd put up some of my old cards made pre-DVT but my pooter has decided to delete all my card images in one of my folders!!!  Argghhh!!!

Anyway this is one I made using my Nesties.  I made it into a three way swivel card - not sure what the real name is!  I used all shades of green on it - this image is SO cute don't you think!

I used some green gems and the last of my special rub-ons Freebie I was given.  I've used rub-ons before but some of them have been a bit of a disaster, these are so lovely to use and it's sad I've used the last ones now.

Off for a wander now.....and later I'll see if I can find my lost images!!!  I hope they've not gone forever.

Friday, 18 November 2011

I'm Still Here....

Hi All

I'd just like to thank those of you who have sent me lovely cards.  As I've been ill for so long now most people just add whatever I'm diagnosed with to the list of health issues and forget that I feel really rough and ill sometimes.  I try not to let it show so most people aren't aware of it.  However it's really nice when people send me cards and it really makes my week and puts a big smile on my face, so thank you to those of you who took the time and care enough to send me a card, it's much appreciated.

Just thought I'd post a little about what has been happening with me lately.  I've been in the hospital most of the time, at least every day for the first two weeks!  Now it's down to a couple a week which is better.  I'm still getting pains in the leg (my very bad one and my bad one!)....and also in my arm too now. 

Why in the arm you ask?  Well when I went for a blood test, the phlebotomist hit a nerve in my arm.  Wow is that painful, it's like an electric shock which went down my arm and into my fingers.  She said it would go away in a short while and asked me to raise my arm.  She also said I should've drunk some water before coming, making it like it's my fault.  I think NOT!  It takes 2-3 hours for water to make a difference to veins, and this was a nerve she hit and not the vein!  Over a week later, and I'm still getting electric shocks.  I saw my GP and was told "There's nothing I can give you, it might last weeks, months, or could be permanent".  Lovely huh!

So now I keep getting shocks and it makes me drop whatever I'm holding and even the pooter is making it hurt more.  I've also got a nasty cold/cough which is probably making me feel worse, it's been here for over two weeks now and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

Boy am I the luckiest person ever - good job I can still smile huh!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

WOYWW - a short post, sorry!

Sorry, this is a short post for all you wonderful WOYWW'ers checking in.  I was given the above shoes for Delilah yesterday after a hospital visit and aren't they just wonderful!!!  So pretty and girlie for her to enjoy. 

Another reason I'm not on here for long is that I've been diagnosed with a DVT in my leg and it's been extremely painful.  I've been to the hospital every day from five to nine hours at a time.  I'm now having four injections a day and Warfarin as well. 

Guess who woke up to a lovely cold as well this morning - you'd think cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, lymphoedema, chronic pain, DVT (I won't go on any further!) would be enough wouldn't you - nope - let's have a nasty cold and sore throat as well.

Oh well, I hope to be back crafting soon, a little bit at a time, slowly, slowly, slowly.  I have to keep moving around and it's another of life's little blips on my health horizon!

Last but not least, I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Gill for the lovely "Get Well Soon" card you sent me, it really cheered me up - I needed it believe you me.  My poor stomach is all purple and sore from the injections.  I can't believe I'm doing them myself, it's one thing I never wanted to do in my life.  It has to be done though, so will grin and bear my usual way!

Enjoy WOYWW everyone.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sorry - Delays possible announcement...!

Hi Everyone

Just thought I'd post a short note to say there will be a slow down from me as I've spent most of the last two days in hospital.  I thought it was related to my Cancer, but it appears that I have a DVT in my good leg (which according to the Ultrasound Team, is now my very bad leg and my bad leg is still my bad leg!!! LOL!!!).

I will try to post every now and then, but as I craft on my bed with trays, my leg in one position for a while is not allowed according to the Doctor so I have to abide by the rules.

I've been given a list of do's and don'ts and have to inject myself and also take more medications (as if I don't have enough already!), along with more blood tests at the hospital.

Anyway, just so you don't think I've fallen off the edge of the world....!  I'm still here and will be checking in with you all as and when I can.

Thanks for not desserting me and being patient.....


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Welcome all WOYWW'ers!!!  Here's the huge coins, all Halloween'd Up!  I cut some Nesties (don't look too close as some of them got a bit squished as my hands are still playing up).  I only had this small piece of black card in my stash so hence it had to be made up 'as is'. 
I put them in small plastic wallet type cases (my Aunt gave them to me as she saves all items which might be useful for my crafting!). 

Here's my little work tray, all buried under Oozing eyeballs....ferocious fangs.....
and more bats and the coin fronts all made up.  All made and ready for Halloween now....trick or treat....!

Enjoy WOYWW!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Oozing Eyeballs and Ferocious Fangs!

 Here's the first of the Halloween items I've been making.  I've been on the hunt for some black card but everywhere I've been has sold out - hence the dark blue.  As it'll be night-time I don't think people will notice too much!

I was going to stick the big coins on the back of the little bats, but decided to just make the chocolate fangs go a lot further by making them into bats teeth!  Fairly simple, no templates, just me and a pair of scissors and a silver metallic pen (left from Christmas last year!).
I was going to use the ooooozing eyeballs to make the bats eyes, but once I'd opened the packet I noticed they didn't have any coloured parts of the eye, only white marshmallow instead.  So Plan B it is then....!  I decided to make up sweetie bags with the eyes and fangs, using my Labels Nesties to make the top, handwritten with "Ooozing eyes and ferocious fangs" on the front and Happy Halloween on the back.

My brother has tried the oozing eyeballs and said they are great, you get about 25 in a bag for £1 so pretty good value.

I've got more to show you tomorrow with the huge coins and also it'll be WOYWW so you will see not a lot of the work tray with these around!!!


Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Not a lot on my WOYWW today guys and gals! This is just some card snippets I'm going to emboss for a daughter of a friend of ours who is into crafting.  I'm helping her with backing papers, embellies, stickers, nesties, punched card (I have two punches - one MS and one EK Success).  Any bits that will help her have a play around goes into the decorated envelope!
Here's another little item I'm working on - Halloween - I like giving little pressies to people at any time of the year, but just love these chocolate fangs and halloween decorated coins!  You'll probably see what I do with them later on....!

I'm also working on another special card, as if you didn't guess, but my hands are playing up a lot, so it's taking me longer to do everything, so I apologise for the lack of posts lately!

Welcome to my new followers too, it's amazing I now have over 100.  I know it might be a little late, but I'm going to put together a little surprise for you all..... :-)


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Plain and Simple....really...!

This time it's a card I made just for fun!  I loved the image which the fantastic Shirley sent me (along with many others for my cancer charity cards - thanks Shirley!).  I made the sentiment on the PC and just layered it onto matching card.

Adding a few gems for bling (as I seem to have to have now - Delilah's influence there!) and a pretty little flower I got in a Craft Sale (loads in a bag for 50p!!).  We all love a bargain don't we!

I also got a lovely parcel from my friend Di recently, a gorgeous TH Ink Pad and brushes - once I've had a practice you'll be seeing some of those coming soon.  Also a new Stickles to try - I use them SOOOOO much in my cardmaking just in case you've not noticed yet LOL!!!  I've got problems with my fingers locking up (gets worse in the cold weather) so have to take it a bit at a time, hence not so many cards lately.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Another WOYWW and as promised, here is the finished wedding card which you've seen in progress along the way.  Don't worry, the glitter looks blue in the photo but in reality it's more clear so that it looks lovely on the white card.
 I kept it fairly simple, but elaborate at the same time if you know what I mean!  I have mainly two colours, the burgundy and the white, with red gems as highlights to bring it all together (I hope I have anyway!).
 I found these little tiny gems in a Hobbycraft sale (bargain 99p for thousands of the things!).  I had to just stick the needle in the box and hoped it'd pick up some of them because there was no way I could put them on with my hands!  I'm pleased to say it worked too - phew!
 Here's the little tray surrounded by  bits and pieces as I was working, so you can see I don't just keep to the tray all the time!
 Back to my little tray, and here's something I'm working on for my next project.  I keep changing my mind about it, so it might not reflect what you see in the final card LOL!!!!

Oh BTW, I went to my Aunt's 80th Birthday Party and my cards had pride of place on the mantlepiece, and she came up to tell me how much she loves them.  My other cards I've made (like the Easter one etc) are also still on there amongst the birthday cards.  I love it when someone really appreciates all the hard work and effort you've made.  My cheshire cat grin is still there!!!

Hope you're all enjoying WOYWW and look forward to seeing your comments.  It makes my day to see what other people say about my crafting. 

Thanks also to my new followers!!!!  Welcome to you one and cheer me up no end, knowing that people are enjoying seeing what I make on my little trays on my bed!

Enjoy! :-)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Doesn't this look nice and neat!!!
Well it's another WOYWW already!!! Hop over to Julia's blog to see what we're all talking about.

So what's going on with my little tray today?  Yes, it's more of the wedding card!  It's been so hot here lately and it's completely wiped me out, my body just closes down on me when it's hot and I just wilt like a drooping wallflower gasping for the watering can....quick...!!!

Hence there's not been a lot done to it so far, I've had a rethink on several things whilst getting all the bits together, I've coloured the images I want with my trusty Promarkers and have done some Cuttlebugging (is there such a word? how do I come up with them?!?!?).  Hopefully next time (if one thing I'm waiting for arrives soon!) then you'll see the finished product! 

Don't worry, the little Humphrey image is not for the wedding card - it's for something else I'm working on at the same time, multi-tasking wahoo!!!

Have fun on WOYWW everyone!


Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Wow how quick do these WOYWW come around.  I used to keep seeing people saying this when I was 'lurking around' and now know how true it is!!! 

As I work on trays on my bed, I try to keep to one or two cards at a time.  This time, I'm making a wedding card for a special couple, and also some for the cancer charity at the same time, a sort of production line.  Thanks for Laine and Gay for the stamped images - thanks ladies - this has helped me loads!
Oh yes, I just thought you should see how Dafydd and Delilah are getting on.  Here they are sitting on top of the printer!!  Dafydd is such a cool guy don't you think!  Delilah is still looking for her fairy wings, she has a 'thing' about them, but I just can't find ANY at the moment.  Must be the 'in' thing for little girls to have in this area....!

Enjoy WOYWW everyone!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Special Card - Auntie's 80th Birthday again...

 Here's the finished product you all saw on a previous WOYWW posting.  I decided on a swing card and just made the measurements myself using the nestie I wanted to use as an idea of the size.  I then cut it and hoped for the best as it was my last piece of pearlised card.  Phew, it worked out OK!
 Here it is flat so you can see what is on the front.  I used a variety of things from my stash, peel offs (must've had a lot of 80th things going on as they've all gone now so you can only have a handmade card from me if you're under 80 or 90 and above now!!!)  I did my usual trick of colouring the brads with nail varnish to suit the colour scheme better.  Some pretty little stick on flowers instead of gems made the butterflies body a bit different to normal.  My one and only flourish die came in useful again!
Here's the verse - this card is for Mum to give to her Sister, so the verse is just right for an 80th I think. 

Hope you all like it and watch out for the next one.  I seem to be making more complicated cards lately, so it takes me longer to do, hope you don't mind waiting!


Thought I'd add this card into the following challenges:

Critter Challenge
Hippity with Ippity
Heartsong Inspirations
Incy Wincy Designs
Make It Monday
My Craft Spot
Nettie G's Challenge
Oh La La Creations
Stamps + Fun = Creativity
Paper Cupcakes

Fingers crossed!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Monkeying usual....!

 Well you know me and monkeys - it's just as bad as me and kitties!!!  I made these four cards really quickly when I decided to sit on my bed and do some gentle crafting. 
I made them all similar, as batch cards are easy to make and also for the Cancer Charity to sell as well.  I had some puffy stickers from the £shop.  I got two A4 pages and I only used eight of them from one side and there's still loads, that's before I start on the other side!
 The papers were a frebbie in a magazine, and I used some acetate I had in my stash and cut the front of the card down to use the acetate.  I will be punching the edges of the acetate before putting them in the Cancer Charity box to save little fingers!  They are not thick acetate so aren't that sharp but have to be careful of "Elf and Safety" as always.
Peel offs were added to the acetate, and on the inside of the card I used more of the cut off piece of card to cover the inside of the DST'd acetate, and then people can write their message on there too.

See I think of everything.....when I don't forget that is...!!! Ooops!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


 Well after my 'pink phase' I thought it best to radically change my ideas for a while!  This time it's bright colours and a different shaped card again.  This is a card for my Mum to give to her Sister (for her 80th birthday coming up).  I've got a few ideas on what I want to do, now I have to work out how to do them LOL!
This is something else I'm working on, on my little tray on my bed!  It's a hassle having to put everything away each time, but it's sure better than working out of boxes as I used to.  It makes me tidy or else I'll never get to bed at night!

This is again a different idea I've had spinning around my head lately.  I don't know if it will work as I can see it in my head, but I'll give it a go and show you the results when it's done.

All I need to do now is find envelopes to fit the cards as I only have C6 size ones.  Oops!  Any info on where to find a good cheap'ish source of envelopes would be appreciated.

Enjoy WOYWW!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Another Pink Card....argghhh...what's happening to me.....

Yes Delilah has had a big effect on my crafty stash cardmaking!  This one is all pink and girlie too.

I made the 'jotter style' paper myself.  I used a hole punch to make the holes and used my scissors to snip out the 'ripped page' look.  I think I've got it, not perfect, but it adds to the effect I suppose!

I used a stamped image coloured with my trusty promarkers again and then used the other half of the bargain adhesive ribbon and added some small bling gems to each end of the card.  These cards are yellow in colour, so it shows up quite well (bargain again 50p for 15 cards, with envelopes!).  Shame they had no more.

The lilac core-dinations card was put through the Cuttlebug and distressed with an old nail file.  Who needs expensive tools for crafting when you can use other things around the house.

You should see what I've got to put my Distress Ink Pad on with!  I'll have to share that with you soon.  Saves spending out ££££ for a blending tool...!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Different Style of Card

Now that my back is a little better, I've got back into my crafting.  Although I can't sit for long, I do it in short bursts when I can.

I made this folded style card as I had an idea in my head.  I crimped some glossy paper and put it on the small folded edge, added my promarkered (is there such a word?!?!?) image after cutting it out and added some adhesive ribbon (bargain 50p in Hobbycraft ages ago!!).

For the top, I just put on some of the gorgeous pink backing paper (what is it with pink and me lately? I think Delilah has had an effect on my taste - I never used to be a pink lady before!).

Another sentiment made using the crimper and added a gorgeous pink brad (in a goody box from Di) and voila, all done!

I also added an insert so whoever buys it from the Cancer Charity can write their message on it for the recipient.  A different card, but it still fits in a standard C6 envelope which is good.

Talking of envelopes - where do you get yours? I normally made smaller cards, but have had some requests for bigger cards and I don't have envelopes for them to hand!  Oops!


Friday, 16 September 2011

The Finished Card....Ta Da....!!

 Here's the finished product of the WOYWW showing!  As I said it's for my Aunt's 80th birthday.  There's no fear she'll see it on here as she doesn't use the 'interweb thingy'...!!  The image came from Di (as usual it seems - believe it or not I do have a few of my own stamps too!).

I made the little Happy Birthday sentiment by putting a rub on down on to a pearlised snippet I had in my stash, then put it through the paper crimper (bargain in the kiddies toy section!).  Added a small brad (which I'd coloured with nail varnish to suit the card better!) and used foam pads to give it some height.  This card is being hand delivered, so not postage costs to worry about!
The inside of the card shows the numbers in BIG letters, and as she wont' see this, she won't mind me showing you all.  I used my Distress Ink (this one is getting a lot of use, I'm nearly on my way to getting another colour too, so watch out for that one when I get it!).  I used my Nesties to cut the poem out and then distressed it, not perfectly, but with my hands, it's never going to be perfect!

More flowers from the bargain bin and some butterflies (again from Di) which I've added Frosted Lace stickles too.  It's nice and delicate for this type of card.  Took ages to dry though, I had them all along the window sill in different stages of drying!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I've been working on this card for a while, it's the same as the other 'book styleeee' cards I've done, but this one has a special verse and an amazing number in it too.  My Aunt is 80 in a couple of weeks and I wanted to make something really special for her.

She loves my cards and each one I've given her she keeps on her mantlepiece for ages and keeps them afterwards which is nice.  It's lovely for someone to do that and appreciate your hard work and kind thoughts.

I've also used the last of my metal brads - I put some coral nail varnish on them as it will suit some more cards I've been working on behind the scenes which will be showing up here later on!

Enjoy WOYWW!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Special Card for a Special Person!

 Here's the results of all the pink paper and card from WOYWW last week as promised.  I've had to keep it under wraps as it's for Di's birthday and I didn't want to blog it before it had arrived.  The lovely stamp was sent to me by Di, so I had to use it on this card as it was so cute!
 I've now figured out how to make stronger boxes with the Trimmer I have - who needs a proper board huh when you can make them like this.  I added a little pearl brad, backed with a spotty pink flower and then at the last minute added some BIG diamond gems to the front of the drawer.
 I've made easel cards before many many times, so decided to do something different with this one and made it on a slant.  I added some pretty little flowers I got in the Garden Centre at the weekend, sadly they came with no way of fixing them on the back, so I hope they stay stuck!  You can just see inside some of the little presents I put in there for the birthday girl...!
 There are several craft items which you can't see too well from this shot - I put some plain gold tissue paper through the Cuttlebug machine and it worked really well - ideal for presents as you can then personalise them however you want for the recipient.  I also added in some Ferrero Rocher, I somehow think they might be eaten whilst crafting - just don't blame me if you get chocolate on them!
 I used some of my bargain paper pad I got the other week on the front and sides of the box, I wish I'd got more than just one now, but hey ho, too late.
Here you can see a close up of the front cover of the card - I used my Promarkers to colour the "Just The Edge" pieces of card, I used two different colours and it changed it dramatically before my very eyes!  As it was being posted and is quite large (I had to do a made to measure version due to the chocolates!) I put some more gems on it, well it is pink and girly isn't it...!

You should've seen me in the shop lifting up all the chocolates to see how deep they were and if I thought they'd fit in the drawer - quite a sight I can tell you and I got some strange looks when I asked if the depth of the sweet could be guessed for me!  You never know what I'm going to do next.....

So watch this space......


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Penny Black - a little kitty!

Well as you know I'm a Penny Black fan and got this set when my lovely friend Di, gave me some amazing gift vouchers!  Talk about kid in a sweet shop!

I made this card for a friend of mine who happens to run a Cat Charity, so it's ideal for her!  Strangely enough lots of my friends like cats too.  No comments please - I think I've heard them all!

It was made using snippets of card and a Nestie along with some gems, came together nice and easy in the end.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Another WOYWW with Julia.  Sorry it's a bit late and sorry it's not much!  A lot of apologies there, sorry - oops I did it again - that reminds me of a it will be in my head all evening - well there's not a lot else in there to be honest is there...LOL!!!

Anyway I've still got this awful pulled muscle in my back, finally realised it's not just a pain in the side, but a pulled muscle - now I know I don't have that many muscles, and I can put up with bone being taken out of my leg whilst I'm awake, but wow, this pulled muscle makes me feel like I'm on my last legs!  (Those of you that know me, no laughing hurts too much!!!).

Suffice to say, I've not been doing much crafting, however I have been working on something really special which I'll be able to show you soon and I hope you like it.

I've also been doing more digi images whilst I can't craft much - do you want to see some more????  Let me know!


Another Special Card....

Here's another really Special Card!  It's using one of my favourite ever images by Mo Manning, a little girl with her cat - and of course, I had to make him white in memory of my much loved, much missed, little man Bertie.

 Here's the inside, this time I used gentle light green butterflies and added more gems and Stickles to them (of course!).  I found these corner dies in a Craft Shop and was really pleased, until I got home and used them and didn't realise they didn't cut them out completely, only cutting the corner of the paper and leaving it still attached!  After much mumbling and turning the air a bit blue, I came up with the idea of cutting round them and loads of cramp later, had the final die cut that I needed.  I've used them many times since doing this, and this time left these ones plain white, it suited it.  I added another ticket sentiment which is on pearlised card, makes it look more special. 
 I did a different box for this one - a plain white box and used some acetate to cover the top of the card stuck down on one side.  The box looked a little plain, so I added some ribbon around the edge with DST.  It certainly improved it!
Here's another view of the inside of the card, I used some patterned vellum (a few sheets I found in a Bargain Section!) and used my first ever Distress Ink Pad on the edges of the punched card inside and also on the edges of the book like sides.  Have got a new idea to try with the ink pad, so will let you all know how it goes!

Monday, 29 August 2011


My oh my - lookee what we have here - Dafydd and a little girlie!!!!  Her name is Delilah Alice, isn't that sweet.  She loves pink, she has black patent shoes on and little pink bows in her ears.  She loves anything pink, so a real girlie, but she's also a bit of a tomboy and had a secret crush on Dafydd before they were adopted.  He also loved her, but was too shy to say anything.

How lovely that they've ended up being adopted together!  Holding hands and having a cuddle - lovely!

Now on to WOYWW again so soon!  I've not done much lately to be honest as I've pulled a muscle and can hardly move!  If you need to know where I am follow the 'argghhhs' and you'll find me. 

As you can tell, wedding cards are still on the workdesk.  I'm not sure about the colourway at the moment and I keep changing my mind on the design too.  I don't know the colour scheme of the wedding so it'll just be what I like at the time!  I coloured the LOTV wedding image in and blinged it up a bit.

What do you all think of the Golden Wedding card below?  A bit different to my normal ones, but I wanted something unusual as the lady who commissioned it is a bit different herself so I thought I'd match the card to her if I could.  Please vote in the poll and let me know what you think in the comment box.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway got to go now, have "Ralgexed" myself up as we're off to meet a friend at the seaside and it's been planned a while so I can't call it off.  Who knows maybe I'll find a craft shop there and get more inspiration for this wedding card!

Enjoy WOYWW!!

Golden Wedding - What Do You Think???

I got this commission on Sunday morning and by Sunday evening it was done - a real quick card for me.  What do you think?  Is it OK for a Golden Wedding Anniversary Card?  I wanted something unusual and different from the 'normal' wedding cards - do you think I've succeeded or should I go back to the normal styleeee????

I've now got to colour another 'image' good job Di sent me two!  I don't do wedding cards often and now I've had about three in a month to make!

Enter the Poll so I can see what you all think!  Do you like/dislike the Golden Wedding Card?

Don't worry - the little bit on the left hand side has been stuck down now!!!