Thursday, 30 December 2010

Special Card - Kitty of course!

This image came amongst many other goodies from my good friend Diane for my birthday. I thought I'd make some cards out of it and have made four so far, all with different coloured flowers, and with many more to come too!

I used a backing sheet from a Creative Pad I'd got for only 99p! Yes 99p you read that right. I wasn't sure it would be when I purchased it, but the till came up with 99p so I went back and got another colour too! Shame they didn't have many.

I then used gold mirri card, and embossed it with ye olde CB machine and added some Prima flowers along with some Glitterations spots. I think these are going to be the 'in' things for now, seeing as postage is SO expensive now the cards are classed as "Large Letters".

After spending £30 on Postage before Christmas, I'm making sure my 'posting' cards have no large embellishments on them if I can help it. Probably the same as you guys huh!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Charity Card

Remember a while back I told you a lovely lady had contacted me offering some card samples as she makes them for her company? Well I've been amended some of them and made them into new cards - she said I could do what I wanted with them, use them in any way.
So I decided to re-use bits and in some cases recycle them into new ones! I took the basic images of these - they were really cleverly done - and put them into aperture cards sent from Di. I think they look really special and have added ribbon on some of them.
More to come of these, I'll try to add the 'before' and 'after' photos next time! I didn't think of it when I did these initial ones. Sorry!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Treat Bags - well Humbugs!

I saw this idea and thought I'd make some of my own. I didn't have a template, just used some A4 cardstock and folded them where I thought the folds should go and it worked fine!

Some different print colours here, but they all seem to work. I've added my own handwritten sentiment saying "Bah Humbug" of course! I also added some name tags and a little embellishment.

I put humbugs inside for everyone, and even thought of the diabetics and added some Sugar Free sweets inside theirs. I know a wonderful "Sweetie Man" and he lets me try all the new ones he has. I'm his chief Taste Tester!!

Christmas Treat Bags - yet more!

I made these up at the last minute with some tree chocolates I had in my "Christmas Shopping Bag". Really easy, a small piece of cardstock, some peel-offs and then add the chocs.

Voila! All done. Next......

Christmas Treat Bags - for Kitties!

Yep, I'm a real marshmallow when it comes to animals - as anyone who knows me knows! I decided to make some Treat Bags for the kitties for Christmas. They have a stocking full of presents so why not treats too!

Card cello bags were filled with Cat Treats and Biscuits (depending on their taste!). Then I made the tops using some plain cardstock and then used my Double Scallop Punch (thanks Di!) I'll resist calling it by the slang name!!!

I then had some foam cat shapes (donated many moons ago and this is the last of them!) and put little Santa hats on them and silver bows to make them all Christmassy!

I used Silver and Gold peel-offs to add the festive message. I was going to put on the back what the contents were, but I forgot. Sorry kitties, but I'm sure you all know what they are!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Card Wallet - the final item!!!

Sorry about the photo, I took this on a parcel that had finally arrived!!!
I added in some real cash to this wallet and a coin in the "coins" section, as well as an old expired Credit Card I found. Poor brother, he thought he could go mad with the credit card!
Mind you he still WON'T tell me what he wanted the cash for! This went with lots of other presents I got him for Christmas, well it's a time to spoil people isn't it!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Birthday Card - Special!

Sorry about the dark photo here, it was taken at night in not very good you can tell..!!!

This is for a special guy who has been there for me. He has a lovely dog, but I don't have any of that type in my stash so plumped for a "generic dog" and hope he likes it! I used loads of card candy on there, it sort of suited it, and I blended in the colours with the background of the image.

Hope you like him, he's cute!

Christmas Cards - Specials Again!

More special cards. This one is from Moi to my brother, John. As I said he loves snowmen, and I added in the polar bears. The lovely snowmen came from Di in my Christmas goody stash she sent to me. I've loved using all those fantastic items.
This one just came together at the last minute. A bit of colouring, some lovely rub-ons from my Christmas Goody stash from Di (again!) and the Christmas Tree button too. So cute!

Christmas Cards - Specials!

Sorry this is going to a real 'picture heavy' post. It's all the special cards I've been making, most of them are Easel Cards. This first one is for my very special, dear friend Diane. She's been the best friend a person can have, listened to my whinges and sent me the most wonderful, divine presents a crafter can ever receive. Thank you SO much!
This is for my Auntie, she's a lovely person and so caring and thoughtful. She deserves a special card every time!

I had to make this one with my eyes closed, as it's from my Mum to Moi! Of course it had to have a white cat on it didn't it. I still miss my little Bertie every single day and always will.

This was for my Brother from my Mum. I love making these cards, all the bling and glittery bits we can go overboard with at Christmas time. Normally John isnt a bling person, but he loves snowmen so this was ideal.

Mum is a more traditional person, so this had to be rather 'old fashioned' in image, but new in ideas. I hope that I've managed to pull it off!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Cards - Narrow Again

So simple but I hope it looks effective!
The toppers came from Di, I think they are Kanban (correct me if I'm wrong Di!). A narrow card, some toppers and sentiments, along with some freehand doodling and all done.
More to be added tomorrow for you all. Got some catching up to do!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas Wallet for Vouchers

I've tried several times to rotate this photo and it just won't go, so sorry it's the wrong way round - but you can still see what I've done with a simple piece of A4 card. Luckily I found this in my stash (a bargain buy from Carole's Crafts - the last one they had sorry!).
It's simply a case of one cut to make the middle section of the wallet, and a fold for the lower one.
I used Glitterations dots to make the 'brads' and then a white gel pen to add the faux stitching. As you can tell I hand wrote "COINS" on the coin pocket and made my own 'clasp' for the front of the wallet.
This is ideal for cash for a man or again vouchers. I'm going to use it for cash. I've got to print out some copies of credit cards (not real ones I hasten to add!) for authenticity.

Here's the outside of the wallet, I haven't got the clasp finished yet, so it was a bit awkward photographing this, but I think I got there in the end.

What do you think?????

Christmas Wallet for Vouchers

This is the outside of the gift wallet for vouchers, or even good old fashioned cash. I made it out of an A4 sheet of card, printed on one side with some nice Christmassy paper. I thought it might be difficult, but in reality it was quite easy!
I just folded it into three, used my corner rounder on one side of the card so that you get a peak of what is in there. Stick down the other single left hand side so the voucher/money doesn't slide out.
I used some ribbon from my stash and a handwritten sentiment matted and layered onto mirri card and used some red thread to put the sentiment onto the wallet card.
Voila - all done. Now all I've got to do is find the money!!!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Cards - Traditional and Modern

First the modern one. This image came in a batch from Di (again!). I love the little pengi on the card, and used some of the items from the craft course we went on to make this once I'd got home.

For the first time ever, I used a Martha Stewart punch, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it....!!! They are so easy to use and cut perfectly every time, so easy to line up and for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome, it's a doddle!!!!! Not many times can I say that about punches.

This is a more traditional image, with matching backing papers. I really must try to get some more backing papers in the sale when they come up. These ones are just lovely and there are so many designs to match each image you can come up with.
This is a Penny Black image and is just right for Mum's! Mine loves images like this, and it's just a white organza ribbon added and it's done.
Be careful with the Stickles glues thought, if you get ANY on the coloured part of your image, it will dry and spread that colour in it. There speaks the voice of experience!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Special Christmas Card

Sorry about the background on this photo. I've got a lovely present from Di which I really SHOULD be using, but haven't found a background for it yet. Promise I will try on the next batch.

Here's another try at an Easel Card. I quite like this one as it has a traditional look about it, and is still cutesy which I like. I try to make cards to match people's likes and I think I've got this one about right.

I used some backing papers I got from the Craft Fairy for this, it seemed to suit it quite well.


Here's what you need to make this card:
  • Scallop card from Craftwork Cards I believe, gift from Di (correct me if I'm wrong here Di!)

  • Tiny gems from eBay (these were a LOT smaller than described and a real fiddle to get on but have to be patient with them!) - I tend to leave a trail of them everywhere!

  • Snowman image from Particraft Limited, sentiment as well - both matted and layered on to red mirri card

  • Peel off greeting was put onto blue card and cut with my new "Bum Punch" as they called it in the shop!

  • Crystal stickle glue was put around the edge

  • Backing papers were a freebie from the Craft Fairy

  • Gold snowflakes were from the Tesco sets I got ages ago - got loadssssss left!

  • Snowflake paper was a freebie I got from a magazine

I put a verse on the back of the card, as Christmas Cards always need a lovely verse. To co-ordinate the look, I also added gold snowflakes around the edge of the verse, and again used my "Bum Punch" for the corners.

Sorry about the description but that's what they called it, and I can't for the life of me, remember the real name!


Christmas Cards - Narrow

My lovely friend Di, sent me a huge box of cards to use for my charity cardmaking, as I was getting low on cardstock. I've managed to find some in a Sale in a Garden Centre, there was 15 cards in a pack and they were reduced to 50p each - so I nabbed all seven that were left!!! LOL!

Anyway in the box was some narrow cards, not my usual type, but I'm always willing to try new things so came up with a few ideas - the first of which is above with some Kanban toppers Di also sent me in my Christmas goody box - thanks Di!
I used my 'Bum Punch' on these and then put some Christmas braid around the corners to highlight the stickers. These stickers were 12 in a pack for 99p last Christmas. I knew I'd find a use for them this time round!

The backing papers were free in a Scrapbooking magazine I got at a Craft Event many years ago and never got around to using. This time they've all gone!

The gold sentiments are rub ons for a change, not peel off's that I normally use. I had some rub ons before but had real problems using them, but these ones are so easy to use and a delight to put on cards. I've used most of them now.

This sentiment was made on the PC, and then matted and layered. If you want more details on these then let me know, as I have a few Christmas ones to add in I've decided not to put the full listing on here or else I'll be here forever.
As I said though, if you want more details on certain items, just let me know.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Craft Course Cards

I put black card behind this punched card so you could see the design.
Here's some cards I made at a Craft Course. I went with my friend Di, but neither of us were very impressed with the course or the tutor to be honest.
I made more cards at home with the remains of the bits we were given at the course than actually on the course.
We were supposed to use Promarkers, but didn't get them to try which was mega disappointing.
Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing the cards I made on the day. I'll add the others soon for you.

Charity Card - Dancing Hedgehogs

Hello Peeps! Isn't this a lovely image?!?! It came from my good friend Di along with a few others she stamped out for me and I think it's wonderful!!!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock

  • Green gingham backing paper (freebie from internet - of course!)

  • Purple cardstock matted and layered with cream cardstock and finally the image

  • Image coloured with H20's then Clear Gloss added to hightlight the tutu's and ballet shoes and bows in their hair! I think this is a Penny Black image, correct me if I'm wrong!

  • Faux stitching using green glitter pen

  • Stick the image at a 'jaunty angle' as they say

  • Silver peel off (Our Daughter) in the right hand corner

Simples again!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas Treat Bags!

This idea was sort of snaffled from the Craft Fairy (thanks Lisa!) who sent me some flowers similar to this, and I had the idea of changing them into Christmas Treat Bags after my friend Di sent me some Pretzel Cello Bags to try out.
In my Christmas Goodie Box from Di there was a Papermania Silent Night set, so I made up the Pointsettia Flowers and had some holly leaves too. However I didn't have any red gems for the berries, but I did have some old brads in a colour I hardly used.....
So then I had a lightbulb moment, and came up with colouring them with my red nail varnish!!!! I put them in some Blue Tack as I can't hold the tiny things anymore with my dodgy hands and voila....look what happened....they coloured really well and once I'd cut a small hole in the holly leaves they looked fantastic!!!!

I then found these Gold Coins (from PoundWorld - a new store opened in a town near us I didn't know about.....until Friday!!) and they were £1 (obviously!) for a bag of 12. I made some up with the Christmas bits.

Quite effective as you can see, and easy to do - if you are patient and let the glitter glue on the flowers dry!

I then put four of them in the Prezel Cello Bags, and ta-da.....look at these! Don't they look good? You can get three lots out of one bag of Gold Coins. Not bad for stocking fillers huh!

You don't need anything else apart from this, unless you want to be really flash and make a nestie tag for them with a label on.
I'll show you next what I did with the remains of the flower ones.....

Flower Treat Bags

After the Christmas Treat Bags, I thought I'd show you what I did with the flower ones from Lisa. Of course this is just an idea, there are loads more out there, if you just look around you when out shopping!

I used the same Gold Coins from PoundWorld and added some card candy to the centres, as Lisa's were just plain, you can add gems if you prefer.

Here's the Christmas ones next to the flower ones. You now have birthdays and Christmas all covered in one Pretzel Cello Bag!
Have fun!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Blog Candy Win......2nd time lucky!

Well I've won another Blog Candy - well I'll count this as the first win really, cos I never received anything from my previous Blog Candy win I announced way back in August.

This lady has asked for my address and confirmed I'm the winner, so I'll be looking out the for old geezer on the bike delivering my goodies!!!!

Fingers crossed everyone!

Diamond Top Fold Cards

These cards were a new style for me to try - I love trying new designs and types of cards and once you get the dimensions right, this is in actual fact quite easy to make!

Anniversary card made for a special couple I know. My friend emailed me to say how much she liked the card - it's always good to know what people think!

This one was made to say "Thanks" after I won a competition in a cardmaking magazine. I always enter the Prize Draws, in the hope that I can win some goodies to help with the charity card making - this is my first ever prize win!!!! It was a cardmaking CDROM book, and I used the papers to make this card.

Would you believe I have now won two prizes from different magazines! I can't!!!!! I don't normally win things, but have been having some luck lately! I wonder if they will go into the magazines? Who knows....will have to keep an eye out for them just in case.


Here's what you need to make these cards:

  • Each card takes one A4 piece of card - you an find lots of templates on the internet for this

  • Follow the folds until you have the base card ready to decoate

  • I always seem to add background paper to all sides of the card as it gives it a 'complete' look

  • Now have fun with embellishments......I added some charms (courtesy of Di - again!) to the cards - but watch out for the postage - it puts it into the 'Large Category'!!!!

If you'd like the dimensions of this card, let me know, but I'm sure you 'crafty girls' (and boys!) out there will be able to see how to do it from the photos!

What a lovely thing to do....

A while back I entered a Blog Candy contest, and a lovely lady called Sue emailed me back. She said she made card samples and wondered if I would like them to use in my charity card making.

Would I...?!?!?! What do you think! Anything that helps the charities is good with me, so I emailed her back and said yes and a BIG THANK YOU.

A couple of days later a big box arrived in the post and it contained some of the most gorgeous cards - loads of ideas there - one which I've snaffled already, but put my own design slant on it, which I'll show you later.

Anyway, I'll be uploading some of the cards she gave to me, some of them I've already made up and had fun with, but I'll try to remember to take the 'before' and 'after' photos of the ones I do from now on.

Of course, I'll be acknowledging her hard work on the cards which the charities will benefit from.

Thanks Sue!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Special Cards - For the WOMAN at Work!

I made this tri-fold card for Di, after finishing her mammoth job of grouting her kitchen. I'd recently got a freebie pink double ended pen so this was ideal to change the MAN to WOMAN to start with!

I'd found an image on my PC of some DIY items, my printer has a funny quirk of sometimes mis-aligning the printing - I think it's when there's a lot on the page and as I'd cropped quite a few items onto one page to save ink and paper I think it threw a wobbly on me! Still I got the bits I needed so not a problem.

I'd also got some peel offs to make a card for my Cousin's 50th birthday and still had some left which was handy! I knew I'd find a way of using them all up!


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White tri-fold cardstock

  • Cut the DIY backing paper to size, and then stick to the front of both sides of the tri-fold card

  • Add the tape measures at jaunty angles (technical term there LOL!)

  • For the front page, mat and layer the "Man At Work" sign onto silver mirri card

  • Add purple "Bling" to add a girlie side to the sign!

  • Change MAN to WOMAN in a bright pink pen

  • On the second page, use the DIY workbox and mat and layer it to silver mirri card again

  • Round the corners with the Dovecraft corner rounder

  • On the inside of the card, mat and layer white card and centre it in place on the cardstock

  • Hand write the sentiment (personalised in pink!)

  • Add two peel off tape measures to the bottom of the middle of the card and again colour them with the pink pen

  • Add "Congratulations" peel off in the middle

Done! All ready to send to Di along with Sydney the sock monkey.