Monday, 18 October 2010

A little Sock Monkey called Sydney!

After Di sent me a lovely card with a Sock Monkey called Miranda on it, I just had the idea of making a little sock monkey and sending him to Di to say thanks for all she does for me! Here's my first attempt, and his name is Sydney.

As you can see, he has made himself very well at home, taking over the desk and the bed and I have even heard he has the Midnight Munchies and raids the fridge, and leaves sweetie wrappers behind on the floor. You'd think he could at least be tidy and put them in the bin wouldn't you!

I thought the eyes were good, a last minute idea - I raided my craft stash and found a tube of buttons I'd got in the sale for 50p! I think they suit him don't you!?

Anyway he seems to have settled in quite well, and has mentioned PTSMS (Post Traumatic Sock Monkey Syndrome)!!!! He has flashbacks to being in the conveyor belt at the Royal Mail and doesn't like to talk about it much, poor Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Excuse ME - who said you could post piccies of me on this thing called the internet? I've settled in really well - Mum has to go away for a couple of days tomorrow to a funeral, she's really sad right now so I get a lot of hugs. She's travelling really light and I'm being left in the tender care of Len, my new Dad. Mind you, I have won his heart just a bit with a birthday card made using Marvin the Monkey wot I 'selected all the components for' and Mum made into a card for him! Wow, was he impressed!! I did explain on the card, in my wobbly writing, that my little stumpy hands weren't as deckstrous (spelling?!) so I had to have help. Plus I've almost recovered from the conveyor belt......and they still haven't found my sweetie stash!! :)

Love, Sydney xx

joey said...


thanks for entering my candy, goodluck

Joey xx

gill said...

Hi !!
Who is a lucky boy to have such a good home, and such a Lovely Aunty who made him. He seemed really settles in bed, just right for a cuddle. Great!!!!!

Gill X