Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Five Fave Cards of 2012

This card was so girly and intricate, but I loved it!  I didn't have the die I needed so I made up my own design (the Horseshoe) which worked out fine.  White with a splash of the brides colour theme - it all came together in the end just right!
This was a special stamp purchase to make this card for my brother John.  He loves Donkeys, always has done, and when I saw this one, well I just had to have him - he's so cute. 
A special card to say "Thank You" for someone who has always been there for me.  Yes you guessed it, my Auntie Rita.  She loves all my cards and keeps them in a special box which is so wonderful.  She really appreciates anything you say or do and she is the most perfect Auntie ever.
 Here's another special card, this time again it was for Auntie Rita.  I thought it looked really complicated, however once you get the cuts in the right place, it's not too bad.  She loves this card and so do I.  Just perfect for her.
I've since made a few of these since this first one.  I added a real button for an embellishment and it looks really sweet.  There are so many ways you can change things on this card for your own requirements.  I didn't use a template, just my eyes and my one and only PATP set and my bargain crimping tool!
Hope you like them!

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Janice said...

Love your favourites - I've been meaning to do that cardi for ages - one day I will! Jx