Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas Treat Bags!

This idea was sort of snaffled from the Craft Fairy (thanks Lisa!) who sent me some flowers similar to this, and I had the idea of changing them into Christmas Treat Bags after my friend Di sent me some Pretzel Cello Bags to try out.
In my Christmas Goodie Box from Di there was a Papermania Silent Night set, so I made up the Pointsettia Flowers and had some holly leaves too. However I didn't have any red gems for the berries, but I did have some old brads in a colour I hardly used.....
So then I had a lightbulb moment, and came up with colouring them with my red nail varnish!!!! I put them in some Blue Tack as I can't hold the tiny things anymore with my dodgy hands and voila....look what happened....they coloured really well and once I'd cut a small hole in the holly leaves they looked fantastic!!!!

I then found these Gold Coins (from PoundWorld - a new store opened in a town near us I didn't know about.....until Friday!!) and they were £1 (obviously!) for a bag of 12. I made some up with the Christmas bits.

Quite effective as you can see, and easy to do - if you are patient and let the glitter glue on the flowers dry!

I then put four of them in the Prezel Cello Bags, and ta-da.....look at these! Don't they look good? You can get three lots out of one bag of Gold Coins. Not bad for stocking fillers huh!

You don't need anything else apart from this, unless you want to be really flash and make a nestie tag for them with a label on.
I'll show you next what I did with the remains of the flower ones.....


Di said...

These are great Karen! Having problems posting comments here and even viewing your Blog :( No idea what's going on, this is my second attempt to post a comment - hope it works. Di x

Di said...

Looks like all is working OK now! Let me know if you want more pretzel bags BTW! Di

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