Friday, 4 March 2011

Easter - practice time!

A very good friend of mine loves the more traditional cards for Christmas and Easter and this is my take on a traditional image. I wasn't sure about the grey shadow, I was wondering about doing some 'flashes' of grey emanating from it, what do you think?
I'll have to start making some cards up soon, problems allowing of course!


Di said...

Hi Karen! Been out all day with a girlie friend but had to check your blog! Really lovely card, just perfect for Easter - for me I'd leave 'as is' honey! Will e ASAP! :) Woof?! Di x

Di said...

Flippin' heck I only clicked once and there I woz posted instead of four clicks! Yay! Brilliant! Di x

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,
Lovely card...i think shading looks is giving (kind of) 2D know as flowers are attached to the paper instead of just drawn on it..

Gill said...

Hi Karen,
I would leave this card as it is, the shading look good.

Like Di am taking a few clicks before my comments takes!!!