Monday, 30 September 2013

Rudolph Day - it'll soon be here...aargghh!!!

Here's the little Dog I was using before.  His name is Barkley and he's so cute - thanks Gill...!!!  I had some die cuts from another card I'd made and used them on this card.  Just adding the little small silver stars from some old peel offs I've still got - they still come in useful I find.

Here's another card with the little dog and a cute kitty on as well.  Anything cute is good in my book!  Hope you like them - and don't forget - it's getting nearer all the time!!!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hello WOYWW'ers!! Check out the link to find out why we're posting photos of our work desk, work cupboard, work trays etc. It's very addictive, so give it a go and join us!

So on my little work tray (and including my bed this time as it kind of spread out a bit) are some Christmas cards I'm working on for the charities I support.  I've had some lovely toppers sent to me by Gill and they are SO cute! 

Unfortunately I cut the top off two of them as I didn't realise I had two pieces of CS in the trimmer, oops.  I managed to save most of them though and will be using them on other cards. A crafter can fix anything huh! I'm a bit accident prone at the moment, my hands don't belong to me!

In case you missed it, my previous post shows you the Golden Wedding card I was commissioned to make. Hope you like it!

Have a great day!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Golden Wedding Card

If you saw my previous posting, you'll know all about this card!!  I had lots of golden items on my worktray and it was a while before the idea came into my head of what I was going to do with it all to finish my card.

It's a combination of matt and shiny gold, and as you can see, I had enough of the matt card to make three more flowers (just) after my disaster with the trimmer. Phew!!!

I coloured the edge of the hearts with a Promarker, can you believe the "Gold" one was nothing like Gold so I used "Sunflower" instead!!!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WOYWW 223 (Goldfinger.....!)

Now why did that song come into my head? Well it could be because my work trays are full of all things golden!  Yes, I've been asked to make another Golden Wedding card.  What an achievement huh! (The golden wedding, not my cardmaking efforts!).
Another achievement is making it here to WOYWW as my screen is going kaput....!  I'm not sure how much longer it will last.  It keeps turning itself off when I'm using it. 

As I was using all things gold I also took the chance to make some other gold things I might need for my next Christmas card. 

Oh yes, you see those lovely golden flowers? Well they don't look like it anymore!  After taking the photo, I put my trimmer across the little tray and cut some card.....then after taking it off, noticed my flowers were all squished!!!  The glue hadn't dried totally and they were all ruined...! Cue sad face!!  I only have one piece of the matt gold card, so it's cutting it a bit fine (no pun intended!).

Before I wear out my !!!!! key, I will now leave you all to go snooping around the world...have fun!!!

Oh, don't forget to check out my previous post to see the "Bird Sympathy Card" I made.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finished Cards!

Here's the finished card I made for my bestest Auntie.  Along with the card I gave her some Yellow Roses (I love the smell of flowers!).  She appreciated the card and told me she was going to show her friends that evening as she'd been invited to a girls night in!  Not bad for an 82 year old huh!

These three cards were for my Mum on her birthday.  The first one is from Domi, yes our cat does give out cards and presents too! She's very clever with her pocket money...LOL! This is a Stickeroo from my lovely friend Gill.  They are so easy to use and I just had to have a cat on here didn't I!

 Sorry about the backing of this, it was all I had to hand! It doesn't show it off very well but at least you can see it.  This was my first effort at distressing flowers with ink. 

This final one was a bit of a worry, I put silver glitter glue on it and by the morning the card had warped in the shape of the glue!  Argghhh!  However by the next evening it had gone back down again, phew! I used my faux stained glass effect on this one.  The little flowers I've had for ages, and decided to give them an airing.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Hello and welcome to WOYWW 222! Another week gone by and someone told me it's now only 111 days until Christmas! 

I had good intentions of doing some crafting but hospitals and illness got in the way again. Never mind, I did manage to do this.  It's not a card we all like making, but sometimes they need to be done.

My bestest Auntie rang me to tell me her little cockatiel had died, she'd had her for 12 years and as she came from someone else they didn't know how old she really was.  I know it may sound daft to some of you making a Sympathy Card for a bird, but birds are also part of our families as well as cats and dogs and when one dies it is like losing a member of your family.  I'll miss her I know that.

If you come back later in the week you'll see the finished card.  Talking of finished cards, check out the posts below and you'll see the Wedding Cards and also some different style Christmas Cards I've made. I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone and try different styles.

Happy WOYWW everyone!


Monday, 2 September 2013

Thank You!

After winning all those lovely paper pads after being the "Star Letter" in the Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine, I just had to say "Thank You" with one of my cards didn't I.  Being brung up wiv manners this is typical of me!

I found this gorgeous piece of backing paper in a parcel sent from the lovely Gill.  I'll have to find out where she got it as it's just perfect for so many cards!!!  I got the felt flowers as a bargain from a cheapie shop.  They are very well made and I couldn't believe it when I saw them so got a few colours all at the same time!

I backed the butterflies with vellum and coloured it with my Promarkers to match the paper.  I can post this as I've already sent it off to the Editor.

I hope you like it too.