Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Cards - Specials!

Sorry this is going to a real 'picture heavy' post. It's all the special cards I've been making, most of them are Easel Cards. This first one is for my very special, dear friend Diane. She's been the best friend a person can have, listened to my whinges and sent me the most wonderful, divine presents a crafter can ever receive. Thank you SO much!
This is for my Auntie, she's a lovely person and so caring and thoughtful. She deserves a special card every time!

I had to make this one with my eyes closed, as it's from my Mum to Moi! Of course it had to have a white cat on it didn't it. I still miss my little Bertie every single day and always will.

This was for my Brother from my Mum. I love making these cards, all the bling and glittery bits we can go overboard with at Christmas time. Normally John isnt a bling person, but he loves snowmen so this was ideal.

Mum is a more traditional person, so this had to be rather 'old fashioned' in image, but new in ideas. I hope that I've managed to pull it off!


Di said...

I just LOVE my card - even more beautiful in 'real life'! Thank you so much Karen. Di x

Dana said...

Wow!! These easle cards are just gorgeous!!
Found you through the Feline Playful event and am now a follower also ; )