Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Welcome to Annie, my latest follower - great to see you!

WOYWW and guess what is on my workdesk? Yes - our little lady Domi! Bless.  She's so determined to get my attention instead of letting me craft on my bed.  Typical kitty huh!
Here on my little worktray is another piece of the Poundshop packaging!!! This is the reverse of the backing card in the plastic box. I had some sticky back holographic paper (shame I can't remember where it came from now!).  It's easy to make into matting and layering pieces of cardstock!

That's all for this week as I've had problems with tennis elbow (even though I can no longer play tennis!).  If anyone knows how to ease the pain, please let me know!



Twiglet said...

Oh tennis elbow is nasty. Not sure how to help - take care. x Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Voltarol gel helps. Plus not using the arm too much but that's easier said than done.....
I'm such a magpie, Karen...I LOVE that sparkly rainbow paper, that's soooo pretty!!
Hugs, LLJ 40 xxx

Luscious said...

I have a sore right hand so can relate. I use Traumeel anti-inflammatory cream. It available in health food stores like Whole Foods. That and try to rest it but that is difficult. Love that sweet kitty. Thx for stopping by my place. Dori #49

peggy gatto said...

hello kitty!!!!
she just wants to help!!!
take care of your elbow!!

Fandhmum said...

We wouldn't have our pets any other way would we?
Rosie x

Darnell J Knauss said...

There you go again, making beautiful things from cast-offs, Karen! Awesome! I occasionally have tennis elbow or golfer's elbow (other arm) and I use a forearm brace that really does wonders. It's just basically a fat strip of Velcro that wraps around your muscle just below the elbow. You can usually find them at a medical supply shop or WalMart or pharmacy. Hope that helps and it goes away soon!

Thanks for coming by the Playhouse earlier! Darnell #64

Nan G said...

Lovely pic of the kitty! :) oops looks like your link at #85 goes to last week's post. Darn ol' linky thing. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #105

Anne said...

You are very clever with your recycling. Always wish I could do things like that but my efforts never seem to work :-) Thanks for visiting me. Sorry to be late visiting you. Anne x