Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas Items for Dialysis Nurses and special cards......

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to WOYWW. I've missed quite a few but am hoping to catch up now! 😃

 Sorry I've not been here but lots of things have stopped me from catching up with you all.  It's a really strange thing going from manic every day to catch up to then doing nothing!  Really odd!

Anyway I thought I'd share some of my recent makes with you. This one is for some special monkeys who make me laugh every day! Thanks guys!

This next purple card is for a special Dialysis Nurse, you know who you are!  He always makes me laugh and believe me, anything that makes dialysis better/easier is good in my book!!! He always mentions that I like purple, so it had to be a purple card didn't it. The last of my special purple card too!


Here's what took me a lifetime to do, well it seemed like it.  I wanted to make the Nurses something special rather than give the standard chocolates or cans of beer!  I hand made each and every one of them. 

I cooked some caramelised nuts, added in some sweets, some chocolate Brussels Sprouts, and chocolate Orange Clementine's along with some special chocolate truffles.  I also made some coconut snowballs too which seemed to go down very well.  Some Nurses said it reminded them of home so much which was a lovely thing to say and I'm pleased it gave them some special memories too.

 I also made some little matchboxes and filled them with chocolate Brussels sprouts.  I've had some wonderful comments from the Nurses saying how special it was and they enjoyed them. They also said it must've taken me a while to do them and they don't know how long it actually took me to do.

Just putting the contents in and adding the ribbons took me nearly most of my Sunday before dialysis. I liked doing them though but didn't realise how long it would take to do 20 of them! Worth it in the end though! Although one of the Nurses said I've now got to top it in 2015. John said that to me but I said it was a one off for the first special one. However now I'm going to have to start thinking in about September to get them all done. I don't mind, as I said I really enjoyed it. As they're keeping me alive I really am grateful and appreciate each and every one of them.

For my special friends I also made some Handmade Sugar Scrub. It took me a while to get the contents as I've really slowed down since dialysis started but I was determined to do it all.  I just made it before Christmas so phew...!!

Here's all the little matchboxes I made, 22 in total as I had to make extras in case my memory of names let me down. You can just see the chocolate Brussels Sprouts in them too! They are so cute.

The sugar scrubs all done ready for distribution with my purple Santa hat on!!

In between my Aunt asked me to make a Peppa Pig card for her great grandson who was two.  I had in my head that he was one the same as my friends little girl and yes, my memory le me down again and I had to quickly make one with 2 on it!

Here's another special purple one for my Dialysis Nurse. He's a great laugh and has cheered up the dialysis sessions no end!

Well that's enough of catching up for me. My hands are freezing (another side effect of dialysis) and I've not quite recovered from my awful session yesterday, so I'm going to take it easy and have a decaf coffee now.

Take care everyone and have a fantastic 2015!!!!

Happy New Year!!! XX

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It's been a while...sorry....!

Hello Everyone

Thanks SO much for not leaving me whilst I've been AWOL.

Yet again, kidney dialysis has taken it's toll.  I really didn't know how exhausted this would leave me. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy did the same but there was an end date to treatment with that. With kidney dialysis there is no end date.....

Anyway enough of that, let's show you some cards I've been working on.

 It's a selection of some I've made recently but just not had the time or energy to blog them for you.
I found some of these beautiful flowers in my stash so decided to use up some of them on these to sell for the hospital where I've had all my operations and my initial dialysis sessions.  I gave the cheque for £100 to them and it was really appreciated which is nice.
They offered to give me a guided tour around the Laboratory when I'm next there which is fantastic.  I had a tour around our local Hospital when I was helping out Macmillan Cancer. It's very interesting to see what is being done to help us poor patients with these awful diseases.
The card above was made using Vellum with plain white card. I used to same colour to add the background to the sentiment with Promarkers.  It isn't crooked either, but looks it in the photograph, sorry!
 Some of a free kit that came with a magazine and some new bargains from Hobbycraft!! Along with some beautiful diecuts from my good friend Gill.  Thanks Gill!
Some old embossing folders came into use again and also some of the freebies from the magazine kit and some extra bits like the bows came from Gill. Thanks again Gill...!!!

Well that's another small update from me. Sorry it's so short but it's not easy at the moment.  I'll be back again soon hopefully.