Sunday, 20 February 2011

Mollie Bloom Boy....again....!

As I said I just love this little set. On my wish list I'm going to check out more Mollie Bloom stamps. I'm really getting into my stamping now that I have the PM's to play with on them!

Again another simple card, Nesties used, on plain thin card with the Happy Birthday embossing folder, then I used my PM's to go around the edge with a faux stitch effect. I hadn't thought of using the PM's for this until I didn't have a nice dark green to match it and I thought why not...?!?!?

Another circle sentiment was used, the pack has almost gone, it's got some unusual ones in there and they will all come in hand with the charity cardmaking.



Di said...

Love the faux stitching! Can you remember where the circle sentiments came from or who they are made by? Di x

Karen said...

Di - I'll check the packet and let you know. Do you want me to see if they have any left next time I'm in? They were only 50p!

Karen said...

Di - just checked and they are Papermania Dome Stickers. Hope that helps!