Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Little Surprise!!!

How cute is this litte kitty waiting for his present?!?!  Of course, another I just HAD to get (good job I got quite a bit of Christmas/Birthday money to spend!).  I've had a few purchases in the sales from Craft Shops (as you do!).

This one caught my eye as it had a kitty in it, I did say I wasn't going to get more kitty stamps, but hey, they are popular and the charity cards sell well with kitties on them so it's the perfect excuse really LOL!!

I used my bargain PATP (the only one I far...!!!) to add some lace effect to some snippets of white card I had in my 'snippets bag'.

Added some peel offs (thanks Gill!) along with some ribbon (again, in the sale!), and voila, another card done for the cancer charities.


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Ambreen said...

nice kitty card karen :)