Monday, 26 November 2012

Gift Wallets

As I've got a few 'Gift Vouchers' to give this Christmas.  I used to think it was a 'cop out' but it helps when you know they want certain things but aren't sure exactly what.  They can then get what they like and you don't feel guilty for doing it that way!
I wanted to make them more special, so decided to create some "Gift Wallets" to hold them in.  I just love this image from Spyder - so cute!
I made a variation on another Gift Wallet and have a few more to make.  I've also found it good for  money wallets too.  Little scraps were used on these which is good news for the scraps envelope!  They come in so handy with Christmas cards!

Anyway I hope you like them and have fun!



Spyder said...

This is fabulous! Love it!! (and I'm going to have to pitch it, which means you'll be in my next Spyder has spyed you can choose a digi from the store as a thank you!

Spyder said...

I mean pinch it!!

GILL said...

Loved your card wallets so much nicer than the ones that come with the vouchers. Lovely to see you back in action, look forward to seeing some more of your cards. Gill x

Ambreen said...

Lovely christimas stuff....