Wednesday, 21 September 2011


 Well after my 'pink phase' I thought it best to radically change my ideas for a while!  This time it's bright colours and a different shaped card again.  This is a card for my Mum to give to her Sister (for her 80th birthday coming up).  I've got a few ideas on what I want to do, now I have to work out how to do them LOL!
This is something else I'm working on, on my little tray on my bed!  It's a hassle having to put everything away each time, but it's sure better than working out of boxes as I used to.  It makes me tidy or else I'll never get to bed at night!

This is again a different idea I've had spinning around my head lately.  I don't know if it will work as I can see it in my head, but I'll give it a go and show you the results when it's done.

All I need to do now is find envelopes to fit the cards as I only have C6 size ones.  Oops!  Any info on where to find a good cheap'ish source of envelopes would be appreciated.

Enjoy WOYWW!


Di said...

Hi Karen as I said in your previous post when you asked - try Craft Creations online shop.Or perhaps make your own? Happy WOYWW - come over and see my Nativity Christmas card posted yesterday:)

Fuchsia said...

Hi Karen lovely work !
as Di says craft creations is a good source of envelopes
happy crafting x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yup, those funky colours are a perfect antidote to pink!! I like 'em! Thanks for visiting my blog, I do sell my stuff actually, usually in craft fairs. People have mentioned a blog shop but I've been too much of a scaredy cat to try it so far! xx

NatashaMay said...

You sure are dedicated to your craft. :) I must say I've painted in some strange places but never in bed. :)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Karen do love your blog - such pretty colours and the white pussy at the side!! fancy working on a bed tray it never ceases to amaze me what folk at WOYWW get up to - happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.x

jude said...

It's nice to have a change of colour combo's for your crads once in a while.Try Craft superstore for envies.
Happy wednesday and have Creative week
hugs judex10

Twiglet said...

Great bits and bobs - you will come up with something lovely I am sure!

The Crafty Elf said...

Looks like a start to something good there. I get those ideas spinning in my head all the time and only hope that they work out on paper. Sometimes I surprise myself though. Thanks for the peek and have a great week!

Sam said...

I am sure my hubby wouldn't allow me to craft in bed. I get glitter on me even if I don't use it so don't fancy it in the bed. I just stick to reading my crafty mags in bed!!

Jumbleberries said...

Great idea of working on a tray in bed. Thanks for sharing.

Jumbleberries xx

SueH said...

How can you work in such a small space Helen, I could never manage to work in that, Lol!

Loving all your works in progress and as for envelopes………I get all my my envelopes and card stock from Craft Creations which has already been mentioned or you could try PDA they are very good too.

Happy Crafting!


Tertia said...

My goodness but you are a tidy crafter!
Love the card in progress.
Happy belated WOYWW

Neet said...

Do you mean you are painting in bed? Great - why not. Sorry I am not posting much of a comment but am on holiday and the internet comes and goes in the hotel. hugs, Neet x

Karen said...

Hi All

No I don't normally paint on my bed, but I do craft on it with a couple of trays. It has to be neat or else I wont' get to bed that night! Have fun everyone!

Karen x