Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Different Style of Card

Now that my back is a little better, I've got back into my crafting.  Although I can't sit for long, I do it in short bursts when I can.

I made this folded style card as I had an idea in my head.  I crimped some glossy paper and put it on the small folded edge, added my promarkered (is there such a word?!?!?) image after cutting it out and added some adhesive ribbon (bargain 50p in Hobbycraft ages ago!!).

For the top, I just put on some of the gorgeous pink backing paper (what is it with pink and me lately? I think Delilah has had an effect on my taste - I never used to be a pink lady before!).

Another sentiment made using the crimper and added a gorgeous pink brad (in a goody box from Di) and voila, all done!

I also added an insert so whoever buys it from the Cancer Charity can write their message on it for the recipient.  A different card, but it still fits in a standard C6 envelope which is good.

Talking of envelopes - where do you get yours? I normally made smaller cards, but have had some requests for bigger cards and I don't have envelopes for them to hand!  Oops!



Mrs A. said...

Well it will be promarkered from now on even if the word doesn't exist!!!!! Like the crimped paper effect. hugs Mrs A.

Gill xx said...

Hi Karen

Loved the crimped look a bit different!!! I think pink is a nice colour your just being girlie!!!

Di said...

Pink - yay!!!!! So cute too. Envelopes - you can buy them from Craft Creations, I think I've told you about the company before for reasonably priced card stock. They have every size of envelope going - their website can be a bit overwhelming but with a ruler to hand you'd be fine and can buy just the quantity you want.

Lydia La La said...

Why don't you make your own envelopes? Too easy...