Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Baby

Another "Clean and Simple" design here. Before I had a CB of my own, someone sent me a few pieces of card already embossed, so I used those. I'd love to find some more of the yellow card they used, but have never found any yet. It comes up really well with the embossing on it. A simple topper (bargain 50p) in a craft shop closing down sale, a nestie (again from a lovely craft donator!), topped with a mulberry word sentiment. I just added the glitter for some 'wow factor' as they say. Again another bargain for 50p in the craft shop sale. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Baby Card

Another simple design. Di mentioned a "Clean and Simple" item a while back, perhaps I should have a look. Some of these are really clean and simple, less is more as they say!

Some simple embellishments, on a CB'd embossing cardstock background, some stick on patches I had from a "Forever Friends" freebie sticker pack (it came on a magazine but sorry I can't remember which one it was many moons ago!). Matted and layered along with the usual corner edge and it's done.


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another girlie card

Some simple corner edging on the backing papers and also the matted and layered cardstock. I then added some embellishments (from Di again!), and a sentiment with some folded ribbon behind one side of it, along with a gem to show it all off.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Girlie Birthday

I did a little bit of paper piecing on this one, along with some pink gel pens to add in glittery hightlights on the bag and lingerie. It's mainly done with some peel offs I had in the back of the 'craft table top box' so thought I'd use them up. Along with a pretty sentiment (from the wonderful Di as usual!) and some spotty background paper.

The edges of the matted and layered section were rounded with a corner edge scissors I bought. Only some of the edgers work and I did email, then write to Fiskars, but they never replied. Just shows they really care about their equipment and the people that use them.

Some companies are brilliant - and some aren't.

Hope you like the card!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another party...!

I said there was another one coming along LOL!
This time it's all in pink! I used a Nestie (from Di I believe) and cut it in half and put it around the opposite edges of the card, with lace on the other two sides (definitely from Di!). I had real problems with this and my hands/fingers but finally got there.
The gorgeous butterfly and circle came from Gill and I used the circle around the sentiment again. I think it looks quite good, it doesn't cover up the whole sentiment, but highlights it. Let me know if my thinking is wrong!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

It's My Party.....

This lovely image was sent to me by Shirley and I think it's so cute. Kids with attitude!

I used a lovely free stamp I got with the flowers on and added some of those teeny tiny gems I got, and just matted and layered it onto gold mirror card.

I kept it all purple as it seems to suit it. I've done another which I'll show you later in a different colour dress. I think the sentiment says it all really....!


Friday, 25 March 2011

An Old Irish Blessing....allegedly....!

Well I was told it's an old Irish Blessing. I'm not convinced, but I thought it was cute. I don't have any stamps or digi images of frogs in underpants though, so just did a plain frog on the front along with the blessing.
I added some faux stitching around the edge, a different type this time, with a green gel pen (to match the frog of course!) and white around the actual frog image to make him stand out a bit.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another roar...!

Yes, two different lions. I coloured this one with PM's again, and added some Stickles glitter. You can't see it too well in the photo but it is there!

I used another bargain 99p paper pack (Papermania this time!) I got eons ago now. All different shades on one colour (blue in this case!). I then just added a lovely red heart (I got several from Gill in an envelope with some stamps to use with my PM's - these will follow soon!).

I added the sentiment using the computer and just matted and layered it and added the heart around it. Quite cute card for a guy I think.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I thought I'd keep away from the kitties for a while for you all, and what have I done instead....yes...a lion. I've just realised it's still a cat of sorts, but he's still cute!
This is a digi image. I've started to keep a note of where the digi images come from, obviously the old ones don't have this info, but all new ones will, I hope it helps if you'd like the same image. If I'm wasting my time, just let me know!
I used some more paper from my bargain 99p pack, shame they only had the one. Lots of lovely colours and the quality is amazing for 99p. I used a Nestie (silver mirror card with star EF on it) and just added a sentiment.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Not Your Usual Congrats Card

OK, I know this is an unusual one but I thought I'd add it and see what everyone thinks. A friend in the USA has just finished her cancer treatment and in many hospitals over there, a tradition is to ring a bell to signal the end of the treatment regime.
I made this card to congratulate her on the end of the treatment. I hope she likes it, I've seen blogs about the bells in several places since she told me about hers.
Do you think the cancer charities would like a card like this here in England? I'd love to know what you all think. Send me a comment to tell me......yay....or....nay....!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Surprise - a kitty...!

Not done one for a while, so thought I'd slip him in and see if you all notice LOL!!!

It's the gorgeous PB from Di again. I used the bargain Papermania paper pad (99p!) for backing and used a brown Nestie (what is it with brown and me at the moment?!?!?!). The Nestie was too small, so I cut it in half and put one each side of the image, and it fitted perfectly. Phew!
Bit like Marmalade, ont he TV the other day a chef said Figs and Marmalade is something you like with age, he said marzipan would still be a dislike until he's 70 though, and I'm the same! Can't stand the stuff!
Anyway back to the card. I've changed the colouring on this from the last one I did, you might notice the subtle changes. Added some Prima flowers with plain glitterations circles in white (not brads to save on the postage!). Postage is so expensive it's something us crafters have to think of now!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Little Hamish

Finally, Hamish has been made into a card. It was a quick make and I'm still not sure about the dots on the backing paper...perhaps it will grow on me.
I used a scalloped Oval Nestie (from my donated stash), along with a peel off sentiment which was matted and layered onto card. I add some blue glitter pen dots around the Nestie.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

New Blog Award!

Look at what I've been awarded from the lovely Flutterby Trina - isn't that a wonderful thing to make you smile!!!
Nothing too taxing to do on this one (for my little grey cell!). All I have to do is pass it on to seven people. So here's my list!

That's it! You all deserve to win this Award so I'm pleased to present it to you! Enjoy!

Dragons - one of my faves!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card! Another where I had the sentiment first, swiftly followed by the image, I had the perfect digi one in my stash all ready for this sentiment!
Not the standard green colour, but I went for blue and it's come out quite well, I think! More shading and blending with the PM's.
Simply matted and layered onto silver mirror card, along with some blue gingham (freebie backing paper). The sentiment was printed on the PC, and then matted and layered onto card. As I have limited space, I make quite a few cards with the same items then move onto the next colour in my stash!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Traditional Easter

Here's the traditional Easter image made into a card as promised.

I've kept it fairly simple, plain blue CS, matted and layered with the silver mirror card, onto pearlised cream card, along with the PM'd image. The sentiment was printed on the PC, and then matted and layered with the same cream CS and a gorgeous rust coloured silky card I got in a closing down craft shop for 50p. Shame it's closed now, good bargains to be had for a while.
I also added some of those teeny, weeny, tiny gems I got from the internet. Difficult for me to stick on but I persevere as there was 1800 of the things in the container in various colours so they have to be used!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

All Cracked Up!

I've had a go at some different Easter cards, here's the first couple.
Image coloured with PM's as usual, matted and layered onto freebie gingham backing paper (blue and red) and onto gold mirror card with the sentiment matted and layered onto different coloured card at a 'jaunty' angle...!
They are notelet sized cards, so perfect for adding with those tasty chocolate eggs!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

We do like to be beside the seaside, beside the sea...!

Here's the cute seaside image, made into a card as promised. Sorry it took a while!

Nesties cut on sparkly glittered red card, add the PM'd image (this came from Shirley and is SO cute!), the stripy backing paper (a freebie from a magazine), add a sentiment (99p from the Range many moons ago!) and matted and layered.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Happy Birthday

Now that some Nesties are cut, the images are coloured, it's a lot easier to put the cards together - just wish I could have more of it out at one time.

I used this lovely pink backing paper (freebie from a magazine many moons ago!) along with some Nesties (another brown one!) and the lovely silky yellow paper cut with the trimmer again.

Mat and layer the Nesties, add the lovely thread along with some transparent hearts (peel offs) by the side of the girlie and a peel off sentiment down the side and it's done - simples.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Thank You

I think it's safe to post this one now. I made this for the lovely Gill M, who helps me make cards for cancer charities/hospices. I sent her some digi images coloured with PM's along with this card.
Martha Stewart punch along one edge of some brown card (I'm used more dark card these days, not sure why!), topped over some shiny silky yellow paper which I'd cut with the lovely trimmer that Di got me for Christmas, not only does it cut lines, but you can cut different shapes with different cutters on it, and it also scores too which is great!
I coloured the digi image with PM's (what else?!?!?!) and then used the double scallop punch to add a different edge to it.
The lovely thread was found whilst looking for a stamp I thought I had in my stash, so I thought it would just go with the card - something different.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

We Come In Peas

Another freebie digi image - this time from Spyder - it just looked so cheeky - and perfect for a notelet card too. Nothing else was needed apart from some PM's to colour it in, and a plain silver mirror card, along with the lovely circle backing paper I used for the New Pad card the other day.
If only I could remember where I'd got it from....LOL!!!! Not used for ages, just sitting there, now I've used it on three cards so far...oops!
Some faux stitching just added to the finishing off, I didn't put a sentiment on this one as it wasn't needed. Simples!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Getting there....

Another digi image, I needed a tortoise for this one as I got the words before I decided on the image! LOL! It just fitted the sentiment well.

This image was coloured with my fave PM's (of course!) and I just added a simple striped backing paper along with some gold mirror card which was double scallop punched. I promise I'll change my stash I've got out soon to do some different cards for you all. It's a right pain having to keep putting everything away once I've used it, but it has to be done sadly.
This is just the right size for a notelet card and not much else is needed - nice and simples yes!

Friday, 11 March 2011

New Pad

This was a really quick make for a friend of ours who is just moving house. I used a freebie digi (again I know!) and coloured it with my PM's (again, I know...!). I then just matted and layered it on to some Nesties (two different shapes) and used some silver mirror card with some 'circle' backing paper.

I used some plain white card to add the sentiment and used my trusty double scallop punch to add some detail to the corners. I also added some punched border in green mirror card to the bottom of this, however I did this before I cut round the image to make it stand out more.

I couldn't separate it from the DST so it had to stay, but if you don't say anything then I won't either and no one will be any the wiser...! LOL!!!

The gorgeous wooden flying creature (which came from Craft Fairy Lisa) was also added to give it some dimension. I think it just sets it off nicely. Oh and of course it had to have some googly eyes to add to the fun.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Not a promarker in sight...!! LOL!

This idea came to me after I saw Di's twisted easel card - why not combine the two shapes together?!?!? I don't have any A3 card to make it a nice easy size, but I do have some A4 card, so I made it slightly smaller than I'd planned, but I think it looks kinda cute - what do you think?
I used my Martha Stewart punch to great effect on the base of the card, some Nesties (kindly supplied by Di, so sorry Di, but you're getting your crafty bits back in another form so I hope you don't mind!). I added some little "Crafty Bits" toppers I bought a while back, added some foam pads to lift them up a bit, a 3d butterfly and a few other bits donated here and there.
The orange acetate butterflies came from Craft Fairy Lisa - thanks for those! I used my trusty CB embossing folder and added some tiny gems on to it (the orange spots you can just see on the base!). They were ordered on the internet and when they arrived they were a LOT LOT LOT smaller than advertised. I've now got a technique to use them which is easier.
It should have arrived by now so it's OK to post it here I hope!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Happy Birthday Bruv!

I found this freebie image and it was just perfect for my younger bruv who recently had a birthday. I wanted a 'fun' image and this suited what I wanted down to the ground as they say.
I coloured the image with my PM's (of course!) and used another crinkle edge card. I think that's the only two of those which is a shame. Di - where did you get them from? Lovely size for special cards for special people!
The sentiment I added on the PC when I printed out the image. I made it up myself, my little grey cell was taxed then I can tell you! LOL!
My bargain paper came out again (99p!) and the double scallop punch. I had some Nesties already done (batch made on a grey Sunday afternoon to make it easier for my poor hands). I used the Happy Birthday embossing folder and then just added the letters B R U V on the top half, added a blue ribbon (tied the cheat way!) with some lovely blue shiny card candy to the top right hand side and it was done.

Look what I won....! Thanks Trina!

WOW! What can I say - another award - thank you very much Trina - your cards are brilliant and I admire your Promarker colouring so much!!! I'm a newbie at those and I'm practising hard and your tutorials have helped me along the way!

So what do you have to do?
  1. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself
  2. Pass the award on to 15 people

Now 15 people, that's going to be hard to narrow it down....but I'm going to give it a go!

Thanks for the Award Trina, I'm so proud to have received it from you.

  1. Allegedly I could talk the hind legs off a donkey!
  2. My personal blog has had over 1 million hits - I still can't believe that!
  3. I'm surviving cancer - wahoo!
  4. I was taught to fly kites with the help of a Kite Champion!
  5. I've seen a UFO
  6. I'm a closet David Cassidy fan, have been since a teenager!
  7. I've met the Muppets - well not all of them at once you understand

Now on to 15 Award Winners for you to check out.

  1. My lovely friend Di, check out her blog here

  2. Sliekje is one very talented, and generous lady - check out her digi images here

  3. Pollycraft not only has a shop site, but also a blog here - lots of inspiration to be had

  4. Jane has some clever designs here for you to have a peek at

  5. This Wacky Woman is a big High Hopes fan, and I am too..although I only have one stamp so far!

  6. Dorcas has colouring to die for! Go and make your eyes green with envy!

  7. I'm a big fan of Mo Manning, you just fall in love with her images, so much talent in one person!

  8. Don't just use your Cuttlebug for die cuts and embossing, check out Ikki's Cupboard for lots of new ideas

  9. How can you not love "Lili of the Valley" - all their images are so cute!

  10. Georgia has some wonderful designs here - and she loves purple on her cards LOL!

  11. Bright and colourful cards here from Kristina

  12. Shirley has lots of cute designs here for you all to see

  13. Here is Donna, another Teddy Bo and Hanglar fan

  14. If you like Kitties (as I do, believe it or not!) then check out Beth's Blog here - she has quite a few in different poses!

  15. Talking of kitties, who doesn't love Penny Black - they have such cute ones to Promarker in!

So that's it for now. Hope you have fun checking out a few sites I like and follow and visit often.


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Candles on Fire....

I thought I'd show you one of the images made up into a card this time. Yes I finally got around to making a few!
I used one of the lovely crinkle edged cards Di sent me and used one of my new backing papers (99p bargain!) cut down and used the double scalloped punch for the corners. The Nesties were cut from plain light green card (amazing how good cheap card looks when it's embossed!) and some silver mirror card with a paisley embossing CB folder.
Peel off "Happy Birthday" sentiment and then some co-ordinating Card Candy added in the corners swiftly followed by the image itself. I've got to add some Stickles glitter (recommended by Ambreen - thanks Ambreen!) and then it's done and ready for the recipient.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Two Little Girls....

Two more Promarker images. More freebies - I just love freebies, it helps increase my charity cardmaking variety and also helps my poor little purse which at the moment has two buttons and a cobweb in there!

BIG THANKS to everyone who has helped me with digis and crafting stash, it is MUCH appreciated and keeps my poor little grey cell from feeling lonely!
Sorry the photos aren't that good. I did put the camera on close up setting, but it's probably me who's a bit shaky and not the camera! Sorry!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Going Fishing...!

This was another image sent from Shirley. Wow she has some great stamps - luckily she's promised to stamp me some up every now and then and send them to me which will be great!!! My eyes are green at her stamp collection!
I've also got some lovely images from my good friend Di. I've got to colour them up yet, but will do them soon and make them into cards, promise!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

There had to be....kitties....!

I got these images as part of a set downloaded from the internet, all free! I think they're Fat Cats. It was in a Cardmaking magazine, and you could download them from their site.
Hope you like!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Easter - practice time!

A very good friend of mine loves the more traditional cards for Christmas and Easter and this is my take on a traditional image. I wasn't sure about the grey shadow, I was wondering about doing some 'flashes' of grey emanating from it, what do you think?
I'll have to start making some cards up soon, problems allowing of course!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Happy Birthday - oh and watch out for the candles....

This image came from Shirley - it's great isn't it. I've done a few in different colours and will decide which one suits when I come to make the card up. Cracks me up every time I look at it! My friend will love it I hope!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Little Girl and her kitty....surprise!

Well the image came with a kitty honest!! These images came from a lovely lady called Shirley, she answered my plea for a funny image, and also sent me this one and loads of others too for my cancer charity cardmaking which is nice. I'm trying to get my hair better on the girls....what do you think....?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Little Cutie!

This little cutie was another digi freebie. She's a lovely one to colour and if you look carefully, there's even a kitty in the image too....which can be any colour you like! I love her curly hair in a scarf and the determined look on her face!