Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What a lovely thing to do....

A while back I entered a Blog Candy contest, and a lovely lady called Sue emailed me back. She said she made card samples and wondered if I would like them to use in my charity card making.

Would I...?!?!?! What do you think! Anything that helps the charities is good with me, so I emailed her back and said yes and a BIG THANK YOU.

A couple of days later a big box arrived in the post and it contained some of the most gorgeous cards - loads of ideas there - one which I've snaffled already, but put my own design slant on it, which I'll show you later.

Anyway, I'll be uploading some of the cards she gave to me, some of them I've already made up and had fun with, but I'll try to remember to take the 'before' and 'after' photos of the ones I do from now on.

Of course, I'll be acknowledging her hard work on the cards which the charities will benefit from.

Thanks Sue!

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Gill said...

Hi Karen. I bet you thought that xmas and your birthday had all come early. What a lovely surprise, looking forward to seeing all the lovely cards that you can make.
Well done!!!!