Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Treat Bags - well Humbugs!

I saw this idea and thought I'd make some of my own. I didn't have a template, just used some A4 cardstock and folded them where I thought the folds should go and it worked fine!

Some different print colours here, but they all seem to work. I've added my own handwritten sentiment saying "Bah Humbug" of course! I also added some name tags and a little embellishment.

I put humbugs inside for everyone, and even thought of the diabetics and added some Sugar Free sweets inside theirs. I know a wonderful "Sweetie Man" and he lets me try all the new ones he has. I'm his chief Taste Tester!!


La Vikinga said...

Hello Karen!

I came over from Feline Friends and I decided to give a comment of the post I liked most - and it turned out to be with these cute little gift boxes! They look just like the packages with cream you get to the coffe in Sweden!

La Vikinga

Elizabeth Pancamo said...

Karen, great containers! You have now provided me with some ideas to incorporate into my catering. And, to think, I thought Chinese food box/containers were fun to use. :)