Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WOYWW and Sorry....and Thanks...!

It's WOYWW again, I know I missed it last week, but I had a few problems - see below.  Will have to be quick visits today before hospital - sorry!

I've had a few health issues here lately, I spent all day in A&E being poked and prodded and more bloods taken (I had 10 bottles taken last week alone!) only to finally get home and the phone rings and the Dr asks me to go back to the hospital...!!!

Anyway, it turns out after 2 months free of my DVT, I now have ANOTHER DVT in the same leg, from the top of the thigh to almost my ankle this time.  I'm back on the injections and am waiting to go to the Anti-Coagulant clinic again to find out more.

Also my kidneys are spiralling downward at a rapid rate and I'm waiting to see the Renal Specialist about that.  Thank heavens my cancer is least that's something!!!

Hence not much cardmaking has been going on, however I am able to show you the crochet work I've been doing with the wool from the USA.  Don't they look colourful...!!!  They look lovely and I'm sure the kitties will like them when I next visit . 

I'd also like to thank GILL for sending me the gorgeous cards for the cancer charities, and also to LUNCH LADY JAN for the simply brilliant sewing which she has so kindly sent me a huge parcel of different goodies for the cat shelter to sell at their next Fayre - thanks again - you're all wonderful generous people to help others and it is much appreciated.  Thank you!

Well due to the health issues, I won't be able to be on here much now, just when things were improving too.  I hope you can all understand that I think my health has to come first and I will not be entering some of the few challenges that I've recently tried my best to do.  Writing does not come across the same as talking, so I don't want anyone to misunderstand my reasons for thinking of my health before blogs/cardmaking.

Thank you all for your patience (no pun intended!) and I will be back on whenever I can (hospitals allowing!).  As you can tell by my words, it's NOT getting to me, it's just something else to add to the already long list of health problems.  I'm just going to put a big black cross on the door now....tee hee....always positive, always laughing!!!!  I think that's why I'm still here!!!  Positivity works doesn't it whether your problems are big or small.

Oh, on my last WOYWW Julia asked if we pick the colours according to our moods, mine was blue/greens at the time, but it was only because I was making Dad's Day cards and a male birthday card - no other reason.  What do you all think? Do you pick the colours according to how you feel? Or do you pick them because of what you are making or who the recipient is?

I also made a couple of "Get Well Cards" recently (they will be uploaded later) - perhaps I should send myself one to cheer myself up! LOL!!!

Have fun everyone and see you all soon!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Rudolph Day!

Yes, it's that time again - Rudolph Day!!!  I managed to get some stamping one and decided to add in this little cutie I got in the sale recently.  I've had this one on my "Wish List" for ages, and am so pleased to find it in the sale!  Bargain!

I used an oddment of backing paper I had, added some white card which I'd used my Martha Stewart punch on to make it look like a lace band and added some sparkly green ribbon (again another bargain, but the shop has closed now so no more bargains from there I'm afraid).


Monday, 18 June 2012

Dad's Day

I can now show you the card made for John from Domi.  Yes, I know Domi is a cat, but she likes to show she loves us by sending us cards and buying presents. 

I had to help her make this, it's not easy with furry paws you know!  She's very clever you know!!!

This card was made using some of the items on my WOYWW posting earlier.  No girly colours this time!
The stamp was one I got in the craft sale a while back and I used some of the metal charms I got in another craft sale many moons ago. They are so sweet and I got a big bag of different ones for only £2 so was well chuffed with that purchase.

Some corinations card was used with an embossing folder and I distressed it with a nail file.  Some ribbon and candi were added along with some fantastic 'male' backing paper (purchased in another sale!).  I added a little ticket sentiment in the same colour card as the main body of the card and I think it came out OK.

Well Domi liked it, so did her Dad - along with the present he got too.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Gorgeous kitties....!!

Yes, I've got another kitty stamp here.  I've been waiting to get this one for ages and finally got it when I went to a craft sale a while back. It's a Penny Black cling called "Dear Friend" and it's so cute isn't it.
It was the one and only card I made in this session as I just didn't feel 100% at all.  I used some of my pre-made white flowers which I've added "Lace Stickles" to so that it has some bling about it.  Also added a wooden butterfly embellishment which was from the "Craft Fairy" along with lots of other things to help my charity cardmaking received a while back.

Sorry I don't know the name of the backing paper, it was a "Candy Win" many moons ago.  It was the only one I had left like that too which is a real shame as it's so useful for many different cards.
I'm adding this one in to the "Snippet Challenge" and hope I manage to get it all right this time.  Fingers crossed huh!


Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Another peek at my worktray for WOYWW again.  This is a short post today as I'm not too well at the moment.  I did make a card from this worktray which I'll show you later on.

Also if you look at the previous posting you will see a "Fab Freebie" which I scanned in from my sketchbook.  I used to put the freebie digis up a while ago, but got distracted.  Since I found it again and have added more to it, I thought I'd share them with you all.

If you "snag" him, please please please - let me see what you make.  It's easy to add it to Mr Linky - honest.

Have fun and enjoy!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fab Freebie - Jay's Here.....!

Jay has now been retired - watch out for new ones coming soon!

Say a big HI to welcome Jay - direct from my sketchbook for you!

As I mentioned before, I've resurrected my fab freebies having rediscovered my sketchbook.  I've not been at all well lately so have been sketching instead of the cardmaking.  Of course I've not stopped cardmaking totally, but just slowed it down due to the health issues.

Hope you enjoy using Jay in your cards, I'd love to see any you make.  I've had loads of hits and people 'snagging' my fab freebies, but no one has showed me what they've made them into. Please, please, please could some of you show me - I'd love to see what he looks like on a real card!

Enjoy Jay and hope to see some cards soon!

Hedgie Ballet Dancers...!

This is another of my favourite images.  It's my last remaining one from Di, and I just love them!  I've added some glossy accents to highlight their little tutu outfits.  Some freebie backing papers and peel-off's and it's voila....another for the charity card box.

The little flower is another one from the multipack from Tesco (as before) and I just cut it in half to go either side of the rubber stamped image.


Friday, 1 June 2012

A Fab Freebies.....!

Sorry, Susie has now been retired - watch out for my next freebie!

Let me introduce you to Susie!
Many moons ago (sorry can't remember how many!) I used to offer fab freebie digis I've drawn.  I've just found my sketchbook and it reminded me to upload another one.
If you take her, please leave a comment and let me know if you'd like more of them like her. 
Perhaps you'd like to add your blog posting via Mr Linky to let me (and others) see what you've made with her. 
Have fun!

Shoes and Shopping!

This image was a rubber stamp free with Creativity magazine many moons ago, but has been used many times in making my Animal Charity cards.  I also used freebie backing papers and some snippets from the snippets envelope.

The shoes are from a multipack of card images from Tesco (every little helps as they say!).  Ideal for 'on trend' girlie cards.