Monday, 11 October 2010

Charity Card - Elephants - how cute are they...!?!?!

Aren't they cute! I got them as a freebie image and decided to see what I could come up with. Now that I'm into my Twinkling H20's I'm using some of the freebie images I've had on the PC for a while.


Here's what you need to make this card:

  • White cardstock as a base

  • Green paper for the background

  • Green glitter pen (Sainsbury!) faux stitching around the whole card

  • Image coloured with Twinkling H20's and cut close to the image

  • Copper glittery cardstock cut with Nellie Snellen rectangle die cutters (I've managed to cut a few of these now but it's not keen on some cardstock I have so I have to chose carefully - when I find one works I cut a few so I don't have to fiddle about getting the cuttlebug out)

  • Happy Birthday sentiment is a freebie from a card magazine - I thought I'd give it a go, now it is lime green in colour and I can't remove it no matter what I try - any ideas? Hope it doesn't ruin it!

  • Caramel colour card candy, three put on the side of the card - why does threes always work so well?

That's it. Simple but cute. I like...!


Di said...

Hi Karen

You know am rock bottom at the moment but wanted to say how super all your recent cards are honey!

Will email soon

Love, Di and Syd The Sock Monkey!! xxx

Di said...

Have been browsing and commenting on your recent postings. These cute little elephants remind me of the Jungle Book and now I can't get their little marching tune out of my mind! A thought, what ink did you use on the sentiments stamp? For permanent ink such as Stayzon I use their own remover. I've got some spare here if you don't have any. But do wash the stamp after using the stuff as it might cause permanent damage if traces of the remover are left on. Just let me know! Di x