Saturday, 2 October 2010

An Odd One but a Good One...!

Unless you've ever been Clay Pigeon Shooting (no animals involved!) you won't know what this card is about or for. I know before you say it, the gun is rather big, but I tried cutting a smaller one and my hands wouldn't let me, so this was as small as I could get it.

It's made for a Clay Pigeon Shooting Instructor who I know and has taught us how to shoot right. In reply to giving him this he said "Oh you soppy tart - it's lovely - thankyou". He meant it in a nice way obviously.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • Dotted background from a CDROM I had from a magazine I think!

  • White card used for the roof of the shooting canopy to save you getting rained on (sorry I don't know the correct terminology!)

  • The little man is a sizzix one I was sent, I made his clothes myself from black/silver and blue card - the little shoes came with the man!

  • The shotgun was made from silver and black card, my own design!

  • The little dog was a download I'd printed many moons ago, I know not from where sorry!

  • Thank You sentiment is a peel off (I like them, I don't care what people say on the forums lately about them being 'wrong'!!!) used with two layers of plain white cardstock with faux stitching

That's all for this card, hope you enjoy!


Di said...

Hi Karen

This is just great! I bet he was really pleased and you've got it just right as ever. I hope you post piccies of the two lovely cards you sent me yesterday, if not I will! Sydney is settling in and wondering when he gets a posting on your blog, but he'll accept one on mine otherwise. Am sure I heard the rustling of sweetie papers during the night :)Di x

Gill said...

What a challenge, but you have got it right once again. Really look forward to seeing your cards.
Gill xx