Friday, 11 May 2012

Snippet Challenge and a question for you all....

OK, here's another animal charity card - big batch already delivered ready for the Summer Fayre - and I have a question for you all.

This is a portrait card with the peel off words down the side of the nestie.  Do you think it looks right or wrong?  I've asked three people so far and one said it is right and two say it isn't.  Which side of the fence do you fall?  All comments welcome!

Oh, and I've added this card into the "Snippets Challenge".  It's good to use up all of our snippets, and as most of my cards go to charity, it helps me eek out my pennies!!!



Mrs A. said...

Hi Karen, There is no right or wrong way but for me personally I would like the words the right way up. Mind you after a drinkie or too I wouldn't notice!!! Hugs Mrs A.
p.s like the stripey background to this card.

Lydia La La said...

For me.... At the bottom with the balloon coloured yellow to match edging and gold of words. Wow... now I'm a card critic. It looks lovely. Good to see you well enough to take care of the card making business. XXOO

Di said...

Great snippets card Karen. And I'm going to say deffo. as you have the words right now. That's mostly as the backing would be bare otherwise and not as balanced - plus it's very 'on trend' dontcha know :)


Elaine said...

Fabulous Karen I also like the words the right way up but it still looks fab to me what a fabulous creation , well done . Enjoy the rest of your weekend Hugs Elaine