Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thank You Ambreen!

I nade this post "draft" but thought I'd post it here now as I'm just getting back into blogging after a break due to my ill health.  Thanks for sticking with me everyone!

A card which I made ages ago and sent to my lovely friend Ambreen but it didn't arrive so I thought I'd blog the post instead and show her what she never got, sorry Ambreen.  At least you can see part of what I sent to you!
I've got better access to my CB, so I made good use of it and cut out several digi images using the Dies that Di sent to me.  I had some 'crinkle paper' for ages now and thought I'd give it a go through the CB and it worked fine.
Added some dotted backing paper to go with the flow of circles and dots and then just added some dotty ribbon (think it's a Hobbycraft one I've had for ages - good quality, so it must be old!).  Added some gems in the shape of flowers to match the pink colour and there it is - done.
I actually sent this card to Ambreen, but as it's been quite a while now, and she's not got it, it's sad isn't it.  I put a little gift in there too, but nothing arrived.  That's the post for you!



Gill x said...

Hi Karen
So lovely to see you are back on your blog.
Nice card it is such a shame when the postie doesn't always deliver!!!
Look forward to seeing more cards. and glad that your health is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you have returned. How is the DVT and everything else,Sweet?
Love your creative imagination. Take care. XXOO


Di said...

Nice to see you back again Karen! Such a shame that card got lost in the post though :(

Ambreen said...

Its so nice and happy to see you back at crafting Karen :)
what a shame I missed such a wonderful thing but its very sweet and thought full of you that you uploaded the picture so that i can see it :) I am really really great ful to that ...so hope this DVT gets away soon so that i can ejoy seeing some more lovely work of yours...
with bundle of thanks and love