Friday, 10 February 2012

The "Whiff of Joy" of stamping....!

I picked this little fella up in the sale and he's so gorgeous - perfect for the guys!  I tried to make it look like camouflage, it did when it was wet, but when the PM's dried, they seemed to merge into one another.  Now it's a card I'm not so sure about 'tweaking it' just in case.

I used some camouflage backing paper which helped it look more realistic I suppose.  Quite simple for my return to crafting slowly.  I do a bit, then stop, have a walk around, then do some more, then walk, it's easier on my leg that way.

Also whilst doing this, my eye suddenly itched like there was something in there....and there was....I have an ulcer type thing on the inside of my eyelid.  Always one thing after another - you'd think I'd be allowed a health break after everything I've had thrown at me!

Oh well, it's London Hospital again today, so I must go and get ready.

Have fun everyone!


PS.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments from WOYWW, they really cheered me up - thanks!!!!

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Di said...

Don't change it Karen - it's just fine as it is! The camouflage works well - good to see you managing to do some crafting. Do mention that eye to your doc though - I once got an ulcer on the cornea and have been left with scarring :(