Monday, 29 November 2010

Craft Course Cards

I put black card behind this punched card so you could see the design.
Here's some cards I made at a Craft Course. I went with my friend Di, but neither of us were very impressed with the course or the tutor to be honest.
I made more cards at home with the remains of the bits we were given at the course than actually on the course.
We were supposed to use Promarkers, but didn't get them to try which was mega disappointing.
Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing the cards I made on the day. I'll add the others soon for you.

Charity Card - Dancing Hedgehogs

Hello Peeps! Isn't this a lovely image?!?! It came from my good friend Di along with a few others she stamped out for me and I think it's wonderful!!!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock

  • Green gingham backing paper (freebie from internet - of course!)

  • Purple cardstock matted and layered with cream cardstock and finally the image

  • Image coloured with H20's then Clear Gloss added to hightlight the tutu's and ballet shoes and bows in their hair! I think this is a Penny Black image, correct me if I'm wrong!

  • Faux stitching using green glitter pen

  • Stick the image at a 'jaunty angle' as they say

  • Silver peel off (Our Daughter) in the right hand corner

Simples again!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas Treat Bags!

This idea was sort of snaffled from the Craft Fairy (thanks Lisa!) who sent me some flowers similar to this, and I had the idea of changing them into Christmas Treat Bags after my friend Di sent me some Pretzel Cello Bags to try out.
In my Christmas Goodie Box from Di there was a Papermania Silent Night set, so I made up the Pointsettia Flowers and had some holly leaves too. However I didn't have any red gems for the berries, but I did have some old brads in a colour I hardly used.....
So then I had a lightbulb moment, and came up with colouring them with my red nail varnish!!!! I put them in some Blue Tack as I can't hold the tiny things anymore with my dodgy hands and voila....look what happened....they coloured really well and once I'd cut a small hole in the holly leaves they looked fantastic!!!!

I then found these Gold Coins (from PoundWorld - a new store opened in a town near us I didn't know about.....until Friday!!) and they were £1 (obviously!) for a bag of 12. I made some up with the Christmas bits.

Quite effective as you can see, and easy to do - if you are patient and let the glitter glue on the flowers dry!

I then put four of them in the Prezel Cello Bags, and ta-da.....look at these! Don't they look good? You can get three lots out of one bag of Gold Coins. Not bad for stocking fillers huh!

You don't need anything else apart from this, unless you want to be really flash and make a nestie tag for them with a label on.
I'll show you next what I did with the remains of the flower ones.....

Flower Treat Bags

After the Christmas Treat Bags, I thought I'd show you what I did with the flower ones from Lisa. Of course this is just an idea, there are loads more out there, if you just look around you when out shopping!

I used the same Gold Coins from PoundWorld and added some card candy to the centres, as Lisa's were just plain, you can add gems if you prefer.

Here's the Christmas ones next to the flower ones. You now have birthdays and Christmas all covered in one Pretzel Cello Bag!
Have fun!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Blog Candy Win......2nd time lucky!

Well I've won another Blog Candy - well I'll count this as the first win really, cos I never received anything from my previous Blog Candy win I announced way back in August.

This lady has asked for my address and confirmed I'm the winner, so I'll be looking out the for old geezer on the bike delivering my goodies!!!!

Fingers crossed everyone!

Diamond Top Fold Cards

These cards were a new style for me to try - I love trying new designs and types of cards and once you get the dimensions right, this is in actual fact quite easy to make!

Anniversary card made for a special couple I know. My friend emailed me to say how much she liked the card - it's always good to know what people think!

This one was made to say "Thanks" after I won a competition in a cardmaking magazine. I always enter the Prize Draws, in the hope that I can win some goodies to help with the charity card making - this is my first ever prize win!!!! It was a cardmaking CDROM book, and I used the papers to make this card.

Would you believe I have now won two prizes from different magazines! I can't!!!!! I don't normally win things, but have been having some luck lately! I wonder if they will go into the magazines? Who knows....will have to keep an eye out for them just in case.


Here's what you need to make these cards:

  • Each card takes one A4 piece of card - you an find lots of templates on the internet for this

  • Follow the folds until you have the base card ready to decoate

  • I always seem to add background paper to all sides of the card as it gives it a 'complete' look

  • Now have fun with embellishments......I added some charms (courtesy of Di - again!) to the cards - but watch out for the postage - it puts it into the 'Large Category'!!!!

If you'd like the dimensions of this card, let me know, but I'm sure you 'crafty girls' (and boys!) out there will be able to see how to do it from the photos!

What a lovely thing to do....

A while back I entered a Blog Candy contest, and a lovely lady called Sue emailed me back. She said she made card samples and wondered if I would like them to use in my charity card making.

Would I...?!?!?! What do you think! Anything that helps the charities is good with me, so I emailed her back and said yes and a BIG THANK YOU.

A couple of days later a big box arrived in the post and it contained some of the most gorgeous cards - loads of ideas there - one which I've snaffled already, but put my own design slant on it, which I'll show you later.

Anyway, I'll be uploading some of the cards she gave to me, some of them I've already made up and had fun with, but I'll try to remember to take the 'before' and 'after' photos of the ones I do from now on.

Of course, I'll be acknowledging her hard work on the cards which the charities will benefit from.

Thanks Sue!