Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Diamond Top Fold Cards

These cards were a new style for me to try - I love trying new designs and types of cards and once you get the dimensions right, this is in actual fact quite easy to make!

Anniversary card made for a special couple I know. My friend emailed me to say how much she liked the card - it's always good to know what people think!

This one was made to say "Thanks" after I won a competition in a cardmaking magazine. I always enter the Prize Draws, in the hope that I can win some goodies to help with the charity card making - this is my first ever prize win!!!! It was a cardmaking CDROM book, and I used the papers to make this card.

Would you believe I have now won two prizes from different magazines! I can't!!!!! I don't normally win things, but have been having some luck lately! I wonder if they will go into the magazines? Who knows....will have to keep an eye out for them just in case.


Here's what you need to make these cards:

  • Each card takes one A4 piece of card - you an find lots of templates on the internet for this

  • Follow the folds until you have the base card ready to decoate

  • I always seem to add background paper to all sides of the card as it gives it a 'complete' look

  • Now have fun with embellishments......I added some charms (courtesy of Di - again!) to the cards - but watch out for the postage - it puts it into the 'Large Category'!!!!

If you'd like the dimensions of this card, let me know, but I'm sure you 'crafty girls' (and boys!) out there will be able to see how to do it from the photos!


Gill said...

Hi Karen

Wow!! these templates look great, owing to my great age!!! I cannot work out how to do them is possible can you send me a template? They look really great and I would love to have a go!!. Looking forward to some more great card ideas. GillXX

Karen said...

Hi Gill

Don't worry - I've posted a completed template to you at the weekend, so you should receive it soon and be able to try it out.

Have fun!
Karen x