Wednesday, 23 January 2013


WOYWW is here again (for more info click on the link and you'll soon be addicted!).  I've not got much to show this week, more stamped images from the doggy set I used before.  I've also been crocheting some baby blankets as a couple of friends have had new babies recently - hence the lack of cardmaking to show you!
I promise I will rectify that soon and will be crafting in between hospital appointments.  I had to phone and make about eight this morning - I wish they'd all talk to each other - it would save me having four separate blood tests when my veins are shutting down.  Ho hum, that's the medics for you!
I also went to a Papercraft Fair the other day, I got two free tickets to attend.  This is the first Fair I've visited in years.  I gave up when I was in the wheelchair for a while.  Now I'm down to crutches I thought it was worth a try.  I had a great time, lots of sit downs and came out totally shattered but having had a fantastic time made it all worthwhile.  More Christmas money spent, sounds like I got a lot, but honest, I just spend it wisely!!!
We have more snow coming down at the moment, so I'll say 'tara for now' and Happy WOYWW!


Ann B said...

Good to be able to get out to a craft fair - hope you didn't spend too much money. Must be a real pain getting those appointments organised, not to mention to eating into your craft-time it must do.
Thanks for visiting earlier.
Ann B

Helen said...

We've got more snow coming down at the moment to Karen. I love it though I can imagine if you are on crutches it is not so good to get about in. Love the Doggy stamp. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 42

Anonymous said...

Oh, love to see the baby blanket! I love crochet yet never seem to find the time to do it nowadays! Snowing here too - crikey we've cleared the L O O N G drive at least 4 times this wekk! Fed up now and ready for SPRING!


MA (11)

House of Bears said...

What a great card sentiment. We tried to add a contact us page to our blog but we're still stumped as to how, maybe we can't find it because we're on a tablet rather than a computer, or maybe it doesn't exist.

Bubbles said...

I nearly came a Cropper on my walking sticks whilst out yesterday - I think that's just the universe telling me I should have been inside crafting lol. Loving the doggy stamps- really unusual and very cute.
Have a wonderful woyww
Bubbles #22

Ria Gall said...

The babies will be glad of the blankets in this weather so I think we can let you off the lack of card crafting
Ria #92

lisa said...

How brilliant that you made it to the craft fair. They are always a great day out, although tiring. I hope you got lots of great new stash to play with.
Crocheting sounds the perfect thing in this weather. You can do it in front of the fire.
Keep warm & Happy WOYWW
Hugs Lisax #60

Ali Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. Know how you feel about going to a craft fair. Worthwhile, but very tiring, and not to be repeated often! Ali x #93

Andrea said...

glad you had an you enjoyable time at the craft fair and spent wisely very impressive....I need to go with a set amount and no cards as get carried away in all the excitement( only been twice learnt that after the first time !) would have love d to see your blankets what a wonderful talent to have i hope you have a great week and thanks for visiting and your kind words Andrea #6 x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'm so glad you got to the fair, how lovely...good for you for going in the first place! I'm pleased you got to buy some new stash too, have fun playing with it. And crochet...I meant to learn and just haven't had time to really sit down and do it...sigh. Ah well, can't do everything!
Hugs, LLJ 37 xxxx

Craftychris said...

That is so cool you got to the craft fair and bought lovely stuff for your stash! The babies will need those blankets in this cold weather. Take care and have a good week xx # 118

Craftychris said...

That is so cool you got to the craft fair and bought lovely stuff for your stash! The babies will need those blankets in this cold weather. Take care and have a good week xx # 118

Nelle said...

How nice to have gone to a craft fair. I can't remember the last time i was able to go to one.
At least the www. world we get to see things. We have no craft shops in this area.
WOYWW is a fab craft wonderland of ideas.
Nelle xx #89

okienurse said...

sounds like you have been busy with your fiber art and craft fairing! I love going to craft fairs to see what is new and upcoming. Thanks for sharing and have a great crafty week! Vickie #35

Anne said...

Hi would like to see the baby blankets. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. Thanks for visiting me. Sorry I'm late. Anne x #145

trisha too said...

You are SO right--woyww IS addicting!

a little late
#164 this week!

Lydia La La said...

Glad you made the effort to go to the Fair and spend the money! the vet will only get it,

I see the UK health system is still a joke. Why can't the blood tests be co-ordinated?
We are sweating and sweltering here even though we've just copped the tail end of a cyclone that took out the tops of some trees. My heavily in bud, Pink Flowering Gum Tree, My Purple Ash that the birds just love to perch in and another native Hakea. Plenty of flooding too.
I'm listening to the Andy Murray / Roger Fedderer Aussie Open. The TV is on in another room! Take care, Sweetie. XO

Julia Dunnit said...

Good for you - spending in person and seeing samples and having a chat is always nicer than the buying online experience, however good that is. No wonder you were exhausted though, hope you've had a chance to recover!