Wednesday, 29 February 2012

WOYWW 143 - Stamping Sesh!

I had a go at some stamping the other day, just on my small tray (smaller than a sheet of A4 paper but it has it's uses!).  I used my new Rock A Blocks (thanks Di!) which has helped me loads, apart from one stamp I've tried which still misses in the middle of it.  Not sure why - all the others work fine, perhaps it's the tray?  It is absolutely level so I doubt it.  Any ideas, please share with me!
Anyway not a lot happening here for WOYWW, but there will be when I've finished them!  I've been looking for a new word for using Promarkers, I've tried colourising and graphic artistry, but still my brother insists on calling it 'colouring in' which makes me sound like a four year old LOL!!!!
What do you use to describe it?  I'd love to find one that stumps him!!!  Again any ideas welcomed!

Thanks also to my new followers, it makes my day to see you all peeking in now and again at what I'm doing - so thanks for cheering me up!!
I've had this image for a while, all coloured up and decided to use it on this with lots of other snippets along the way.  I really must find out more about the "Snippets Challenge" as I use loads of snippets all the time on my cancer charity cardmaking.

I used my MS PATP punch for the edging of the subtle pink paper, added a white love die cut on the top along with some white corner die cuts (again from Di!) and some gorgeous pawprint ribbon which I got for 49p!  Within the pack were six pieces of self adhesive ribbon (about 12" long) so they will go quite a way on the cards.

I added a gold mirror backing to the paper, as well as the sentiment.- I hope you think it works OK!


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another Rudolph Card!

Here's the latest Rudolph card I made, using a gorgeous stamp I found in the sale.  I think it's a Tatty Button one.  Of course, it had a cat on it, so I just HAD to buy it didn't I....!!!

Not the most spectacular of cards, but I'm using up all my little snippets and bits and pieces.  It pays to keep all those bits of cards and peel offs doesn't it!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Grrrr - it's the Cupcake Tiger...!

Another stamp purchased in the sales!  I think this little fella is so cute.  Just right for anyone I think.  I made him a lovely tiger colour with my PM's and added a gem to his little cupcake.
The backing paper was a freebie I had many moons ago.   Just perfect for the tiger.  I used some buttons on the side for my embellishment.  I haven't got any bakers twine, so decided to have a go at making my own and it came out OK - what do you think?

Would you like me to show you how I made it?  If so, I'll add it in my next post before going on.  I'm using bits and pieces which came to hand after my last batch of cardmaking took place before the DVT arrived. 

Hope you like him, grrrrrrr!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012


As you know, I have to craft on my bed (bad leg and very bad leg allowing!) and today I had a little helper with me.  So sorry after walking over all the cardstock and getting tape on her tail, she decided to sleep it all off anyway (as cats do!)....and I couldn't disturb her could I....bless...!!

Enjoy WOYWW!

A cute little Magnolia!

I'm not sure whether to make this into a Mothers Day card or something else yet.  Depends what else I make I suppose as there's a bit of time yet.

I got this gorgeous die cut set for Christmas (I was told to go to the Craft Shop and get whatever I wanted - imagine the fun I had!!!! LOL!!!).

It's so easy to use and looks very effective no matter which die cuts you use.  I've even found the little centre ones are used which we don't always do with sets do we.  I can see myself using this one a lot, so just let me know if you get bored with them!

I added some clear gems (bargain from the £1 shop!), ribbon (another bargain only 49p for the whole roll!), some die cut butterflies which were given to me (not sure what make they are sorry) but I added glitter and some gems and they look great.


Monday, 20 February 2012

Party Time!

Another square card - this helps use all my cardstock, but I now need to find a good, reasonable priced supplier for square envelopes.  Any suggestions, just let me know.  I've heard Craft Creations are good, so am going to check them out...any others welcome!

Here's a little Party Girl, kindly stamped for me whilst I was looking for a wedding image.  I added some snazzy backing paper (which is a Christmas paper believe it or not!), and then added some PATP paper stock to make her stand out.  The die cut's were sent by the lovely Gill, and I decided to try die cutting leaving some of the image outside of the die cut.  Not sure what that is called, but it worked which is brilliant!

I added some of my bargain self adhesive ribbon and used a rub on for the "Party Time" sentiment. Also I put some teeny tiny gems around the circle die cut.  Small embellishments help now with postage costs I've found out to my purse's pain!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Little Surprise!!!

How cute is this litte kitty waiting for his present?!?!  Of course, another I just HAD to get (good job I got quite a bit of Christmas/Birthday money to spend!).  I've had a few purchases in the sales from Craft Shops (as you do!).

This one caught my eye as it had a kitty in it, I did say I wasn't going to get more kitty stamps, but hey, they are popular and the charity cards sell well with kitties on them so it's the perfect excuse really LOL!!

I used my bargain PATP (the only one I far...!!!) to add some lace effect to some snippets of white card I had in my 'snippets bag'.

Added some peel offs (thanks Gill!) along with some ribbon (again, in the sale!), and voila, another card done for the cancer charities.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

You're the Greatest!!!

Something simple this time - I just found some diecuts I got in the sale the last time I went to the Craft Shop and decided to make one up.

Lovely backing paper added the topper to some backing card, added some faux stitching, put the sentiment on some foam pads and voila - it was done!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

WOYWW 141 - more Cuttlebugging!

Yes, I've been using my trusty old Cuttlebug again - just look at that B plate, I wonder how much longer it's going to last.  Each time I use it, I cross my fingers just in case!
Here's the reason I've got the Cuttlebug out again, some of the goodies I got for Christmas and my Birthday - some have now been used, the others are for future items which I'm working on.  I  had a good weekend despite being told my legs are getting worse, but that's to be expected.  I was also called a "Challenge" by the Specialist to the Trainee lovely!!  Well at least it's better than being "normal".  Something I don't think I'll ever be LOL!

Have fun on WOYWW everyone and I'll be around to check you out!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Funny Valentine....

Here's a little card I made for Valentines.  You'll notice there is no red on it at all - how did I manage that I ask myself?!?!?!

Well it is for a guy, so I suppose it's OK as there are loads of hearts on there.,  Something different I thought from the usual pinks and hearts...what do you think????


Friday, 10 February 2012

The "Whiff of Joy" of stamping....!

I picked this little fella up in the sale and he's so gorgeous - perfect for the guys!  I tried to make it look like camouflage, it did when it was wet, but when the PM's dried, they seemed to merge into one another.  Now it's a card I'm not so sure about 'tweaking it' just in case.

I used some camouflage backing paper which helped it look more realistic I suppose.  Quite simple for my return to crafting slowly.  I do a bit, then stop, have a walk around, then do some more, then walk, it's easier on my leg that way.

Also whilst doing this, my eye suddenly itched like there was something in there....and there was....I have an ulcer type thing on the inside of my eyelid.  Always one thing after another - you'd think I'd be allowed a health break after everything I've had thrown at me!

Oh well, it's London Hospital again today, so I must go and get ready.

Have fun everyone!


PS.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments from WOYWW, they really cheered me up - thanks!!!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WOYWW 140 - I'm Back....

Well, kind of back.  I can't do much crafting due to my DVT as it makes my leg ache (I craft on my bed so can only craft in short bursts).  I did some cuttlebugging, and the work in progress tray you can see above!

My B plate is now completely banana shaped but it still works somehow!  I've tried alternating turns of it when cutting/embossing but it's made no difference whatsoever LOL!

You will be seeing some of the creations I've made on the "WIP Tray" (Work In Progress Tray) as I put all the pieces together.