Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Birthday WOYWW 208!!!

Welcome to WOYWW 208!!!  Yes it's the 4th Birthday of WOYWW!  Happy Birthday to each and every one of us and special wishes to Julia for creating and hosting this lovely idea so that we can all snoop on other people's desks!!!
As you can see I've been doing some decoupage.  With tennis elbow still having a big effect on what I can/can't do without loads of extra pain I decided to just do what I can without making it worse.
Thanks to everyone for sending me ideas about tennis elbow.  As a person with multiple health issues there are quite a few medications/over the counter products I am unable to use sadly.  I've now downloaded some exercises to help the problem so fingers crossed (ouch that's gonna hurt LOL!) this will ease it a bit.
I got this pack free in a magazine many moons ago now and decided it was time to give it an airing.  It makes quite large cards, but they are good for "Special People"!
Have a brilliant WOYWW today everyone!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rudolph Day 5 - Still Lovin' Those PB stamps!

These images were stamped and sent to me for my charity card making.  I just love the little duck, he's so cute!!!  I really must add him to my "Wish List" which is ever growing!
Don't you just love those cute red candi?  They are by Papermania I believe, and are not candi, but are called domes.  I only got the one pack/colour - but wish I'd got others too as they are so beautiful!
Another couple of cards for my Rudolph Day charity box!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Welcome to Annie, my latest follower - great to see you!

WOYWW and guess what is on my workdesk? Yes - our little lady Domi! Bless.  She's so determined to get my attention instead of letting me craft on my bed.  Typical kitty huh!
Here on my little worktray is another piece of the Poundshop packaging!!! This is the reverse of the backing card in the plastic box. I had some sticky back holographic paper (shame I can't remember where it came from now!).  It's easy to make into matting and layering pieces of cardstock!

That's all for this week as I've had problems with tennis elbow (even though I can no longer play tennis!).  If anyone knows how to ease the pain, please let me know!


Monday, 20 May 2013

Recycled packaging is now made into cards!

Well here's the two finished cards I made using the 'mostly recycled bits' from the packing from the Pound Shop!  Not bad huh, I made six cards from the pack and then here are another two from the packaging and there are more to come too!  I used the freebie butterfly die cut from a cardmaking magazine and just added the rest along the way from my stash box!
Whilst rootling (is that a word?!?!?) in my stash box I found this little image and thought he deserved to be made into a card.  I made a notelet card out of this one.  The pink cardstock is from a £1 mixed bag from the bargain bin!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Warm welcome wishes to Ria and Darnell, thanks for joining my crafty escapades!!!

It's that time again - WOYWW - so go and check out Julia's blog and see why we are all loving snooping on other people's craft rooms/desks or in my case trays on my bed!

As you can see by the tray above, I've been working on a few things at once.  I might be making one card, but whilst doing it I also cut out more die cuts or colourise (otherwise known as colouring in!) images.  It makes it easier down the line to put together my charity cards.

On a previous WOYWW posting, I told you I'd used some packaging to make into cards.  Here's the embossed images of two parts I've used.  Although they use the same image, the different colouring and the distressing make them look totally different.

I'll be posting the finished card soon so you can see the difference in the final cards.  I like to use every part of my crafting stash as you can tell!


Monday, 13 May 2013

Weetabix Boxes (other cereal boxes are available too!)

Here's what I did with the Weetabix box you're all waiting to see (although this one is All Bran!).  I cut out two A6 sizes and used DST to tape them together.  It doesn't matter which side you tape, I just prefer the plain card on the outside.
I used my nesties to cut a shape in the cardboard.  You can use any shape you like but this one was to hand, perfect for male/female cards.
Put your card inside your embossing folder, and put the cardboard on the top of the embossing folder you have chosen.  Run it through your die cutting machine (I use a Cuttlebug and it worked fine).

Ta-dah!!! Here is your result!  It leaves a plain middle where the shape is on the cardboard.  I've made several different ones and some come out better than others.

Of course, don't forget - you can use the 'waste' part of the cardboard to use on other cards.  I embossed them and will add some colour and maybe some glitter or use my cosmic shimmer product (thanks to Gill for that - they are so easy to use!!).

I'll show you some of the finished cards later.  I've even used the cardboard inner of the packaging (remember I used the plastic box and embossed it for cards too!) and you will see that on the next set of cards I upload!).

Hope you all enjoyed this and I'd love to see your cards with using this card instead of buying items which costs loads of pennies which we don't have!!!  A crafter will always thing 'outside of the box' no pun intended!! LOL!!


Tuesday, 7 May 2013


It's WOYWW they do come around so quickly!  If you want to find out more click on the link and go check out Julia and her WOYWW page.  It's addictive, so you have been warned.

Here on my little "worktray" you can see some new ideas I've been trying out.  I had some plastic packaging I was going to throw in the recycle bin and then changed my mind!  Instead I cut it into A6 sized pieces and put them through my Cuttlebug.  I used some border edges and they are in the process of being made into cards.  I also had some more ideas with the embossed card which you will see made into cards soon.

Also as so many of you were interested in my "Weetabix card" (please note other breakfast cereals are available to use!). I decided to make a small photo tutorial for you which I will post after WOYWW so look out for that one. 

The UFO I saw yesterday (bright yellow circle in the sky, very strange!) has now disappeared and we're back to coats and a nice hot cup of coffee later (my one a day I'm allowed!).

Have fun and keep smiling!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


May Day today and here we have another WOYWW posting. Click on the link to see what it's all about - you WILL become addicted, believe me!

Nothing too exciting on my worktrays this week, but below is something new I've been trying out on my Cuttlebug.

I saw some expensive items in a craft shop the other day and thought......I could do that....hence the broken down Weetabix box in my Cuttlebug.  Might as well give it a try.  I'll let you all see the results in the next WOYWW posting.

Have a great day!