Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Here's my WOYWW worktray and as usual I'm joining in over at Julia's place.  Come and join us, it's kind of addictive and fun too.  More of the animal cards for the Summer Fayre. I've got a few things on the go on this tray, my mind just wanders off on it's own without me sometimes!  LOL!!
On Saturday I went to the Summer Fayre and saw my hand crocheted blankets being sold which was nice, and also the cards looked gorgeous in a cane basket.  I'm going to make more of the cards for their next event and also some blankets too.  It all helps them raise funds and I enjoy making them.  I just wish I could do more of it, but because of the pains in the legs it's just not possible.  Maybe one day when I win the lottery I'll have my own craft room like so many of you and will be card making in abundence at my own proper desk....well we can dream can't we....!!!!



Darla said...

You are storing up riches in heaven! #100

Di said...

Darla is so right about riches in heaven Karen! It isn't what we do, it's the amount of love and care we put into it that matters. Anyhow, a big desk can be a burden once you work yourself into a corner surrounded by stuff!


Twiglet said...

Yes if you have a craft room its just another space that needs cleaning and tidying!! Great blankets - well done you!! x Jo

Gill x said...


I shouldn't worry about a big desk etc. you do really well on your tray. The more space you have the more untidy you can be and more to keep clean.

Neesie said...

Oh my mind often wanders off without me especially when I'm zentangling!

How exciting for you seeing your wares being sold. Well done!
I actually won the lotto here last week Karen and would love to help you with your wish for a desk, but unfortunately before you get too excited I only won $11.65 which is just under 8 pounds. I'll try again next week! ;D
Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #59

Anonymous said...

My mind wandered off years ago and I still haven't found it, lol! The others are right, a craft room is just another space to keep tidy and clean, useful though! How lovely to see all your wares being sold and well done for making them in the first place.

Brenda 110

Queen Of Toys said...

It's not about what we have it is about what we do with it. You make beautiful blankets and cards and you get great joy from seeing the passed on and sold. People must love your work to purchase it, that is itself is rich beyond anything that some have in craft rooms. That is love from the heart.

Happy crafting and thanks for visitng me.
Eliza #19

mark gould said...

hi, happy woyww from mark, 79

the pic of your cat is adorable and what a nice thing of making cards and blankets for charity, makes it worth while.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Good news about your blankets.

Thanks for visiting me.
Happy WOYWW.

Hugs, Sarn x

Miriam said...

Lovely crochet blankets.

Anonymous said...

Well done for selling your beautiful blankets.

Thanks for the peek

Zoe #36

Lisa Richards said...

Your charity work is wonderful! It's nice to have fun crafting and then have the joy of helping others in this way. As long as we have a table, we have a craft place! :D

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great work! Your tray looks fab, full of crafty goodies. My mind wanders too. Take care & enjoy WOYWW, am a little late but am working my way through the list when I feel up to it. Zo xx 66

BumbleVee said...

Dream big ...or maybe small is better in the case of a craft room...the bigger ....the more messy and like Twig says...more cleaning..... don't want that! Trust me DON"T....


BumbleVee said...

Dream big ...or maybe small is better in the case of a craft room...the bigger ....the more messy and like Twig says...more cleaning..... don't want that! Trust me DON"T....


Julia Dunnit said...

Your mind wanders are SO not alone! I haven't forgotten the stuff Ito post, honest...just haven't been as close to a PO as I thought I would be this week!
Don't all the blankets look fab in the bags..just shows how much work you've been doing!