Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Come On the Bears....

I got this lovely little bear stamp in the sale I went to.  He's so cute and you can make him into any football team colours you like.  I tried to keep them simple, but I have another idea in my head which will be coming on the blog as soon as I've inked him up again!  The gold spots are the bits left on some peel offs I have in my stash.  I use every little bit for the charity cards, nothing is wasted here!
Again the little football stickers came from Woolworths - remember Woolworths?  I miss that shop so much you could get anything you needed in there.  The sentiment on the orange card came from the Forever Friends Topper Set I got for 50p...not a bad buy!  I've used nearly all of the bits with just a few little ones to go now. Waste not want not....!


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