Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Another Wednesday and another WOYWW - click on the left hand side of the page to find out what WOYWW is all about - you'll soon be addicted believe me!  So what is on my little worktrays today then?  Well first, some more stamped images.  I've also noticed one of my Christmas Choccie Boxes in the photo - I was using it for the images to sit on whilst they dry! Oh and yes, the box is still unopened!  Can't get it on the cards can I now?!?!?!
This photo shows some freebie die cuts I got when I ordered some new stamps - it was so lovely to find them within the packaging!!  I've got ideas for most of them already!  I do like surprises arriving in the post!
Anyway am off out soon to get some essentials (non craft sadly!) but I'm going to have a treat and enjoy my one cup of coffee a day in the coffee shop!!!  Can't wait!!! 
Enjoy WOYWW!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Rudolph Day 1 - Little Hedgie

Yes, it's another Christmas card already!!!!  Rudolph Day is beginning again. Another Penny Black stamp I believe.  I used some more of the Card Candi, this time shiny silver ones, although it doesn't look like it in this photo!

I used several different circular die cuts for the sentiment - but they all worked together quite nicely. The backing papers are a freebie from a magazine - more of those to come...! 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


WOYWW is here again (for more info click on the link and you'll soon be addicted!).  I've not got much to show this week, more stamped images from the doggy set I used before.  I've also been crocheting some baby blankets as a couple of friends have had new babies recently - hence the lack of cardmaking to show you!
I promise I will rectify that soon and will be crafting in between hospital appointments.  I had to phone and make about eight this morning - I wish they'd all talk to each other - it would save me having four separate blood tests when my veins are shutting down.  Ho hum, that's the medics for you!
I also went to a Papercraft Fair the other day, I got two free tickets to attend.  This is the first Fair I've visited in years.  I gave up when I was in the wheelchair for a while.  Now I'm down to crutches I thought it was worth a try.  I had a great time, lots of sit downs and came out totally shattered but having had a fantastic time made it all worthwhile.  More Christmas money spent, sounds like I got a lot, but honest, I just spend it wisely!!!
We have more snow coming down at the moment, so I'll say 'tara for now' and Happy WOYWW!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Five Fave Cards of 2012

This card was so girly and intricate, but I loved it!  I didn't have the die I needed so I made up my own design (the Horseshoe) which worked out fine.  White with a splash of the brides colour theme - it all came together in the end just right!
This was a special stamp purchase to make this card for my brother John.  He loves Donkeys, always has done, and when I saw this one, well I just had to have him - he's so cute. 
A special card to say "Thank You" for someone who has always been there for me.  Yes you guessed it, my Auntie Rita.  She loves all my cards and keeps them in a special box which is so wonderful.  She really appreciates anything you say or do and she is the most perfect Auntie ever.
 Here's another special card, this time again it was for Auntie Rita.  I thought it looked really complicated, however once you get the cuts in the right place, it's not too bad.  She loves this card and so do I.  Just perfect for her.
I've since made a few of these since this first one.  I added a real button for an embellishment and it looks really sweet.  There are so many ways you can change things on this card for your own requirements.  I didn't use a template, just my eyes and my one and only PATP set and my bargain crimping tool!
Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Welcome to Lori, my latest follower!  I hope you enjoy the cards I've made and will be making, along with other crafty items too.
These WOYWW come around quick don't they!  I'm still having problems with Blogger, but haven't had a chance to sort it out yet, luckily my quick fix still works!  Thanks everyone for all your helpful tips - you can always rely on a friendly crafter!!!
So what is on my Big Worktray today then?  Yes, it's the big tray and not the small one this time.  I had some lovely stamps for Christmas and thought I'd give them an airing already!!!  I seem to have learnt the art of stamping now as I only managed to 'bodge' one...not bad huh!!!  My hands lock up so I don't find it easy to do but perseverance is the key!

Hope you all have a great WOYWW!!!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It's WOYWW again and here's some of the goodies I received for Christmas.  I've been having more pains than usual at the moment so haven't been cardmaking, however I'm hoping to remedy that and do some this weekend! Sorry about the photo, it's a pretty grey day here today.
I've got more to add to this, but the postie on her bike is a bit slow after the Christmas rush, so it's taking a while!
Is anyone else having problems with "Blogger" at the moment?  I can't upload photos in the 'compose' mode and it's a right pain in the proverbial as they say!  Anyway, I've found a way around it as you can see from the photos!
After I've finished this post I'm going to have a go at the above - My Favourite Five of 2012 - or as Spyder put it, plus a few more.  Why don't you have a go as well, it'd be great to see your fave card or craft makes of 2012.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Noel - A Special Card for a Special Person

One last Christmas card - another special one - thanks to the lovely lady who sent me the stamped images - they are much appreciated.  I saw this image on her blog and thought it would make a perfect card for a special friend of mine who is called Noel and his birthday is on....yes you guessed it....Christmas Day....!!!

I'm not sure who makes these little cuties, I think they are Penny Black - must add them to my Wish List!  Anyway as it's for a man, I didn't want to make it too 'girly' so I just matted and layered the card on to gold mirri card and coloured it with my trusty PM's, then added the die cut holly with the red gems on and added some glitter on the leaves.  Well a girl has to put glitter somewhere!!! 

Usually the glitter is on me, I've lost count of the times I've been told I have glitter on my face - specially when I'm out with it on me!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW 187 - Happy New Year to one and all...!

WOYWW - well not a lot has been going on with my trays on my bed lately!  I've had a bad back over Christmas which slowed everything down and put paid to my plans to do some crafting with the goodies I got for Christmas. I also had a result from my Diabetic Retinopathy Test I had before Christmas, I wasn't expecting the results yet, and it appears I now have Retinopathy to add to my list.  That has scared me a bit, but hey, I'll add it to the ever growing list of health problems and just 'get on with it' as I've done ever since the cancer diagnosis.
I decided to make my "Thank You" cards - of course there had to be a kitty or two there somewhere didn't there!  Some were white like my beloved Bertie.
And some were darker like our little 20 year old cutie, Domi.  She's asleep under my bed at the moment having eaten a whole tin of food for breakfast!  Her overactive thyroid costs us loads of ££££'s in cat food each week, but she's worth it! They did treat it with medication, but she had a severe reaction and we nearly lost her.  Now there is nothing else they can give her, so we're just feeding the eating machine instead! Boy did she love the Christmas Turkey!!!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!

The Special Christmas Cards

 Here's a really special card I made for my Brother, John, who loves donkeys!  I got this stamp from a well known auction site as it was perfect for him!  The style of card is a 'box style' one and I've not made one before but it was fairly easy once you have the CS scored.  As it's Christmas it has lots of embellies on it of course, and also after the photo was taken I added some glitter to the holly leaves as well.
Another special card, this time for my Auntie Rita - as you can tell from the photo!!  I made the circular sentiment myself on the PC and then used my die cuts to make the shapes around it.  Again, I've never made a "casecade card" before, this is my first attempt and it turned out better than I hoped it would!  The images on it are a freebie from a Craft Magazine, and the embossing is the one and only Christmas one I have.  It worked out really well and I made the reverse part of the card into one that opens out like a normal card so I could put a lovely verse in it.

The next time I do these, it will be back to normal cards instead of Christmas.  Why does it go so fast??