Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rudolph Cards - My First Ever!!!!

Well, as I'm still catching up with my blog due to the DVT pains, I thought I'd do some Rudolph cards as it was the 25th yesterday - can you believe it's January already? I sure can't!!!  So the first card is fairly easy to slide back into my cardmaking efforts. It's a plain square card (from my snippet box) and I added some die cuts (a part of my Christmas present from the lovely Di) around an image she had sent me in a goodie box previously. I'm working my way through the Christmas stuff I have so expect more on Rudolph Days!
The second one was along a similar route, some Christmas backing paper, then added the image and the die cuts on the top and bottom, it's a bit of a pain getting them to stick down properly but I managed it with the help of a good book!  I added some die cuts around the edge from a previous session of die cuts.  I've also added a Christmas sentiment rub-on but you can't see it too well in this photo, sorry about that.

I'm now planning on other things, taking it slowly.....easy does it.......


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My 2011 Christmas Cards!

OK, so it's a bit late, but due to health problems, I only made a few cards this year.  Luckily I had some from last year already made.  I had so many plans in my head, but only a couple came to fruition.
These cards look really complicated, and believe me, the first one I made was!  It took a while for my little grey cell to get the folding the right way!
However once you've done it and got it right - it comes quite easily!  Everyone who received one of these cards loved them - and I even know of two that are still up!  I know it's bad luck after the 6th January, but they love them so much which is fantastic to know!
I'm now hoping to have a play (I mean create!) with my Christmas goodies.  I'll be making some Rudolph cards hopefully (it will make it easier if there are late onset problems again!) and I'll be ahead of the game too which is fantastic news at the busiest time of year.

My DVT and blood is not doing what it is supposed to do every time, sometimes my blood is up and sometimes it is down like a yoyo, sometimes too high, sometimes too low, only once has it been exactly right!  Typical for me then as those of you who know me would say! 

Enjoy and hope to be back more regularly soon!

Friday, 6 January 2012

A little bit of crafting done....

Happy New Year to everyone - I hope you all had a good time and got some lovely crafty presents too!  Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me during this problem time with my health.  It;'s not over yet but at least I've done some crafting!
Back to some gentle crafting after a lonngggggg break.  I'm not back doing much yet due to the DVT in my leg, but I tried making these Thank You Cards and they came out OK.
I used my PATP bargain I got before Christmas.  I'm so pleased it's working better now and I can just about do it with my carpal tunnel riddled hands.  I have to take lots of breaks, which is fine as it gives me a chance to go on a wander around to keep the DVT happy!

I had loadssssss of lovely crafty goodies for Christmas so hopefully you will be seeing some of them soon when I can do a bit more when sitting.  I just have to be careful, as I'm sure you all understand.  I don't want to take too many risks with the DVT, but it won't stop me crafting totally which is the main thing.

Whilst I've been off the "Card making" I've still been crafting, and have been making crocheted blankets for the local Animal Shelter, and took many christmas paper wrapped parcels to them, along with some food all wrapped up too for the animals.  It all helps and I don't mind being called a mad cat woman!!  Well sometimes I don't!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thank You Ambreen!

I nade this post "draft" but thought I'd post it here now as I'm just getting back into blogging after a break due to my ill health.  Thanks for sticking with me everyone!

A card which I made ages ago and sent to my lovely friend Ambreen but it didn't arrive so I thought I'd blog the post instead and show her what she never got, sorry Ambreen.  At least you can see part of what I sent to you!
I've got better access to my CB, so I made good use of it and cut out several digi images using the Dies that Di sent to me.  I had some 'crinkle paper' for ages now and thought I'd give it a go through the CB and it worked fine.
Added some dotted backing paper to go with the flow of circles and dots and then just added some dotty ribbon (think it's a Hobbycraft one I've had for ages - good quality, so it must be old!).  Added some gems in the shape of flowers to match the pink colour and there it is - done.
I actually sent this card to Ambreen, but as it's been quite a while now, and she's not got it, it's sad isn't it.  I put a little gift in there too, but nothing arrived.  That's the post for you!