Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Another WOYWW and as promised, here is the finished wedding card which you've seen in progress along the way.  Don't worry, the glitter looks blue in the photo but in reality it's more clear so that it looks lovely on the white card.
 I kept it fairly simple, but elaborate at the same time if you know what I mean!  I have mainly two colours, the burgundy and the white, with red gems as highlights to bring it all together (I hope I have anyway!).
 I found these little tiny gems in a Hobbycraft sale (bargain 99p for thousands of the things!).  I had to just stick the needle in the box and hoped it'd pick up some of them because there was no way I could put them on with my hands!  I'm pleased to say it worked too - phew!
 Here's the little tray surrounded by  bits and pieces as I was working, so you can see I don't just keep to the tray all the time!
 Back to my little tray, and here's something I'm working on for my next project.  I keep changing my mind about it, so it might not reflect what you see in the final card LOL!!!!

Oh BTW, I went to my Aunt's 80th Birthday Party and my cards had pride of place on the mantlepiece, and she came up to tell me how much she loves them.  My other cards I've made (like the Easter one etc) are also still on there amongst the birthday cards.  I love it when someone really appreciates all the hard work and effort you've made.  My cheshire cat grin is still there!!!

Hope you're all enjoying WOYWW and look forward to seeing your comments.  It makes my day to see what other people say about my crafting. 

Thanks also to my new followers!!!!  Welcome to you one and cheer me up no end, knowing that people are enjoying seeing what I make on my little trays on my bed!

Enjoy! :-)


jude said...

Wow fantastic card just love the shabby chic look the colour combo is fab!Glad the 80th card went down well new it would !
How on earth can you keep to that small mine would have to be a huge
hugs judex 28

Jennibellie said...

Gorgeous card, I know what you mean about simple but elaborate, I think that ways best for all wedding cards, so that they have the clean look but also the WOW factor. Love the butterflies as decoration, tfs Jenny

Di said...

It's lovely Karen and all goes together so well. Remember, the sticky tool I just posted about on my WOYWW posting for this week is super too for picking little gems out of boxes rather than a needle :) So, what's next I wonder?

Gill said...

A really lovely card love the colours and the glitter butterflies as well.
How you manage on a small tray I will never know. I am forever tidying up my desk, you must be more methodical than me. Congratulations.

Claire said...

Wow... lovely sure they will love it.. and as for working on a little i need a room..but then I get lots of stuff out.and never use half of must be very organised
Claire x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How lovely when someone really appreciates your work like that!! Hooray for your auntie :)

Like the wedding card, you can never have too much bling in my opinion!

Hugs, LLJ xx

Neet said...

Lovely easel card - beautifully done. My inchies are made from polymer clay and I won't be doing anything with them as they are for swapping.
Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs Neet x #8

Jumbleberries said...

What a beautiful card - you clever thing. And I love the fact that you make it all from your little tray on your bed!

Thanks for sharing.

Jumbleberries xx

PS - I'm your new follower :)

Morti said...

Such a lovely wedding card - unusual to see Burgundy with white, normally it's cream, but what a nice change!

Great work, Karen...

Twiglet said...

Your wedding card is really lovely - I am sure it will be a keepsake for years to come. x Jo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm surprised you called that beautiful card "simple." It is incredible and very elegant. Happy belated WOYWW from # 11.

SiskiyouSue said...

Your card is wonderful. I'm glad you were able to see that your aunt loves your cards. I know that it means a lot to me that my sister and daughter keep mine out. Makes it worthwhile!

Love your work!