Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Card Candy Blog Win - boo hoo!

Remember back in August I posted a piccie of some Blog Candy I'd won?!?!? Well despite getting a couple of emails I've received absolutely nothing, zilch, nada, zip!!!!!

What a disappointment, however it seems another lady hasn't received her prize either, despite it being sent out twice.

So disappointment all round then, my first blog candy win, and I didn't receive anything.

Boo hoo....!

1 comment:

Di said...

That's just not on Karen! Am so cross! Why offer blog candy and then let people down!

Once I get a chance you'll be getting something I know you'll be pleased with to make up for it, already wrapped and waiting to go in the parcel of Christmassy stuff I've been promising to send for a little while now. Hope to post it tomorrow.

Off out to have a nosy round the new Hobbycraft near here shortly, it doesn't open officially until Saturday but apparently they are already up and running - I need to cheer myself up and who knows what else might fall into my basket for us! :)