Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I forgot to post this after I made my "Thank You" cards for my very dear friends and family, and the Doctors and Nurses at the hospital who helped me so much when my kidneys failed on me.  Unfortunately I posted them before taking photos, but I think I have one left that you can see what I made from my little craft tray on my bed. I'll be blogging that soon, promise.
On my other work tray on my bed, I've been working on a very special card for someone who means a lot to me.  Special people deserve special cards don't they.

I've got more ideas in my head than I have time without pain to put them into reality!!!  Now after reading Lunch Lady Jan's site, I now know I have a case of Butterfly-Minditis, it's where you can't settle on one task, another one enters your head and off you go, like a whirling dervish! Yep, definitely me!!!

I've been doing some crafting here and there and soon you'll be seeing the Christmas Cards I've been working on.  There's never enough good light to take photos at the moment, but they will be blogged soon!

Oh, in case you're wondering what I'm rambling on about, Click here and go to Julia at the Stamping Ground and join the merry band of people who show us their desks every Wednesday, it's very addictive as you'll soon see!



Annie said...

Good to see you're back crafting. Hope you're now feeling much better.
A x #68

Twiglet said...

I love that lacey looking paper. Hope you are soon back on top form x Jo

MaggieC said...

Thank you for your visit this morning, and I hope you will soon be feeling very much better. I have a really butterfly mind too, which is why I like to mix up my techniques, and hate to repeat projects. I hope you are going to show us the finished card with the lacy bits. Have a good week. xx Maggie #88

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the lacy edges of that picture frame, very pretty!
I really hope that you're up and about very soon :D
Hugs, LLJ #50 xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

Those lacey edges are beautiful.
Hope your feeling better soon.
My email is
I'll send the instructions tomorrow afternoon.
Have a lovely evening!
Diane xx

Redanne said...

Well that makes three of us with Butterfly-Minditis then - lol. I think it is the anesthetic but glad you are now on the mend and hopefully feeling much better. Thank you so much for stopping by earlier. Crafty hugs, Anne x

butterfly said...

Hope your recovery continues smoothly - I love that your workdesk is now a bed-desk - sounds ideal to me!! That card is shaping up to be something really special... happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Mrs A. said...

Sending double hugs to you post haste. I think I have that butterfly minditis too and I know that Di has it as well!! Mrs A.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Love that lacey stencil. I'm sorry we didn't get to see all your thank you notes, but I'm sure they were lovely! Glad to see you are back creating. Have a great week! Darnell #28

Di said...

Laughed at Mrs A's comment - seems we have a butterfly minditus club forming! Di x

Wishcraft said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog :o) Sorry to hear you've not been well, but glad to see that you're managing some crafting again. Hope you'll be feeling much better soon xx Hugs, Lisa x

Tamika said...

As you've probably seen a few desks back I am a whirling dervish! Yep, definitely me!! I love the papers your using on that special someones card!Tamika #14