Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finished Cards!

Here's the finished card I made for my bestest Auntie.  Along with the card I gave her some Yellow Roses (I love the smell of flowers!).  She appreciated the card and told me she was going to show her friends that evening as she'd been invited to a girls night in!  Not bad for an 82 year old huh!

These three cards were for my Mum on her birthday.  The first one is from Domi, yes our cat does give out cards and presents too! She's very clever with her pocket money...LOL! This is a Stickeroo from my lovely friend Gill.  They are so easy to use and I just had to have a cat on here didn't I!

 Sorry about the backing of this, it was all I had to hand! It doesn't show it off very well but at least you can see it.  This was my first effort at distressing flowers with ink. 

This final one was a bit of a worry, I put silver glitter glue on it and by the morning the card had warped in the shape of the glue!  Argghhh!  However by the next evening it had gone back down again, phew! I used my faux stained glass effect on this one.  The little flowers I've had for ages, and decided to give them an airing.


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Gill xx said...

Hi Karen What lovely cards they were all nice. I bet Mum was pleased with them all. You have been really busy, and of course Dommi was a very clever cat as well, but has a good teacher.!!!