Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Doesn't this look nice and neat!!!
Well it's another WOYWW already!!! Hop over to Julia's blog to see what we're all talking about.

So what's going on with my little tray today?  Yes, it's more of the wedding card!  It's been so hot here lately and it's completely wiped me out, my body just closes down on me when it's hot and I just wilt like a drooping wallflower gasping for the watering can....quick...!!!

Hence there's not been a lot done to it so far, I've had a rethink on several things whilst getting all the bits together, I've coloured the images I want with my trusty Promarkers and have done some Cuttlebugging (is there such a word? how do I come up with them?!?!?).  Hopefully next time (if one thing I'm waiting for arrives soon!) then you'll see the finished product! 

Don't worry, the little Humphrey image is not for the wedding card - it's for something else I'm working on at the same time, multi-tasking wahoo!!!

Have fun on WOYWW everyone!



Chrissie said...

Of course there's such a word as Cuttlebugging... I do it all the time!
Your weddingy things look yum!
Have a great day!

Neet said...

I know what you mean about wilting - I do the same but the sun has disappeared from the north of England where I live.
Your tray is showing some lovely colours - the burgundy with the white is a lovely combination. Thanks for sharing - Neet x

Di said...

Man, that tray is small - the Quickie glue pen puts it into perspective. But, it does make you have to be orderly :) Hope the parcel turns up soon - one I posted has def. been lost! I hate Royal Mail! Di xx

jude said...

I sure wilt to the heat does nothing for my ME,still warm and sunny here but with a lovely cool wind which makes a change.Hopefully youll ba able to finish wedding card by friday as weather surpose to change here tomorrow in last day sunshine mind not as hot as weekend 32 too were never happy!
Have fab wedensday and a creative week .Pop by as i have candy on offer until 26th
hugs Judex9

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The embossing on the wedding stationery is fab - very elegant. But my eye were drawn (inevitably given my love of sparkle) to the little circular pot of bling in the middle. You see, I could happily spend a couple of hours riffling through, sorting them out, playing with colours....sigh. I really am shallow!!!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Julia Dunnit said...

It's a real linguistic skill Karen, turning a noun into a verb. We all tsk at mis-spellings and then do the noun to verb thing..alot!! Hope you're feeling more comfortable now the big heat has gone.,must be ghastly for you.

Mrs A. said...

I have one of those circular trays. Mine has/had tiny tiny seed pearls in it and worked fine until I was over zealous and turned the dial in a hurry and hundreds of the darn things shot out everywhere! How do you manage to work on such a small tray? hugs Mrs A.

Sunshine Girl said...

Cant wait to see the finished card - that embossed pattern is lovely.

KatzElbows said...

How do you fit so much on your tray? I felt cramped with just a few pieces of quilling paper! Looking forward to seeing the finished card.

cheers, rachel #21

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Cuttlebugging is a perfect word and I do a lot of it too! Love the tidy tray all set out ready to use, but I still can't believe how you manage to make such beautiful things in such a tiny space.

Brenda 67

Anonymous said...

Meant to say I liked the heat whilst I was in England last week, makes a nice change from the wet summer you all had!!


Morti said...

Love the colours you're using for the wedding card! Can't wait to see the finished article.... thanks for stopping by!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I do sometimes work on a tray because my desk is so piled up with stuff! Patsy from

Spyder said...

Just bought some more of those gems and of course a quickie glue pen, mainly because while we were away they were near enough half price to what they were at home, surprising what a hundred miles will do to prices! Thanks for the snoop,
Happy WOyWW !

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Kaz, yes so agree about cuttlebugging or cuttlebugged!thanks so very much for popping over. Looking forward to how your card goes - it such a struggle to know which way to go sometimes isn't it - did wonder about Humphrey! Shaz in Oz.x