Friday, 21 December 2012

WOYWW 185 - the Christmas one!

So what is on my workdesk today?  Well if you're not sure why I'm asking Click Here to find out!  As you all know, my workdesk is my bed with trays on - but today there is something special on there.

There are lots of parcels all wrapped up and ready to deliver to the Cat Shelter.  Yes, I know, I'm daft - wrapping presents for cats - tsk!  Well, why shouldn't they have Christmas the same as us, our little old lady (aged 20!) does.  She has Christmas Dinner and presents the same as we do.

There are loads of crocheted blankets in this top picture and in the one underneath, there are loads of cat toys.
I did the same last year to a different Cat Shelter and they had lovely stockings full to bursting on each cat cabin.  It all looked so pretty with decorations up too.

I'm going to be kept occupied again to make bits and pieces for the next Cat Shelter Fair - fundraising for charities never stops.

Thanks also to Gill for her continuing support of the cancer charities too, along with Julia who also donated some fantastic cards as well.  The comments I heard as I left the shop like "Wow look at this one", "I've got to have this one" and "Beautiful absolutely beautiful" you all how much they are appreciated and that they make lots of money to help rid the world of this terrible disease that so many of us have (myself included) or have family members or friends affected by it.

All there is left to say now is "Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"!!!!

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Babies everywhere....

I've got a few people expecting December babies (the best as I'm one too!).  One has already arrived and is a boy and I've sent off the above card.  Good job I've made a few just in case!
Of course with baby boy's we have to also have baby girl's as well.  I think these cards are SO sweet and really easy to do using your offcuts of white cardstock.

I used real buttons on the top of the little outfit rather than card ones, as I think they look so nice on there.

Welcome to the world little babies!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


WOYWW is here again - click here to see what Mrs Dunnit is up to on her workdesk, although she's not there but she is if you know what I mean!  So what is on my workdesk?  Not a lot really, it was my Birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) yesterday - so that explains why LOL!!!  I was out enjoying myself instead....!

However here is what is on my little worktray, holly with gems on, all drying off ready for cards.  I made a big batch of cards, and also put together a big bag of cards for the cancer charities - and yes you've guessed it - my cards went in the bag too and obviously they are now at the Charity instead!  So I've got loads more to make when I thought I was almost done with the Christmas cards.  Never mind, at least the charity will make even more money which is the positive in a negative!!!

Can you see the little Robin here? His Christmas has come early!!   It's a lovely Farm Shop we go to and there is always some new goodies to look at.  This time there's a bowl of Christmas Pudding - complete with spoon - and you can stir it and make a wish.  I remember doing this when my Nan made the Christmas Puddings, it was always a tradition I loved.  I do miss my Nan so much!!!

To finish off here is out little Domi, in her little house - she doesn't realise she's got her tail sticking out though!!! The photo isn't that brilliant as it was a strange light - it gives strange tinges to the colours sometime. 

Hope you all have a wonderful WOYWW and be careful out there in the snow!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Happy Birthday to me...!

I've had a lot of birthday cards in the post today so I thought I would virtually post a blog message too on my special day.  Thank you Gill for the fabulous card and birthday presents.  I'll be using those on my cards later!

Off for a lovely dinner out today to celebrate and to my friends Karen B and Sue (one birthday yesterday and one tomorrow!) I wish you a Happy Birthday too....!!!

I'll be posting more cards soon, I've been busy making a few crafty items for Christmas and also some more cards in between hospitals and Doctors appointments.

Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Wow another WOYWW already!  My workdesk is empty at the moment - well I had a mass cardmaking night yesterday, but cleared it all so I could go to sleep (my workdesk is my bed with trays on it!) so all I have to show you is the finished card I started which you saw the beginnings of before.

It's the "nothing fussy" wedding card.  I've now given it to my friend who requested it and she loves it which is fantastic!!!

You'll see the rest of my efforts in the next few posts.

Happy WOYWW everyone!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I've not been on WOYWW for a while as my PC died on me bigtime....however it's now back from the PC hospital and working again.  Boy do we miss them when they're not there!! Go and check out the link above to see what it's all about.
I was asked to make a 'not fussy' wedding card - and to use anything I wanted - with pink to be on the card somewhere - so off I went..... I'll show you the results when it's done - I've got a couple more bits to do and it'll all be finished.  Just as well as the wedding is in a few days!

I've got a few different things on the go at the moment, the wedding card, several "New Baby" cards and not forgetting Christmas cards and Gift Wallets (some made in the previous post already) and some birthday cards and thank you cards too.

Yesterday on the way back from the Dentist I dropped in another huge bag of cards (thanks Gill and Julia for the gorgeous cards you kindly donated too!).  All I heard as I left was "Oh look at that wonderful card" "Here's another fabulous one" "Oh I must have some of these" it is so lovely when people appreciate all your hard work.

Also I've been making more crocheted blankets for the kitties for Christmas, as well as some little toys and food for them.  The shelter relies on donations and I like to help by doing what I can for them.  They are not holding their Christmas Fair this year sadly, but they hope to have one early next year instead. 

Talking of kitties, our Domi hasn't been well and we nearly lost her - the vets only told us that after she perked up and her Blood Tests have come back better.  She's had tablets which completely knocked out her White Blood Count and left her to infections which could kill.  After three lots of antibiotics it's improved at last. She's 20 years old now and she's such a sweetie. After spending many hundreds of pounds, she's worth every penny.  Now who is having beans on toast for tea again?!?!!?

I took a huge box of cards to my Auntie as she wanted some special cards for special people made by moi.  I admit to loving it when someone is so proud of your creative talents.  She only wanted ones made by me which was lovely to be appreciated so much. 

I'll be showing the results of the 'cards in progress' soon so you can all see them.

Happy WOYWW!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Gift Wallets

As I've got a few 'Gift Vouchers' to give this Christmas.  I used to think it was a 'cop out' but it helps when you know they want certain things but aren't sure exactly what.  They can then get what they like and you don't feel guilty for doing it that way!
I wanted to make them more special, so decided to create some "Gift Wallets" to hold them in.  I just love this image from Spyder - so cute!
I made a variation on another Gift Wallet and have a few more to make.  I've also found it good for  money wallets too.  Little scraps were used on these which is good news for the scraps envelope!  They come in so handy with Christmas cards!

Anyway I hope you like them and have fun!


Get Well Soon!

First of all, I'm back...!!!  My PC died on me and I had to take it to the PC hospital to make it well again.  Poor little thing, I was lost without it I can tell you!
Talking of hospitals, a friend of mine has recently been in hospital having a hip operation.  She's now out and is doing her physio and exervises and is walking really well already.  I'm so pleased for her as she was really worried about it - she said she's not used to hospitals unlike me! 
On the inside of the card I used some plasters and a little bear stamp, as she has recently retired as well.  These little bears are so cute don't you think!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Welcome to WOYWW!!!

This is where we check out (or rather snoop!) on all the desk of crafters around the world, it's very addictive, so why not join us. Just click on the link above!

So what is on my little work-tray today?  Some items I've stamped and cut out for more of my Christmas makes and new ideas I have to share with you all once they are finished.

Of course, it's now Halloween (why the media insist on it being on Saturday and Sunday (27th and 28th) when it's only supposed to be the 31st I'll never know.  Oh dear, my lovely brother says I'm changing in to Victoria Meldrew, oops!
Anyway here's the contents of some little items I'm making for tonight to give away.  I just love those cute spiders and yes, I've tried one of the eyeballs - very scrummy indeed it was too!!!  My little treat as I'm diabetic...oops!!! 

One final thing, I'd like to know what your favourite blog is to visit (crafty one), let me know if you have a moment!

Enjoy WOYWW!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Christmas Cards for Rudolph Day

 I know, it's a bit early, but did you know there are only 9 Saturdays until Christmas (I think that's what they said!).  Scary huh!

Anyway, this is a little Penny Black stamp set I absolutely love.  I've had it for quite a while, but it comes out quite regularly (at least once a year LOL!) and I've just added a die cut border along with some shiny narrow tape in Christmas colours.  I've had them for a while too and wasn't sure what to do with them last year, but this year, it came to me - use them as borders!!!  I've also got some other ideas which you'll be seeing soon too!
This card photo was taken flat, when really I should've stood it up to get the best effect.  It's a folded card with a stand out image, but it's not done in the normal way by sticking it to the front left hand side.  This one is stuck on the inside of the flap, and the card comes from the right hand side. I hope that makes sense! 

A cute little wreath embellishment and some gold peel offs later and another card is all done.  I'm now looking out for square envelopes again.  I've decided I quite like square cards too now!

The paper was a freebie from a magazine.  The red dots look like candy, but they are in fact shiny dome shapes from Papermania I believe.  I only got one pack and seem to be getting through them at a great rate of knots so might have to go to the craft shop again, oh dear, what a real shame....never mind huh!!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012


OK - first of all an apology, as I didn't take the photos when I was making these flowers, as I was actually making them late at night whilst watching a TV programme from my work-bed!!  All I have is the finished products.  Again I humbly apologise and will try to do better next time.  I hope I don't get kicked out of the WOYWW group for not following the instructions to the letter :(  I know some groups have very specific rules and regulations, so I'm sorry if I've upset anyone and will promise to do it the right way round next time as I've done in the past.  It's a one off 'naughty moment'. Sorry!
I've had this idea in my head for a while but have never had the courage to give it a go as it all looks so complicated.  However I  made these on my work-bed last night, it was my first effort at making them and I was quite pleased with how they turned out.
First of all I made the little watering can.  It only had one side spout in the instructions so I decided to make two so that you can't see the white card from any angle.  I added sone die cut borders to the bottom if the watering can.  t's a bit shaded in this picture but I took it this morning in the dim grey light of October.

Some of the flowers have six petals and some have five.  It said to use wet glue in the instructions, but I found that it didn't dry totally on the paper I was using, so I got my 'red tape' to hand and it stuck to everything including my fingers!  Finally I managed to complete the flowers and I put them in the watering can to totally dry (the wet glue ones!).
Here's a close up of one flower.  It's an ideal crafty make to use up those odd bits of paper you have.  Remember to 'Use It Up 2012' !!!  I added on the card candi to make them look better, my own addition to the flower.  Well us crafters always add our own thoughts to the things we make don't we...that's what makes us crafters!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Not my normal style....

Totally out of my comfort zone with these two cards, but then I decided I quite like the black card, so will be making more using it!  It's quite dramatic, but great for teenage or goth cards. 

The round circular sentiment is one I made.  If you'd like to 'snag it' then let me know and I'll upload one for you. I've made quite a few different ones and it's nice to put your own personal touch onto cards.  I love making cards for special people with different handmade items no one else will have!

I went lighter with this one using greens, but still including black highlights on the card.  The little girls are so cute - I got them from Pollycraft before they closed down.  However you can still buy their stamps at Little Miss Muffet Stamps so all is not lost!

Also I've got some more digi images to upload for you, when I get a break from hospitals!  Just nudge me if I forget OK!


Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 Sorry there's no workdesk this week.  I have been making cards, but just forgot to photograph the worktrays on my workbed (as it's now called!).  Above is one of the "Thank You" cards I made which you saw the makings of in my last WOYWW posting.
 I seem to have made quite a few lately and here's two more tea cup ones to say "Thank You" for the wonderful time we had at a restaurant with some dear friends I have known for many years.
Another tea cup card, in a different colourway this time, doesn't it change the look of the card a lot.  I wanted a quick way of making them and this came together in a flash as I can't sit for long at the moment as you all know.
Finally, here's another "Thank You" card, with a poorly bear on it -- you can guess where this one is going can't you!!!
I hope to remember the camera when I'm using my worktrays on my workbed next time!
Enjoy WOYWW!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I forgot to post this after I made my "Thank You" cards for my very dear friends and family, and the Doctors and Nurses at the hospital who helped me so much when my kidneys failed on me.  Unfortunately I posted them before taking photos, but I think I have one left that you can see what I made from my little craft tray on my bed. I'll be blogging that soon, promise.
On my other work tray on my bed, I've been working on a very special card for someone who means a lot to me.  Special people deserve special cards don't they.

I've got more ideas in my head than I have time without pain to put them into reality!!!  Now after reading Lunch Lady Jan's site, I now know I have a case of Butterfly-Minditis, it's where you can't settle on one task, another one enters your head and off you go, like a whirling dervish! Yep, definitely me!!!

I've been doing some crafting here and there and soon you'll be seeing the Christmas Cards I've been working on.  There's never enough good light to take photos at the moment, but they will be blogged soon!

Oh, in case you're wondering what I'm rambling on about, Click here and go to Julia at the Stamping Ground and join the merry band of people who show us their desks every Wednesday, it's very addictive as you'll soon see!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Fab Giveaway

Who wouldn't want one of these - it's definitely on my Wish List that's for sure!  I've seen the results on loads of cardmaking blogs and it makes any card look fantastic!
The wonderful people at Josy Rose are giving away this great Candy.  Click Here to go to Jules page and add your name to Mr Linky and add a post to your blog to be in with a chance of winning one.

Don't blame me if you go and spend loads of money on their site!  Perhaps I should do the lottery this week :-)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Well I'm back, slowly but surely for WOYWW!!!  I've been making some "Thank You" cards, as I need to send quite a few to different people for their thoughts and kindness whilst I've been back in hospital again.

I also managed to do some stamping ready for more Rudolph cards.  I've missed this one, but at least I'll be catching up I hope!

One final thing, a lovely lady sent me lots of stamped images for my charity cards, and this was amongst them, it's not finished yet, but I'd love to know which stamp it is if any of you have it!  They are so cute and it's easy to make a batch of ones like this ready for the charities. 

Sorry it's not much this time, but I'm taking it easy.  Stress isn't good for failing kidneys so I'm trying my best to reduce all stress, but it's not easy when the Hospitals keep changing my appointments around and confusing me LOL!!!

I can still laugh, which is the main thing, I've been in my wooden box a long time ago if I didn't have my warped sense of humour!!!

Have fun everyone and enjoy life!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Just a quick note to say I'm back!  Been in hospital since 1st August, had two risky procedures and am now seeing Consultant next week hopefully with a treatment plan.

I've got to take it easy for a while, so no lifting boxes on my bed for me to craft with.  I'll try to do some crafting with the little bits I have out but don't expect anything fantastic just yet from my little trays on my bed will you?!?!?!

Missed all the WOYWW whilst I've been in hospital, but will catch  up asap!

Enjoy WOYWW everyone.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Another WOYWW comes swinging by...!!  Go and have a look at Julia's desk, it has sunshine on it - how amazing is that?!?!?!  If you check it out, watch out, you might become addicted!!!! 

Here's a nice clean'ish tray on my work-bed for you all.  I've really got into this MS PATP and it sets a card off nicely.  It's a bit too girly for male cards, so I need to find a set which is more male orientated.  Any ideas?  I used another punched piece as the base for the wedding card (see previous post) where I was searching for bronze card for ages.  Yes, it's finally finished, go and check it out!
The little PB kitties are destined for a Wedding Anniversary card which will be posted for real and also in the virtual world which is this blog of mine!  I just love this stamp, it's one of my favourites.

I had some offcuts from the wedding card in my 'offcuts bag' so as I always try to use up all the little bits they were left to inspire me.

Keep cool and carry on!


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Wedding Snippet Card

Well I finally found the bronze coloured card I've been searching for and here is the end result of the cardmaking sessions (I had to do it in a few sessions rather than one long one - my leg it doth protest too much!).
I'm putting this one in to the Snippet Challenge  I've not done any for a while, but am hoping to catch up with this one!  I used lots of white card offcuts and even made the horse shoe myself with a little amendment to the diecut pieces!
After making the card front and the base, I thought I'd best confirm the name of the groom, I know the bride well but not the groom.  So after speaking to a mutual friend, I was stunned to hear that the wedding is off.  Arggghhh!!!!  Anyone need a bronze wedding card?!?!?!

Thought I'd enter this into a couple of challenges as follows:

4 Crafty Chicls - Wedding
DL Art - Wedding


Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Welcome to all my new followers lately.  I've had a snoop at your blogs and the creative talent out there is amazing!  It's lovely to know that we all support each other too - crafters are a great bunch of peeps!

Here comes another WOYWW with Julia.  I managed to do a little crafting this week, easing into it gently again with the 2nd DVT.  I've got some lovely digi stamps in a sale and am going to go outside of my comfort zone and do some I'd never even thought of using before.  Keep with me and you'll see them later on.....
I forgot to mention last time that the gorgeous parcel I received from Julia had some amazing tape on the outside of the box, have a look here...... had little moustaches on it - how fun is that!  Beats plain old brown parcel tape any day huh!!

Well off to the hospital again now, will post when I can....


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Come On the Bears....

I got this lovely little bear stamp in the sale I went to.  He's so cute and you can make him into any football team colours you like.  I tried to keep them simple, but I have another idea in my head which will be coming on the blog as soon as I've inked him up again!  The gold spots are the bits left on some peel offs I have in my stash.  I use every little bit for the charity cards, nothing is wasted here!
Again the little football stickers came from Woolworths - remember Woolworths?  I miss that shop so much you could get anything you needed in there.  The sentiment on the orange card came from the Forever Friends Topper Set I got for 50p...not a bad buy!  I've used nearly all of the bits with just a few little ones to go now. Waste not want not....!


Friday, 13 July 2012

The other Wedding Card...

Sorry the photo isn't very good on this one, it's the other wedding card I made which you saw the makings of on my WOYWW desk.  I've now got another wedding card to make (they all come at once don't they!). 
Any ideas appreciated....!!


Blinged Up Cards!

As promised, here are two of the 'blinged up' cards I recently made.  I've had these die cuts for many moons now.  I got them before I had my own little pink Cuttlebug.  I added some little gems to them and put them onto a black and a white cardstock background.  The big silver diecuts were from Gill - thanks Gill!

Not sure which one looks the best, but they will both sell for the charities that I donate too.  The ribbon was a bargain - 20p for about 2 metres.  There were different colours so I picked out a couple.  Shame the shop has closed down now.  I miss that one - it always had loads of bargains, perhaps that's why it closed who knows.

More cards to follow, got a few done pre-DVT.  I'm hoping to be able to do some short crafting sessions soon so the blog will continue on!


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


First of all a BIG THANK YOU to Queen Julia for the absolutely gorgeous Christmas Cards she sent me for the charities - such a lovely inspirational parcel there!!!  They will love them at the Christmas Fayre, of that you can be sure!

Well not a lot is going happening on my WOYWW worktrays at the moment, just a few different papers I was sorting through, ready to make more animal cards for the charities next fayre.

I did try to craft on the bed but found it a bit difficult - it was the same with the last DVT.  I'll be posting some "cards I made earlier" soon though,

I'm off on a wander now, have fun everyone!