Monday, 13 May 2013

Weetabix Boxes (other cereal boxes are available too!)

Here's what I did with the Weetabix box you're all waiting to see (although this one is All Bran!).  I cut out two A6 sizes and used DST to tape them together.  It doesn't matter which side you tape, I just prefer the plain card on the outside.
I used my nesties to cut a shape in the cardboard.  You can use any shape you like but this one was to hand, perfect for male/female cards.
Put your card inside your embossing folder, and put the cardboard on the top of the embossing folder you have chosen.  Run it through your die cutting machine (I use a Cuttlebug and it worked fine).

Ta-dah!!! Here is your result!  It leaves a plain middle where the shape is on the cardboard.  I've made several different ones and some come out better than others.

Of course, don't forget - you can use the 'waste' part of the cardboard to use on other cards.  I embossed them and will add some colour and maybe some glitter or use my cosmic shimmer product (thanks to Gill for that - they are so easy to use!!).

I'll show you some of the finished cards later.  I've even used the cardboard inner of the packaging (remember I used the plastic box and embossed it for cards too!) and you will see that on the next set of cards I upload!).

Hope you all enjoyed this and I'd love to see your cards with using this card instead of buying items which costs loads of pennies which we don't have!!!  A crafter will always thing 'outside of the box' no pun intended!! LOL!!



Alison Scott said...

Thanks for sharing Karen. Great idea. Will be borrowing that. Love it.
Can't wait to see the cards, and intrigued about the inside of the cereal box????

Jules said...

Hi Karen

Very clever indeed .. .. what a brilliant idea.

Thank you for sharing.

Have a great day.

Love Jules xx

House of Bears said...

This is an excellent idea, and one we shall definitely be using. Thanks.

plasterer bristol said...

This is a great idea...

Get Inky! Stamps by Blue Moon Creation said...

Thank you! I have been trying to figure out how I could do this for months now! (I have a hard time thinking outside the box! Lol.) I will be headed to my craft table to try this in a few minutes! Thanks again! You have a new follower now! -Thia