Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Oozing Eyeballs and Ferocious Fangs!

 Here's the first of the Halloween items I've been making.  I've been on the hunt for some black card but everywhere I've been has sold out - hence the dark blue.  As it'll be night-time I don't think people will notice too much!

I was going to stick the big coins on the back of the little bats, but decided to just make the chocolate fangs go a lot further by making them into bats teeth!  Fairly simple, no templates, just me and a pair of scissors and a silver metallic pen (left from Christmas last year!).
I was going to use the ooooozing eyeballs to make the bats eyes, but once I'd opened the packet I noticed they didn't have any coloured parts of the eye, only white marshmallow instead.  So Plan B it is then....!  I decided to make up sweetie bags with the eyes and fangs, using my Labels Nesties to make the top, handwritten with "Ooozing eyes and ferocious fangs" on the front and Happy Halloween on the back.

My brother has tried the oozing eyeballs and said they are great, you get about 25 in a bag for £1 so pretty good value.

I've got more to show you tomorrow with the huge coins and also it'll be WOYWW so you will see not a lot of the work tray with these around!!!


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Di said...

Eeeeek! Scary - and very clever :))