Friday, 21 December 2012

WOYWW 185 - the Christmas one!

So what is on my workdesk today?  Well if you're not sure why I'm asking Click Here to find out!  As you all know, my workdesk is my bed with trays on - but today there is something special on there.

There are lots of parcels all wrapped up and ready to deliver to the Cat Shelter.  Yes, I know, I'm daft - wrapping presents for cats - tsk!  Well, why shouldn't they have Christmas the same as us, our little old lady (aged 20!) does.  She has Christmas Dinner and presents the same as we do.

There are loads of crocheted blankets in this top picture and in the one underneath, there are loads of cat toys.
I did the same last year to a different Cat Shelter and they had lovely stockings full to bursting on each cat cabin.  It all looked so pretty with decorations up too.

I'm going to be kept occupied again to make bits and pieces for the next Cat Shelter Fair - fundraising for charities never stops.

Thanks also to Gill for her continuing support of the cancer charities too, along with Julia who also donated some fantastic cards as well.  The comments I heard as I left the shop like "Wow look at this one", "I've got to have this one" and "Beautiful absolutely beautiful" you all how much they are appreciated and that they make lots of money to help rid the world of this terrible disease that so many of us have (myself included) or have family members or friends affected by it.

All there is left to say now is "Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"!!!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Babies everywhere....

I've got a few people expecting December babies (the best as I'm one too!).  One has already arrived and is a boy and I've sent off the above card.  Good job I've made a few just in case!
Of course with baby boy's we have to also have baby girl's as well.  I think these cards are SO sweet and really easy to do using your offcuts of white cardstock.

I used real buttons on the top of the little outfit rather than card ones, as I think they look so nice on there.

Welcome to the world little babies!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


WOYWW is here again - click here to see what Mrs Dunnit is up to on her workdesk, although she's not there but she is if you know what I mean!  So what is on my workdesk?  Not a lot really, it was my Birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) yesterday - so that explains why LOL!!!  I was out enjoying myself instead....!

However here is what is on my little worktray, holly with gems on, all drying off ready for cards.  I made a big batch of cards, and also put together a big bag of cards for the cancer charities - and yes you've guessed it - my cards went in the bag too and obviously they are now at the Charity instead!  So I've got loads more to make when I thought I was almost done with the Christmas cards.  Never mind, at least the charity will make even more money which is the positive in a negative!!!

Can you see the little Robin here? His Christmas has come early!!   It's a lovely Farm Shop we go to and there is always some new goodies to look at.  This time there's a bowl of Christmas Pudding - complete with spoon - and you can stir it and make a wish.  I remember doing this when my Nan made the Christmas Puddings, it was always a tradition I loved.  I do miss my Nan so much!!!

To finish off here is out little Domi, in her little house - she doesn't realise she's got her tail sticking out though!!! The photo isn't that brilliant as it was a strange light - it gives strange tinges to the colours sometime. 

Hope you all have a wonderful WOYWW and be careful out there in the snow!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Happy Birthday to me...!

I've had a lot of birthday cards in the post today so I thought I would virtually post a blog message too on my special day.  Thank you Gill for the fabulous card and birthday presents.  I'll be using those on my cards later!

Off for a lovely dinner out today to celebrate and to my friends Karen B and Sue (one birthday yesterday and one tomorrow!) I wish you a Happy Birthday too....!!!

I'll be posting more cards soon, I've been busy making a few crafty items for Christmas and also some more cards in between hospitals and Doctors appointments.

Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Wow another WOYWW already!  My workdesk is empty at the moment - well I had a mass cardmaking night yesterday, but cleared it all so I could go to sleep (my workdesk is my bed with trays on it!) so all I have to show you is the finished card I started which you saw the beginnings of before.

It's the "nothing fussy" wedding card.  I've now given it to my friend who requested it and she loves it which is fantastic!!!

You'll see the rest of my efforts in the next few posts.

Happy WOYWW everyone!