Wednesday, 31 July 2013

WOYWW 217 - it's still Christmas here!

Welcome to WOYWW everyone! They sure come around quick! Can you believe we're nearly into August!  Yikes!!

Anyway, so what am I up to on my little work trays on my bed.  Well not too much to be honest with you!  As it's so hot still and my body doesn't cope with the heat too well, I've been trying a few little ideas out for Christmas cards.

This time, is it best to keep the Poinsettia flowers plain or add the glitter on the edges? What do you think everyone???

I won some gorgeous Blog Candy as you know (with all the glitter strips in it amongst many other things!). Also in there were some gorgeous mirri type cards and envelopes in Christmas colours - they are fabby!!  I've used one of them here with the Poinsettia backing paper on it. 

The pearls, now I don't have a glue gun, only a Quickie Glue Pen, a cheapie imitation Pritt stick someone gave me and some Anita's glue which is quite old now but still works!  Can anyone tell me how I can get them to stay on a card without spending lots of money on doing it???

That's it for now and I hope you all have a great WOYWW!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rudolph Day 7 - Something completely different!

Welcome to Rudolph Day again!!!  I thought I'd do something completely different this time and went with a clean look!  Just three colours (I'm counting white as a colour).
Most of the work is embossing which is gorgeous when using white card, it looks so pretty and elegant.  I've used my Holly Die cut which got a LOT of use last Christmas too!  I'm working on a few Christmas cards at the moment so you might see a them in between Rudolph Days too!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Welcome to WOYWW ladies and gentlemen!!!  Another Wednesday comes around and it is still too hot for me!!!  We had a brief time with a little rain and thunder and lightning, but sadly it didn't last long enough for me. So back to the crafting it is then! 

My little helper is still helping, as long as there is some chicken or other such delights at the end of it for her she's quite happy to sit and wait....for a while....anyway!

Here's an idea of the snow globe I was making before.  I've not glued anything down as I'm not sure about it yet.  I think the snowflakes are a bit big after laying them above the Christmas trees.  Good job I haven't stuck it down and I might need a re-think on this one.

Good job I've got another idea for Rudolph Day isn't it!!! LOL!!

Keep cool everyone and Happy WOYWW!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

WOYWW 215 and it's a hot one....phew....

Phew...this is way tooooooooo hot for me, I don't know about you, but I need to find a walk in freezer, and quick!!! I'm still on the idea that by making Christmas cards, it'll make me feel cooler, but it doesn't seem to be working just yet...!! LOL!!
So here is another WOYWW and wowser, is it a hot one!  It's even, dare I say it, too hot to craft isn't it.  I did have a go at the weekend, but ended up eating a nice fat free yoghurt frozen ice cream type treat and watched some mindless TV and thought about what I should be doing! My body just shuts down on me in the hot weather.
Even my little helper isn't so keen as you can see her disappearing off my bed to find a cooler spot to hide.  As she needed some new meds we took her to vet this morning for her check up too.  However, it wasn't such good news sadly.  She's almost 21 and they haven't advised doing any biopsies or anything at her age.  She's still fine and dandy, eating M&S chicken slices no less! Well the vet did say if she didn't want to eat cat food, then let her eat whatever she likes even if it's not the healthiest of foods, like cheese or Tempura prawns (don't ask! I know, she's really really spoilt!).

She's also really really loved as you can tell and I know I spoil her a lot, but she's worth it.  My brother said we'll do our shopping in any old supermarket, but her food comes from M&S!!!  As you can tell, she's loved a lot. Bless, such a sweetie.

So I hope you all manage to keep cool, I'm thinking of what I'm going to do craftwise at the moment, so when (fingers crossed!!!!) it cools down I'll be all ready!

Keep smiling and keep cool!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Two more for the charity card box!

This is a little cutie!  I used a freebie embossing folder I got with a craft magazine and then cutout a shape using my spellbinders I won in a competition!  Not bad huh!  Offcuts of paper from my little envelope and I had the flowers done.  I've had the brads for ages, and am soon running out of them.  There wasn't so much choice then as there is now, but I still go back to my old favourites!

A male card completed here.  The backing tape measure is actually washi tape that was another freebie from a magazine!  I do love those freebies, they help my charity cardmaking in so many ways.

The stamp was purchased in a sale a few moons ago now.  It's so easy to colour and looks just like those tree houses we had as kids (ours was the garden shed really made into a den!). 

Memories are just great sometimes aren't they!

Hope you're all keeping cool!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Hello everyone and welcome to another WOYWW! A bit different this time as I have sun here with me,  which is a bit cooler today (which I love! - I'm definitely a Winter Girl not a Summer one that's for sure!). Someone told me if you're born in the Winter you love Winter weather and vice versa for Summer babies. Not sure if it's true, but it is for me! Is it for you?

So as it's way toooooo hot for me, what am I working on? Christmas!  LOL!!! I thought it might make me feel cooler!  Seriously now, I saw some lovely looking snowy acetate and decided it was way too expensive for me, so my little grey cell, it is working, yes.  Yes!  I got out my acetate and looked at what was on my craftbed. The little grey cell, it woke up and voila.  It doesn't look much in the photo, but I used my Cosmic Shimmer white bottle and dotted it over the acetate and it looks a lot better IRL!!!!  You will see it being used soon!

So here it is - As you can tell I'm making a snowglobe.  I have an idea in my head but I don't quite have all the equipment to do what I need, so I'm going to improvise with it and see how it turns out!!

Finally, I have my little card to show you where I used all those glitter strips up and made my background.  I decided to keep the image plain as well as the card too.  I think with that much glitter you don't need much else!!!

So have a great WOYWW whatever you are doing and enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


 Firstly welcome to my two new followers, Gibby and Annette!

Secondly, Happy WOYWW everyone!!  As you can see I've got a few things on the go at once on my little work trays!  It seems to be all purple and silver, but believe me, the rest of the bed had more things on it too.
Namely Domi!!! Our little old lady!  She wanted my attention and the best way of getting it is to lie on top of whatever I'm crafting with at the time!!!  It usually works and here she is sneaking a peak at me to make sure I'm getting off the bed to go and attend to her requirements (remember dogs have owners and cats have slaves?!?!?!).
Finally here is what is resting against my pillow on the other side of the bed!  A bit of everything really and just to show you all it's not always neat on the trays and the bed, sometimes it's neat on the trays and chaos on the bed! LOL!!!
So hope you all have a very Happy WOYWW and will be around later to have a peak at your workdesks!