Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Special Cards - For the WOMAN at Work!

I made this tri-fold card for Di, after finishing her mammoth job of grouting her kitchen. I'd recently got a freebie pink double ended pen so this was ideal to change the MAN to WOMAN to start with!

I'd found an image on my PC of some DIY items, my printer has a funny quirk of sometimes mis-aligning the printing - I think it's when there's a lot on the page and as I'd cropped quite a few items onto one page to save ink and paper I think it threw a wobbly on me! Still I got the bits I needed so not a problem.

I'd also got some peel offs to make a card for my Cousin's 50th birthday and still had some left which was handy! I knew I'd find a way of using them all up!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White tri-fold cardstock

  • Cut the DIY backing paper to size, and then stick to the front of both sides of the tri-fold card

  • Add the tape measures at jaunty angles (technical term there LOL!)

  • For the front page, mat and layer the "Man At Work" sign onto silver mirri card

  • Add purple "Bling" to add a girlie side to the sign!

  • Change MAN to WOMAN in a bright pink pen

  • On the second page, use the DIY workbox and mat and layer it to silver mirri card again

  • Round the corners with the Dovecraft corner rounder

  • On the inside of the card, mat and layer white card and centre it in place on the cardstock

  • Hand write the sentiment (personalised in pink!)

  • Add two peel off tape measures to the bottom of the middle of the card and again colour them with the pink pen

  • Add "Congratulations" peel off in the middle

Done! All ready to send to Di along with Sydney the sock monkey.

Monday, 18 October 2010

A little Sock Monkey called Sydney!

After Di sent me a lovely card with a Sock Monkey called Miranda on it, I just had the idea of making a little sock monkey and sending him to Di to say thanks for all she does for me! Here's my first attempt, and his name is Sydney.

As you can see, he has made himself very well at home, taking over the desk and the bed and I have even heard he has the Midnight Munchies and raids the fridge, and leaves sweetie wrappers behind on the floor. You'd think he could at least be tidy and put them in the bin wouldn't you!

I thought the eyes were good, a last minute idea - I raided my craft stash and found a tube of buttons I'd got in the sale for 50p! I think they suit him don't you!?

Anyway he seems to have settled in quite well, and has mentioned PTSMS (Post Traumatic Sock Monkey Syndrome)!!!! He has flashbacks to being in the conveyor belt at the Royal Mail and doesn't like to talk about it much, poor Sydney.

Charity Card - Just for Girls....

A very girlie card this time, but not in the usual 'girlie pink' which I think makes a change!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock as a base

  • Yellow pearlised paper cuttlebugged with an embossing folder

  • Rectangle Nellie Snellen Diecut using yellow cardstock (yahoo I think I've got the hang of this now, certain papers/cardstock it doesn't like but I kinda know which now!)

  • Cream card candy

  • Prima flower again with cream card candy for the centre

  • Red organza type ribbon

  • Sentiment peel off matted and layered using white cardstock and a pink Rectangle Nellie Snellen diecut label

  • Image (freebie) coloured with H20's as usual...!

Hope you like her, she looks quite cute with her striped stockings!

Charity Card - A Womans Work is Never Done....

I had these papers from a magazine freebie in my stash from a while back and decided to use them up. Nothing too taxing, but it's sold in the charity shop already so must be 'just right' for someone!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Cream cardstock for base

  • Cleaning items background paper (freebie from magazine)

  • Pink paper mesh net style stuck down the middle of the card

  • Various cardstock matted and layered with "Bling" in each corner

  • Image (magazine freebie) centred on the cardstock

  • Sentiment (magazine freebie again!) matted onto gold mirri card

That's it - as I said, it's sold already, so might make some more like this!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Charity Card - New Baby

Girlie and pink - perfect for a new baby girl!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Pink cardstock for base

  • Round the corners using the Corner Punch

  • Pink doodled background printed from Pink Petticoat freebie many moons ago I think - please correct me if I'm wrong - my memory is rubbish after cancer treatment and I readily admit it, it's too bad to hide!

  • Pink Net was a bargain, reduced from £3.99 to 50p - I couldn't resist could I really!

  • Square nestie I was given, my stocks are running low so I don't use them that often!!

  • Cream square which fits perfectly into the nestie

  • Diamond blings added to the four corners

  • "Sweet" sentiment, found in a bargain bin in a closing down craft shop - it was a scrapbooking set but ideal for cardmaking too

  • Gorgeous pink pram donated by Di - she is so generous with sharing her crafty stash and I will forever be in her debt for it! Thanks Di!

My Card Candy Blog Win - boo hoo!

Remember back in August I posted a piccie of some Blog Candy I'd won?!?!? Well despite getting a couple of emails I've received absolutely nothing, zilch, nada, zip!!!!!

What a disappointment, however it seems another lady hasn't received her prize either, despite it being sent out twice.

So disappointment all round then, my first blog candy win, and I didn't receive anything.

Boo hoo....!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Charity Card - Elephants - how cute are they...!?!?!

Aren't they cute! I got them as a freebie image and decided to see what I could come up with. Now that I'm into my Twinkling H20's I'm using some of the freebie images I've had on the PC for a while.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock as a base

  • Green paper for the background

  • Green glitter pen (Sainsbury!) faux stitching around the whole card

  • Image coloured with Twinkling H20's and cut close to the image

  • Copper glittery cardstock cut with Nellie Snellen rectangle die cutters (I've managed to cut a few of these now but it's not keen on some cardstock I have so I have to chose carefully - when I find one works I cut a few so I don't have to fiddle about getting the cuttlebug out)

  • Happy Birthday sentiment is a freebie from a card magazine - I thought I'd give it a go, now it is lime green in colour and I can't remove it no matter what I try - any ideas? Hope it doesn't ruin it!

  • Caramel colour card candy, three put on the side of the card - why does threes always work so well?

That's it. Simple but cute. I like...!

Charity Card - All Pink and Girlie...well almost!

A real pinkie girlie card today!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock for the base card

  • Pink circles from a freebie download - perfect for most girlie cards as it comes in some gorgeous colours

  • Pink peel off for the edging around the card - you will note there are two different styles - this is because I used the 'waste' bits inbetween the 'real' ones I used if you see what I mean

  • Image I've had for a while and have now Twinkling H20'd them all

  • Matted and layered onto a yellow piece of cardstock - this was then highlighted with green faux stitching with a Sainsbury Glitter Pen

  • "Happy Birthday" sentiment matted and layered onto white card and then yellow cuttlebugged card with the swirl embossing folder

  • Two prima flowers put together with a card candy 'middle'

  • Green leaves added to highlight the flower were a freebie in a 'goody bag' which I've had a while

All my cards have paper inserts as not everyone has a glitter pen to write on dark card - makes it easier for people to write in them. For personalised cards I also put in a colour matched verse. I try to make them up myself as I love making poems up - ever since school - and no, I'm not telling you how many years ago that is!

Card for a Special Person

This card is a special one for my friend at my Cancer Hospital, she looks after me so well and I wanted to thank her for going beyond the call of duty to help me before she went on holiday.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Yellow cardstock

  • Silver mirri card which has been cuttlebugged with the "Stars" embossing folder

  • Yellow gingham background paper (freebie download)

  • Cat image relaxing in a life buoy (think that's what it's called, please correct me if I'm wrong!) coloured with Twinkling H20's

  • Crystal Stickles were added to the red stripes to make it more 'blingy' for a girl!

  • Sentiment is a handwritten message with the pink freebie pen, and matted and layered onto red mirri card (another scrap I used up!)

I hardly ever throw little pieces of card away, and find ways of using up even the oddest shape on my cards. Recycling is a good way of helping not only the environment, but also my pocket as 100% of the proceeds from my cards is given to the cancer charity/hospice. I just enjoy making the cards which keeps my little grey cells and my carpal tunnel addled hands moving!

Charity Card - not a cat in sight, but there is a dog!

Well if it's not a cat, then it has to be another cutie animal doesn't it, and who better than Bella and her doggy?!?!?!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock

  • Pink gingham background paper (freebie download)

  • Pink cardstock cuttlebugged with Butterflies flying! Sorry I can't remember the right name for this embossing folder, I will endeavour to find out

  • Pink lace scrap cuttlebugged with Nellie Snellen (rectangle) die cuts, if you look in the middle of the die cuts you will see this small label which is ideal to thread ribbons, card, etc through it - most people miss it!

  • Yellow organza ribbon labelled as Eastern Treasures (from P&Q Home Stores 99p - bargain as you get five colours of ribbon on there!)

  • Yellow flowers, in an unlabelled bag from The Crafty Cow, there were about 10 in there for 49p - I do love my bargains!

  • The bella image was coloured with Twinkling H20's

  • Sentiment was handwritten with a freebie pink pen I got with a Card magazine from Sainsbury

I do love my bargains as you can tell, I can normally be found rummaging in the bargain bins when I find them in shops. Amazingly not all of them are found in craft shops, have a look around you and it will surprise you what can be used!!!


Charity Card - Another Girlie Card

This was made when I found some old Papermania stickers in my stash and thought it about time they saw the light of day. That's the problem with your stash being in a huge box, it gets lost unless you have a mix about every few weeks!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Pink cardstock for the card

  • Pink gingham background paper (another freebie, I have a lot of freebie gingham colours, so ask me if you'd like one, I might have it!)

  • Papermania dress stickers matted and layered onto silver card (part of the Tesco Christmas Card Sets I'm s-t-i-l-l-l-l-l using up!)

  • Silver peel offs used as borders around the gingham paper

  • Sentiment (Tres Chic Dresses) also from the Papermania set

  • Coat hangers, guess where they're from - yes Papermania again! Amazing set and I'm not sure how I missed using them until now!

  • Handbags were placed strategically on the right hand side of the image, these were also from the Papermania stickers

  • Card candy in brown colours interspersed with the handbag stickers

  • Corner rounder punch used to soften the edges of the cardstock

Another one for the charity box - hope you like it!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Charity Card - More Kitties

Yep, more cute kitties again. You can never have enough kitties in my book that's for sure.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Pearlised cream cardstock

  • Green cardstock to mat onto the pearlised card

  • Light green cardstock cuttlebugged with Swirls embossing folder

  • Decoupage cats from PaperNation

  • Sentiment is pink card matted and layered onto rose pearlised cuttlebugged cardstock, handwritten with the words "You're the cats whiskers"

Easy! Hope you like this one. I'll try not to put too many cats cards on here, but they are a favourite so don't hold your breath OK!! :-)

Charity Card - One For The Boys!

I had this image in a batch I did when using my Twinkling H20's for the first time, unsually it's a boy and that's why I liked him! Trendy for a teenager or even an older fella to reminisce of his youth!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Orange cardstock

  • Black/white flowered cardstock from an old pack I had in my stash - not quite girlie and reminds me of tattoo's so ideal for men cards! These were cut with the Nellie Snellen die cuts (rectangle) - see I said I would persevere!

  • Red corrugated mirri card - cut to fit the shape left inside the Nellie Snellen die cuts

  • Black Nellie Snellen die cut matted and layered to show off the boy image I'd previously coloured

  • Yellow ribbon (Eastern Treasures) again from the P&Q home store - this was my ideal place for finding odd crafty bargains before a Poundland came to town!

  • Gold holographic card (scrap used from an old piece I had) cut with the tag from the Nellie Snellen die cut again

  • Sentiment is my fave silver peel offs again!

I think this looks kinda like a tattoo based male card, what do you think? Hope my thinking is right!

Charity Card - Best Wishes

In a purple mood again this week, just lurrvveee purple! It was my Nan's favourite colour too....all shades of purple and lilac.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock

  • Purple gingham background paper (freebie download again)

  • Nellie Snellen diecut (rectangle) on the cuttlebug, this was a bit of a disaster the first time I used them and this is the only one that came out OK - I will be trying again so don't worry - it won't beat me the little cuttlebug machine that needs 5 pieces of card as a shim - yes five!!!

  • Purple swirl background printed onto white card, a small piece left from an exploding box I made for a friend's wedding

  • Faux stitching using a purple glitter pen (Sainsburys)

  • Topper flower and dress (Focus Handcrafted Stickers - not the Focus DIY Store, but this is what is on the packet!)

  • Sentiment "Best Wishes" are a silver peel off - I make no apologies for using Peel Offs, I know some people class them as 'old hat' but I like them and they are so useful when you have no expensive die cuts to use!


Charity Card - Dragon Birthday

Dragons are a big favourite of mine, along with kitties of course! So here's another one for the Charity Card box - which is getting fuller by the minute it seems - another visit is called for to the Charity/Hospice soon!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Pink cardstock

  • Pink paper with silver dots on (donated item from many moons ago)

  • Circle scalloped Nestie which has been cuttlebugged with spirals embossing folder - amazing how a plain piece of paper can look so special being embossed!

  • Dragon image which was coloured with Twinkling H20's

  • Balloons were donated and I used some brown ribbon from my stash to tie the balloons to the dragon

  • HappyBirthday sentiment was added to a cuttlebugged piece of spare card again using the spiral embossing folder

  • White gel pen was used to add the light reflecting squares on the balloons - well I hope that's what it looks like!

Another for the charity box. Hope you're enjoying all the cards so far - leave me a comment to say what you think!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

An Odd One but a Good One...!

Unless you've ever been Clay Pigeon Shooting (no animals involved!) you won't know what this card is about or for. I know before you say it, the gun is rather big, but I tried cutting a smaller one and my hands wouldn't let me, so this was as small as I could get it.

It's made for a Clay Pigeon Shooting Instructor who I know and has taught us how to shoot right. In reply to giving him this he said "Oh you soppy tart - it's lovely - thankyou". He meant it in a nice way obviously.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Dotted background from a CDROM I had from a magazine I think!

  • White card used for the roof of the shooting canopy to save you getting rained on (sorry I don't know the correct terminology!)

  • The little man is a sizzix one I was sent, I made his clothes myself from black/silver and blue card - the little shoes came with the man!

  • The shotgun was made from silver and black card, my own design!

  • The little dog was a download I'd printed many moons ago, I know not from where sorry!

  • Thank You sentiment is a peel off (I like them, I don't care what people say on the forums lately about them being 'wrong'!!!) used with two layers of plain white cardstock with faux stitching

That's all for this card, hope you enjoy!