Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Treat Bags - for Kitties!

Yep, I'm a real marshmallow when it comes to animals - as anyone who knows me knows! I decided to make some Treat Bags for the kitties for Christmas. They have a stocking full of presents so why not treats too!

Card cello bags were filled with Cat Treats and Biscuits (depending on their taste!). Then I made the tops using some plain cardstock and then used my Double Scallop Punch (thanks Di!) I'll resist calling it by the slang name!!!

I then had some foam cat shapes (donated many moons ago and this is the last of them!) and put little Santa hats on them and silver bows to make them all Christmassy!

I used Silver and Gold peel-offs to add the festive message. I was going to put on the back what the contents were, but I forgot. Sorry kitties, but I'm sure you all know what they are!

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Di said...

Funny, this doesn't show up as posted - think I'm lagging behind a tad here! BUT, I love these and will use the idea for friends with feline 'bosses' this next Christmas - great idea! And I will always think of the 'double scallop punch' as a BUM PUNCH........tee, hee!!! Di x