Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day...!

Well there had to be a valentines card didn't there, and of course it has to be a cat too! What else!!!
My lovely friend Di gave me this cat set a while back now, she's probably thinking I've not used it or didn't like it. How's gorgeous to print and colour. I've only got a few things out at the moment, so used what was to hand.
My PM's of course, I love them! I'm spending more time colouring than making the cards! I even had my arms lock up the other day when picking a pen up, it was so weird, I'm used to the hands doing it and the fingers, but not the arms too!
Also, I've now been using my cute little easel to put my cards on. I need to get a couple of bigger pieces of card though as A4 is just not big enough, even when using the camera on 'close up'.
As usual with me, there had to be some bling on there, so I used tiny little gems on her crown. It's just like our Domi, she loves pillows too!


Di said...

Super card Karen! I think your colouring is so good. Re. the card - I use A4 but prop it different ways - sometimes landscape and sometimes portrait or even a mix of both depending. Oh for a proper photo booth........but where to store it! I wonder is they make collapsible ones? Have a nice day - will email properly when I get a chance!


Anonymous said...

such a cute card... I love it